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Need for Speed: Porsche (PS)

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    1 Review
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      20.08.2001 17:04
      Very helpful



      PC specs: PII 350mhz, 16mb Diamond Viper 550, 128mb RAM, 10gb Hard Disk. I have a slightly more powerful system than the recommended specs but only just. If I run the game at 16bit colour and at 1028x768 and it appears smooth and jerk free unless there are a lot of cars on the same screen. For 800x600 screen I have completely flicker free game play. But since this is an old system I guess with todays specs you can really boost the resolution. The game starts with three open road tracks and a single closed track. By progressing through the Eveloution/Factory Testing game modes you can unlock the other tracks to make a total of nine open road and five closed. You have various options on these tracks, such as running them in mirror or reverse order. You can also add traffic to make a more interesting and less foot to the metal game play. You can also change various options on your opponents. Aside from the Evolution mode, the game play consists of a quick race, quick knockout or knockout. There is also a Factory Testing where you get to do missions for the crew. I can't comment about the multiplayer mode as my connection is only a 28k modem and I will endevour to try to it with better speeds and update my findings. However, the for mentioned Evolution is the best where you progress along the time-line of the Porsche creation. You buy cars, sell cars and compete in competitions that earn you money. By competing each stages you get your hands on better and more powerful cars and open up more tracks. I've just started the Factory Testing and when I get more into it I will update it here. There are many, many cars to use, over eighty and each does have it's own characteristics. While I didn't originally notice these, if you go back and try an older car you can notice the understeer and skidding straight away. The graphics are excellent, smooth, realistic an
      d car damage is good with scratches, dents, individual car lights and windscreen's smashed. There are various web sites that have downloads of more cars and more tracks, try the official site at www.needofspeed.com for more information on those and official updates. This is a good feature that I didn't expect at bargain priced game. The only real minus point is that there is no manual at all. However since the manual wouldn't cover much then that really isn't much of a problem. So all in all you get an excellent game, good features, realistic and varied game play and all that for just under a tenner! I brought Black & White at the same time which is over three times more expensive and at the moment this beats B&W hands down as it's just so addictive and keeps me coming back for more and more. Just go get it.


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