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Pegball (Classic Game)

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A classic old bar game brought to life with the power of Shockwave

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    1 Review
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      04.03.2003 20:48
      Very helpful



      Pegball, as you may remember from years back, involves a plastic football pitch and football players attached to metal springs and a steel ball. The idea being to play a football match using all your skill and springy judgement. As games go, it offered an alternative to sub football and it was a classic game. The makers are even selling them today! Now there is Pegball.com "the online multiplayer flash-based game". All you need is the lastest flash plug-in to play (which you can download from the site) and you don't need broadband or anything like that. Pegball is simply multiplayer madness for everyone, including dial-up users. Scoring a goal against your opponent is almost too satisfing, as you line your shot up and judge the right amount of spring to hit the perfect, well paced shot. Or like me, you blast it off the playing pitch. The secret of the game is to become good at passing (and of course, it helps if you can score) by adding the right amount of pace and direction. Just like the real thing the players are placed in slight troughs so that if you're passing you have to make sure your ball doesn't find it's way into you opponents troughs. At which point it becomes their turn. The simplicity of the original game is what made it so appealing, but there is a good amount of skill and judgement to become any good at it. You can play against the computer (for practice), have a two player match on the same keyboard (for all those office contests when you're actually supposed to be working) or play against another player over the internet. There are public and private rooms available. And you can setup your own public or private room. They were having some trouble with the servers so people are having to log in as guests at the moment. Thats another thing, you don't need to register to play. The controls are simple enough: You pull your springy players back (to shoot and pas
      s) using the down arrow. The left/right arrows rotate your player for directing the shot/pass and the up arrow lets you rotate the playing pitch if you want to get a better look (if you taking it seriously or playing for money..). It's all very simple, you login in (as a guest at the moment), the next screen gives you the controls and how to play instructions, then the next screen shows a games window, with all the games that are going on (public, private, players awaiting other players to join for a match, you can create a match here too etc). There is also a main chat window for hmmm... chatting. You can also chat during the game via a nifty chat box. When you chat it comes up as a speech bubble on your goalkeeper. Just looking at the chat window a minute ago it's clear theres no moderator or filter software because strong language was getting through, but this is only really important to know if you've got your kids going on it. In all, titoonic have taken a classic game and made it into a brilliant online multiplayer game thats free and simple to play. As I've said it's for dial up users too. Titoonic are the makers of the game by the way (no...theres nothing rude about there company or website). They are animation and game creator experts according to their website. Their website by the way is absolutely brilliant (http://www.titoonic.dk/), it's probably one of the best flash based websites I've seen. There are also plenty of free games like pegball on their site, including the brilliant Spacecab (single player: SP), Snowboard (SP), Fruit Loot (a cracking and funny neighbour wars game. SP) and Challenge Racing (SP and Multiplayer). For you retro gamers they have Tiny Invaders (a space invaders game) and Titoonic-Tris (It's Tetris, but they can't call it Tetris due to copyrights). Well worth checking out http://www.titoonic.dk/ as well as wasting time at work playing one of their great


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