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playsite.com (Classic Game)

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A site to where you can play free games and chat.

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    1 Review
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      31.01.2002 18:21
      Very helpful



      Playsite.com is yet another of the plethora of internet sites offering you free games to play. It is also one of the better ones and one I would definitely recommend checking out, one too which I have only stumbled upon recently and became instantly hooked upon! All these sites are often very much alike which is little wonder when you look a little deeper and find that they are often all owned by the same group. Uproar, Flipside and IWin are all owned by the same company for instance after a merger deal and the three sites are beginning to look very much alike now. Playsite.com is one site where you can find some different games, and very good it is too. The games are organised into 5 sections with each section having a number of games which fall under those categories: Board : Backgammon, battleship, checkers, chess, go-moku, hex, mancala, monopoly, ren-ju, reversi Word : cascade, scrabble, tangleword Casino : blackjack, video poker, roulette, slots Arcade : asteroids, battlezone, centipede, gravitar, missile command, red baron, super breakout, tempest Card : bridge, cribbage, euchre, gin, hearts, spades I won't bore you by describing each game in detail, but suffice to say that all are rather well presented and it has to be said, a joy to play. This is one of the better, more thoughout sites I have come across in the online gaming community and whilst it doesn't claim to offer prizes for your time as many do, it more than makes up for it in terms of entertainment value. The games are all well presented and the site incredibly well desined in terms of navigation. Chat is a central theme of the site, you can chat in game, in the gaming lobbies or even in a dedicated chatroom accessible from the homepage. You are offered a 'buddy list' to keep track of your friends around the site and can click a link to be taken to whichever game and room they are in to be with them without havi
      ng to hunt around and eventually stumble across someone you know too which is great. Its all very well thought out and there s way too much to describe without boring both yourself and me. Suffice to say that there are a lot of useful features outside of the games themselves which enrich your experience of the site. The games themselves are great, my personal favourites being Scrabble, Monopoly and Tangleword which is basically Boggle. All games are 'rated' which means that if you win, your score increased and decreases if you lose so you always have something to keep playing for other than just winning and moving on. Ratings are accompanied by a colour code too, personally I am striving for my red coat in Tangleword right about now which is the highest you can acheive but am still stuck on orange which is ranked directly below it. One gripe about the site, and I guess its a biggie, is the stability. Many of the games are RAM pigs, they take up all you system resources when you play them eventually leading to you crashing or needing to reboot. How soon, or how often depends on the quality of your machine and some games are worse than others. Something like Cascade is evil and I usually only get less than 10 games in before I crash completely(hence I dont bother playing it now, even though I love the game), whereas Scrabble lets you play for a couple of hours and Tangleword pretty much indefinitely. If you get thrown out of a game by a disconnection or a crash then you lose rating points. A LOT of rating points. Multiplayer games like chess, monopoly etc. give you 7 minutes to reboot and get back to the game before you are automatically resigned and the game continues, whilst my beloved Tangleword just slashes your personal rating mercilessly in response. Fortunately this is the most stable of the games! Another gripe(minor) is remembering your password. It puts a cookie on your system to automatically log you in next time you visit...and then doesn
      't! Dunno about you lot, but I get so tired of typing my password in 50 times a day and seeing as they claim to remember yours, it would be nice if they actually did! Overall though, little and not so little gripes aside, its a great site and one of the lesser know of the gaming sites out there as well by the size of the online community(couple of thousand at a time). I would definitely recommend that you give it a visit, especially for the likes of Tangleword(yes people really DO get those scores without cheating!), scrabble and monopoly which is surprising shorter when you play online for some unknown reason! Hope to see you there.


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