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Pok+mon: Leafgreen (GBA)

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6 Reviews

Manufacturer: Nintendo / Genre: Adventures / Role-playing

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    6 Reviews
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      24.04.2012 23:02
      Very helpful



      A must have for any GBA collection

      Hi everyone, this is my review of pokemon leaf green for gameboy advanced.

      For those of you who didn't have a childhood, the general theme of pokemon is a world where these creatures live, termed pokemon. The pokemon can be caught, and trained by abtly called pokemon trainers, who can use their collected pokemon to battle one another, and win trophies and money. There are different types of pokemon, each living in its own habitat, such as insect pokemon (e.g. weedle, caterpie etc) who live in forests, to fish pokemon in lakes and seas, and bird pokemon etc.

      Pokemon can evolve into higher pokemon, making them stronger. For example, caterpie can evolve into metapod, and subsequently evolve into a butterfree. To evolve pokemon, they must gain experience and level up by defeating other pokemon in battle.

      Different types of pokemon are strong vs other different types. FOr example, Fire is weak vs water, but is strong vs leaf pokemon. There are literally loads of different types that have weaknesses, and strengths.

      Moving on to the game. The game is a turn based RPG game, where you play a pokemon trainer from your humble beginnings in pallet town, through your adventures in viriden forest, the darkness of Mt Moon cave, and so forth. You must travel the lands collecting pokemon, training them up, defeating other trainers, and defeating gym owners. When you defeat a gym owner, you gain the gym badge, giving you various advantages in battles.

      Furthermore, you face up against team rocket, and underground criminal organisation who abuse pokemon for their own criminal ends. Towards the end you then enter the pokemon championships, and if you have the data transfer cable, then you can even battle or trade pokemon with your friends.

      This game these days has a cool retro feel to it, and it really takes me back to when I was younger and used to collect the cards and watch people play this in the school playground (not owning my own gameboy when i was younger, sometimes they would lend me their gameboy and let me train up their pokemon for them).

      You have a world of pokemon, and you must also better your rival (who you can name yourself), and collect data for proffessor Oak.

      Just a word of mention, this game is essentially the same for pokemon fire red, and water blue, and pokemon yellow, really there are just minor differences between the 3 involving what pokemon can be caught, and minor changes like this.

      In summary, if you have a GBA, then you need to get yourself a pokemon game, and for me personally, it would have to be red, green, yellow or blue, because I stopped watching pokemon before all these new ones came in. And anyway, there are plenty of pokemon to choose from the old pokemon, why add more?

      The only disadvantage is that retro seems to be cool at the moment, and buying a game can really set you back (hopefully you can either trade someone who still has it, or have one lying around somewhere), as buying on ebay when i looked was around £12 plus delivery, which is expensive for what is essentially a 8 year old game on an outdate console.


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      24.02.2010 17:35
      Very helpful



      great classic game, a must for any pokemon lover

      Released back in October 2004 Leaf Green is a remake of the original Pokemon Blue. The storyline hasn't changed at all, you still play as the Pokemon trainer who sets out on their big adventure to capture all the Pokemon in the region and become a Pokemon master.

      What has changed however are some move sets, for example charmander can now learn "metal claw" which means against the first gym the move is super effective against rock type pokemon. With the option of the game coming with or without a wireless adaptor for the GBA thisallowed for the first time on the GBA a method of battling or transfering pokemon without the need of a cable.

      Leaf Green Fire Red work on the DS as well, ( a handy feature of the original DS) and they are designed to trade with ruby and saphire. You can also trade with diamond and pearl but only so many a day though. This is known as migrating.

      I think this is a great remake of an already superb game, the graphics are better, just like the original you can trade with other games, unfortuneatly the total amount of pokemon is somewhere in the regions of 400+ across all the new games BUT the original 150 are on Leaf Green and Fire Red.

      A great game, I've just started playing it again ready for the remake of gold silver.


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      03.10.2009 10:25
      Very helpful



      Pokemon returns to where it all began, but with colour, new areas, and new pokemon to catch.

      This is a re-make of the original Pokemon Red and Blue games. Pokemon LeafGreen, and also it's counterpart FireRed were released on October 1st 2004 (5 years after the original games) in the UK. For those of you that don't know about the Pokemon franchise in general, I've written another review on here covering the basics.

      Pokemon LeafGreen starts off in an identical way to the original Pokemon games, with you beginning your journey as a pokemon trainer. Unlike the original games however, you can choose to play as a female trainer in this version. Obviously, the first thing you need as a trainer is an actual pokemon to train, so your first destination is the laboratory belonging to Professor Oak (basically, a kind of Dr Dolittle character, but without the actual talking to animals bit) , conveniently located next door to your home. After talking to him, he will let you choose one of three pokemon as your starter: Charmander, a fire type, Bulbasaur, grass type, or Squirtle, which is a water type. There is no right choice, but your rival (every hero needs a rival that tries to take the glory, don't they...) will take whichever pokemon is strongest against yours (so if you take Bulbasaur, the rival will take Charmander). The rival will than challenege you to pokemon battle. After the dust from the fight has cleared, Professor Oak will then give you a small assignment involving fetching a parcel and returning it to him. When you've done the delivery job, Oak will explain he has a job for you. He wants you to create a pokedex (basically a pokemon encyclopedia) of every pokemon in existence (see below). Doing this will involve you travelling the country, solving puzzles, and eventually challenging the best pokemon trainers in the world...

      It's after you complete the original storyline that this game starts to make it worth the purchase. A new area called the Sevii is unlocked, consisting of seven small islands. These islands contain a new storyline involving a few of the characters from the original story, and also quite a few new pokemon that didn't exist when Pokemon Red and Blue were released.

      Of the 386 pokemon in existence at the time the game was released, these are the pokemon that are only available in Pokemon LeafGreen:

      Deoxys Defense Form

      These Pokemon are only available in Pokemon FireRed:

      Deoxys Attack Forme

      Also, a lot of the pokemon introduced in Pokemon Ruby and Spphire are not included. Therefore, if you own Pokemon LeafGreen, you'll have to trade with someone that owns FireRed, Ruby, and Sapphire to complete the pokedex, and vice-versa.

      Despite the fact it's a re-make, there's still enough new content here to justify buying it, and as it's on the GBA instea of the original Game Boy, you get to play in full colour.


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        14.09.2008 18:09
        Very helpful



        A good game overall, but if you have a DS buy Diamond or Pearl instead.

        Pokemon is a worldwide smash hit. And whilst many people think it has gone out of style there is still a huge cult following in Japan, the U.S.A and a suprisingly healthy Pokemon community throughout Europe, being especially popular with youngsters and RPG fans alike. This game has included wireless adapters for the GameBoy Advance so that players can trade and battle without the use of a lead, making this game very good value for money.

        The aim of Pokemon games is to capture as many monsters as possible in order to chart how many Pokemon species there are in the world. It is also the player's aim to train a team of six Pokemon to high levels in order to beat other Pokemon "Trainers" and "Gym Leaders (stronger trainers) and eventually the "Elite Four" which serve as the main bosses of the game. Along the way the player makes new friends and rivals, including frequent battles with your own rival which you meet at the start at the game, and the evil "Team Rocket" which are a criminal organisation specialising in exploiting Pokemon.
        Pokemon still has a flourishing TV series and a collection of movies loosely based around the events of the games, and they are an interesting watch for anyone who is a fan of the Pokemon games.

        Pokemon Leaf Green and Fire Red are remakes of the very first Pokemon games "Pokemon Red/Blue" which were huge hits in their time, and were released for the original Game Boy. There is additional content; 100 more Pokemon, new attacks, better graphics and sound and new locations, meaning that this game is still a must buy for avid Pokemon fans, as is the best game for beginners to the Pokemon series excluding Red and Blue. The game itself however is huge, as players can play through one map and then when they have caught enough Pokemon they can move onto 7 smaller, new islands that aren't featured in other games. With the opening of these islands also comes new Pokemon to the game, totalling over 250 types. Not all of these Pokemon can be caught on this game however, and must be traded either from the opposite game (ie. Fire Red/Leaf Green), Ruby or Sapphire or games that are on Gamecube Pokemon titles. This unfortunately makes it near impossible that you will ever "Catch 'em All".
        The graphics, as previously mentioned are a big improvement on the original games, and are just as pretty as other Pokemon games that are out for the Game Boy Advance. However it is obvious to say that the Pokemon games on Nintendo DS (Diamond and Pearl) are a lot better looking. The sound is quite simple, and not really anything new both from other Pokemon games and other games that were released at the same time. The music is also the same as in other games, with only a few pieces being changed to fit in with the new "Island" locations.

        Overall this game is very good, however it may drag for people who have completed the original Pokemon games. I personally have played the original Pokemon games however and found this game a delight to play, probably because of the graphical differences, and simply because it has been a long time since the original Pokemon titles have been released. This game is highly addictive and is definately worth a playthrough.


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        18.06.2008 18:49
        Very helpful



        A good remake of a classic

        Pokemon LeafGreen is a remake of the GameBoy version of Pokemon red and blue. Then came Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal. These games took a considerable leap from the original games. They had better graphics, better gameplay, and a somewhat greater challenge, with 16 gyms instead of 8. And then, we came to Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire. These were the GameBoy Advance games that took a gigantic leap from all of the previous games. There was better graphics, better gameplay, and a whole new world of Pokemon. After Ruby/Sapphire, Nintendo decided to remake Pokemon red and blue.


        The graphics in this game, as well in Ruby/Sapphire, are absolutely great. If you think back to RBY, you will see that this game has taken the biggest leap of all! The grasses move sort of as you step into them, when your Pokemon evolve, a lot of emphasis is put into it, etc. If you like games for their graphics, then I suggest you get this one.


        There isn't much to say here,. You get nice remixes of the old catchy tunes, and it is crisp and clear. Nothing fantastic, but that doesn't mean it's bad. The pokemon screeches are however rather horrible and seem to be taken straight from red/blue/yellow.


        The story is very simple. You start off as a Pokemon trainer and choose one of three starter Pokemon. Then, you journey to different places to battle certain tough Pokemon trainers in order to obtain Gym badges. When you have collected all eight gym badges, you can challenge the top Pokemon Trainers know as the Elite Four. Beat them and you'll be crowned Champion. But there's trouble. A nefarious group of villains who call themselves Team Rocket are trying to rule the world by using Pokemon to exert control. It will be your task to defeat them and undertake the many other sidequests in the process.


        The core element to this game, and it most certainly shines. A fast and responsive turn-based combat system, the game makes battles smooth and joyous events, is explained well through an in-game tutorial.You can customize your party of 6 pokemon from over one hundred to choose from, and, even further, customize their moves. Each pokemon can learn up to 4 moves at once, this element gives a strategical touch to the game, because finding a good moveset for your pokemon is half the fun! You can also level each of the pokemon to the max level of 100, so this game will last a WHILE.

        Lasting appeal

        The main adventure took me some 20 hours which is very long. You can also take part in the Sevii Island sidequest which should take at least five hours to complete. There is also a wireless multiplayer mode which allows you to play with your friends.


        Pokemon Leaf Green is a fantastic and lengthy experience that is imbued with that nostalgic magic of Pokemon with over a hundred Pokemon to catch.


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          18.01.2006 20:00



          Pokemon Game

          Over the years there have been a number of versions of the Pokemon franchise on various platforms.

          It is certainly a game that is suitable for younger players and it is very easy to pick up how to play the game.

          The objective is to gather as many Pokemon as possible by achieving a number of challenges along the way. Having played the original version on the gamebo as you would expect the graphics are a lot better on the advance.

          Pretty much all of the original Pokemon arei n this version as well as a few new ones.

          On the whole the game play is very easy and as with all Pokemon games it is possible to link up with other players to trade Pokemon and the adapter comes free with the game so that trades can be made with anyone in near enough proximity which effectively means the same room.

          While not difficult teh sheer scale of the game does make it quite addictive and well worth checking out if you enjoyed the original versions.


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        • Product Details

          The game features the great role-playing adventure that Pok+mon½ fans love, while expanding the quest to include awesome new features and locations. Pok+mon LeafGreen builds on all previous Pok+mon games to create the ultimate Pok+mon experience. Cut the cords! The newest Pok+mon adventure lets players battle, trade, collect and more, all without the need for connecting cables. Players simply attach the Game Boy Advance Wireless Adapter to their Game Boy Advance systems and communicate directly with one another. When visiting a special area (Union Room), connected players appear directly on one another's screens.

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