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Pok+mon Colosseum (GC)

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7 Reviews
  • Requires GBA linkup for total completion
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    7 Reviews
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      09.10.2009 11:37
      Very helpful



      Good game

      In this game you play as a guy who used to work for a terrorist organisation in the pokemon world. Now you are using a new snag machine you stole from the organisation you worked for. this machine lets you capture trainers pokemons but you can only snag shadow pokemon. Pokemon whose trainers have not treated well and have had their hearts shut off. you go around saving these pokemon from the trainers who have mistreated their pokemons. The game is much better in terms of storyline compared to any other pokemon games.

      The gameplay is good you still use pokeballs to catch the pokemon and have to weaken them first before you can catch them. In general you wander the world and fight trainers and capture their pokemon. In essence that is the main gameplay. In battles you have 2 pokemon each normally and you take turns to chose moves to battle each other with.

      The graphics in game a pretty nice and all fully 3D rendered. Which is nice as most pokemon games are only ever in 2D on your gba/ds. However the in game backdrops and environments could do with a little more work. But altogether its not bad.

      Overall the game is defiately a worthwhile play at least for fans of the franchise.


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      23.08.2009 15:19
      Very helpful



      An good Pokemon role playing game.

      Pokemon Colosseum is a role playing game for the Gamecube developed by Nintendo.

      The games story puts you in role of a character called Wes an ex operative of Team Snagem betray them and destroy their headquarters along with taking their Snag machine. As you play on you soon rescue a girl named Rui who aids you during the rest of the game as she can see if Pokemon are Shadow Pokemon. You find out about Shadow Pokemon and eventually the Cipher criminal organisation and the evil Miror B out are behind creating the Shadow Pokemon and you fight to take them down. The story isn't that good but it is very different to the tale told in the Pokemon Gameboy games so I did enjoy it.

      Gameplay remains almost the same as in the Gameboy versions, as with those you can double battle against rival trainers with your Pokemon, you have up to four attacks you can use along with items and you can switch Pokemon at any time. There is a new Call feature so sometimes when your Pokemon are asleep or confused you can call out to them and they will wake up or snap out of the confusion. Pokemon also can gain levels and new abilities as the game progresses.

      Catching Pokemon is a lot more limited this time around as there are no fields of grass to run in or any wild Pokemon to capture at all. The only Pokemon you can capture are the Shadow Pokemon that the other trainers may have, Rui will immediately identify a Shadow Pokemon for you so you will know which ones you can get. Once you have a Shadow Pokemon you must purify its heart by using it to battle with you, the more you fight the quicker it will become purified and able to use its normal moves and gain levels.

      There is a multiplayer mode where you can connect your Gameboy Advance to the Gamecube and import your Pokemon from Ruby or Sapphire which is really great to see the team you raised in full 3D and on the big screen.
      Graphics are very good with smoothly animated Pokemon and nice looking cities to explore, the more gritty art style used is very enjoyable to see.

      Pokemon Colosseum is a good enjoyable role playing game and especially fans of the Pokemon titles will enjoy it.


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      28.05.2008 22:22
      Very helpful



      Really depends on your view of the Shadow Pokemon

      I know I'm well behind on writing a review on this considering that it was released coming up 4 years ago now, but it is exam time and in typical student fashion I am doing anything to avoid revising. The latest procrastination technique I have developed is buying a game cube and several games for it to play instead of revision. And Pokémon Colosseum is the one which I have spent the most time on recently...and I have become addicted.

      ===Boring stuff===
      Title: Pokémon Colosseum
      Publisher: Nintendo
      Genre: Role-Playing Game
      Release Date: May 14, 2004
      Number Of Players:1-4
      Memory Card Usage:48 Blocks
      Price: At Gamestation it is part of their 2 for £20 deal, but you can probably get it cheaper than that online.

      Since Red and Blue made their first appearance on the ordinary game boy in 1999 there have been more and more of these games, and each has been fairly popular, particularly with the younger age groups. From Gold and Silver, to Ruby and Sapphire, and then the DS games such as Pokemon Dungeon and other Pokemon based puzzle games. I don't think anyone needs an explanation of the basic Pokemon games, as they became a massive hit from when they first came out. Small, cute critters whom you went through the game trying to catch the whole Pokedex, trading with friends and battling gyms and enemies. So why is Pokémon Colosseum any different?

      One of the main differences between Pokémon Colosseum and other Pokemon games is that you do not start out as a 12 year old newbie getting his hands on his first Pokemon. Your main character is a strange mix of good and bad, it is made quite clear that he used to work for a terrorist organisation, then makes news by blowing up this organisation and taking the Snag Machine. But what is a Snag Machine? And this is where the real difference is, the Snag Machine is a small device that attaches to the arm and allows you to 'Snag' other people's Pokemon. But you are not allowed to just take any Pokemon, you have to take the Shadow Pokemon. Shadow Pokemon are creatures who have had their hearts shut off by their owners and are turned into evil fighting machines that will attack people. So it is up to you and the female who travels with you to save all of these Shadow Pokemon, open the doors to their hearts again and make them normal Pokemon. There's no catching Pokemon in the wild, it is solely done via the Shadow Pokemon so you don't have the sort of choice or range of possibilities that you had in earlier games, but it does have far more of a story line.

      The controls are very simple, as they are in all the Pokemon games really, analogue stick to move, A button to talk. Battling is equally simple, picking your move with the analogue or D-pad then click A...just about the right complexity for idiots like me!!!

      The basis of the game is also simple, you wander around different towns, fighting people and nicking their Shadow Pokemon, while trying to solve the main conspiracy plot that runs through the game. You start with two Lv 30 Pokemon, and catch others from there. Once you've caught your Shadow Pokemon; in typical Pokemon way - weaken it and chuck a Pokeball at it you then have to unlock the door to its heart again. This is simple but time consuming, and although I find it rather fun to battle with defective Pokemon that only know one move (Shadow Rush) until you unlock the other moves, chances are other people will find it exceptionally boring. The only thing that did start to annoy me about the Shadow Pokemon was their nasty habit of going into Hyper Mode, in which although there is a higher chance of doing more damage attacking, they are unpredictable and can try to attack you. So you have to call them, which does snap them out of Hyper Mode and unlock their Heart level a little more for you, but it also wastes a turn of battling and when it happens again and again is just frustrating.

      To get from town to town you have a kind of flying machine (which no you don't control as a player, much to my disappointment), this means that you are not doing the wandering around in the wild that is usual on other Pokemon games. Yes this does save time, but I personally think it would have been much better if you could wander between towns and you could catch wild Pokemon. It would make the whole game a lot less limiting, as with only about 48 different Shadow Pokemon there is not a lot of choice for you as a gamer...in direct comparison to the 150 that there were in Pokemon Red for example.

      The battling system takes the form of a double battle, with both you and your opponent putting out two different Pokemon and then battling them. Now again, I quite like this as it puts more of a responsibility onto the player to get the Pokemon types right, as the wrong type could kill you. For example, if you are fighting an electric and a ground type, ground is vulnerable to water, but water is vulnerable to electric, so you'd be better off picking something like fighting which is strong against ground and has no weakness to electric. And again, as with all Pokemon games you have the normal 15 different Pokemon types to play with, each with vulnerabilities and strengths. In battle I usually take a very offensive line and kill the other as quickly as is humanely possible without worrying overly much about defence, this tactic however is problematic when a Shadow Pokemon comes into play, as just killing that goes against the basic storyline...which is also annoying as I tend to end up taking major damage from the second Pokemon as well as the Shadow Pokemon in attempting not to kill it. Grrr...

      A large amount of your time in playing the game is taken up in unlocking the hearts of the Shadow Pokemon, in which you have to spend ages fighting with your shadow Pokemon in order to get it's heart level down and to the point where you can unlock it completely at the shrine. This does get rather tedious at points, particularly when your Pokemon keeps going into Hyper Mode, but all in all I didn't find it so bad. You pick the Pokemon you want to play with an unlock them whilst ignoring the others really.

      First time Pokemon has ever been in 3D and I have no complaints with that, for the first time you can actually see your Pokemon attacking the opponent as actual beings rather than 2D characters. They move forwards and backwards and backwards properly and actually have full movement. Equally when each Pokemon faints they faint in a more realistic style which is only possible because they are in 3D, for instance Togepi (the cute egg like Pokemon) tries to run backwards towards its owner before tripping, fainting and going back into the Pokeball. If the remainder of the game graphics had been as good as the battle graphics then there would have been no cause for complaint, because the 3D Pokemon and the special effects that the battle system employs is quite cool, but unfortunately it doesn't.

      The only disappointing thing with the graphics would have to be the backgrounds, particularly to the battle scenes, which are often completely unrealistic (for example a platform which was just big enough for two people suddenly turning into a massive battle area) and get rather boring after a while. You'd have thought that considering there is now a proper consoles graphics to play with the makers of the game would have experimented a little...or maybe I'm just being fussy.

      Is better than in any previous Pokemon game but again gets a little samey, I have to admit with most games I turn the sound off because I just get irritated at it and this game is no exception. Particularly as there is no actual speaking and all the conversations have to read on the screen I can see no point in keeping music on which annoys me. My guess would be that I am not the only one who tends to feel like that. I think one of the main issues with not having spoken dialogue is that many of the players just won't be bothered to read through the long amounts of text on some occasions and will then become completely lost in the game. Granted the amount of text isn't half as bad as some of the Final Fantasy games, but it's just one of those things, you get bored, you skip forwards without reading and then you have no idea of what you are meant to do next. It's not as if spoken dialogue had not been thought of when this game came out,

      Plus the Pokemon themselves still have the annoying squeaky sounds when you bring them out into the arena, I can understand that the makers of the game are trying to make them seem more like animals by giving them a sound that they make, but surely they could make the sounds more realistic...or at least a little less annoying. Plus the fact that they are so quiet when arriving and dying, it's almost as if all of the rest of the budget was spent elsewhere and so this was the best that they could manage on sound.

      All in all a decent game although the graphics and the sound could do with some work. The story line itself is quite easy to follow and interesting, providing you actually read all of the conversations that are put up on the screen for you, which is debatable. Whether or not you like this game really depends on whether you like the system of Shadow Pokemon, which I personally liked, but felt there should have been more choice in the Pokemon offered. The lack of wild Pokemon is a real downfall, because whereas I usually pick my Pokemon squads with care and according to the style of Pokemon I like, but I couldn't do that in this game. It's a game I enjoyed, and one I might play again...but equally one which I would recommend buying at anything but full price!


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        26.06.2007 21:33
        Very helpful



        Disappointing, it's not the console Pokemon game I dreamed for!

        -(Game Information)-
        Name:Pokemon Colosseum
        Developer:Genius Sonority
        Genre:Role-Playing Game
        Release Date:May 14, 2004
        Age Rating:3+
        Number Of Players:1-4
        Product Site:www.pokemon-games.com/portal/index
        Memory Card Usage:48 Blocks

        Nintendo is one of the primary hardware and software providers. Nintendo's first party games include such franchises as Mario, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and Pokémon. Since Pokemon Red/Blue were released in 1999, it's pretty much been a craze since. It is so addictive and features a charming cast of pokemon to use, plus it had lots of content to go with it, making it one of the best choices for handhelds. it dominated the Gameboy with Red/Blue and Yellow versions as well as the Game Boy Colour and Advance handelds. It has made appearances on the DS, but these haven't been like the original versions. There was a puzzle game, a dungeon crawler and a sort of ranger simulator. See what i mean? Look out for the DS versions of Pokemon with Diamond and Pearl. But it really hasn't done well on consoles though, with lackluster N64 games and a poor Gamecube game known as Pokemon Channel. But there was a game that pretty much stuck to the handheld versions style of gameplay, but changed it's way of getting your hands on these critters. Is it any good? Well it's decent but could of been so much more.

        -(The Story)-
        The story to Colosseum follows a mysterious anit-heroish (not quite an anit-hero as the legendary Kratos) guy who gets an arm piece which lets him steal pokemon during battle, though trying to steal normally Pokemon isn't allowed as it seems bad in the game. He is accompanied by a girl who can see the aura of these strange Pokemon called Shadow Pokemon. These are basically monsters who have had their doors to their hearts 'artificially' closed. These pokemon are evil and now it's up to the hero and his sidekick to save all the shadow pokemon. It's certainly a far cry from the previous game's plot lines, as they usually involve you becoming the best by winning a tournament at the end of the game. The plot sounds interesting, but stiff animated cut scenes and lack of spoken dialogue pretty much sucks all that out of the story. it's a shame, as like i mentioned before, the plot sounds interesting.

        -(The Controls)-
        The controls are great and help the package. When exploring the areas, you simply use the left analog stick to move and the A button to interact with people and the environment. The battles are more simple. You simple highlight a choice with the D-Pad and press a to make a choice. If you change your mind you can press the B button to go back. You can also use the C stick to do things like selecting your move, choosing your pokemon etc. This is optional though. And that's it! This simplicity will appeal to kids and those lazy gamers out there.

        -(The Gameplay)-
        Colosseum plays mostly like the old Pokemon games, except rather than capturing all the wild pokemon; leveling and evolving some of them and trading to get the exclusives, you have to catch Shadow Pokemon during battles and purify them. Catching them is simple. Like the handhelds, you'll first have to weaken the Pokemon to be able to catch them with your Poke-Balls by attacking them with your Pokemon. You then throw the Poke-ball at them and (hopefully) ta-dah, you've caught a shadow Pokemon. You'll have two normal pokemon at the beginning, but as you play through the game you can catch at least 48 Shadow pokemon. But that's all you can catch, as wild pokemon don't seem to exist in Colosseum, which is really limiting and disappointing.

        Also, the process of purifying Shadow pokemon is a chore. You'll have to use them in battle, but when you first catch them they'll only have one move, which is weak and actually damages your pokemon's health. It takes ages to purify them and it's just really tedious as they are pretty useless when you first catch them, so you'll pretty much rely on the two shadow Pokemon you'll start with. Also, the way you purify them is clunky, as you have to travel to a specific, hidden, area and have this flute to call upon this magical pokemon to purify them. Don't get me wrong, it's a unique system, but the original system where you could catch any wild Pokemon you encounter was more addictive, simple and fun than this. Plus, it makes playing the game feel aimless and dull.

        If there's one thing that has held up from the handheld versions, it's the battle system. There's a lot of fights in Colosseum, and they are consistently fun. But some of the battles in the handheld version took some time to finish. This wasn't too bad back on the handhelds, as you could go anywhere you want while battling, but on consoles this feels like Final Fantasy X as they drag on. If you need to do something while battling, you either have to leave the game on or turn it off. Anyways, this is how the battles work. There are two pokemon on the battlefield on the two fighters team. It's a turn-based system where if your pokemon have a higher speed stat, they'll go first. The pokemon have health meter and once the health meter is depleted, the Pokemon will faint. Once all the pokemon in a party are fainted, the person who made the opponent's pokemon faint wins. It's that simple.

        There's quite a bit of strategy to the battles. The first bit of strategy comes from which two pokemon you'll choose. At first, you'll stick with your non-shadow pokemon, but once you start snagging the shadow pokemon, you'll need to plan which pokemon you'll use, as there's always a weakness for each type of pokemon. Also. there's how you're going to prepare for fights. You'll need to decide whether you're going to spend your money on potions and other healing items or not. And there's the tactical planning involved in the fights themselves, as you'll need to decide how you're going to take out these enemies. Whether you'll go full steam ahead and send lots of attacks at them or weaken them down and strike at the perfect time. There's more as well, but there's too many to explain about.

        Pokemon are separated by types. These are basically elements that Pokemon have moves based on. There's about 15 types here, including Fire; Water; Rock; Electric and more. This adds strategy to the game as well, as certain types are strong or weak against types. This is like a game of rock-paper-scissors, as it's like Fire is strong against Grass, but is weak against Water, but water is weak against grass. It's like a circle of life. When a pokemon is strong against a type, their type attacks will be super effective against the opponent and will do lots of damage. But when a pokemon is weak against a type, their type of attacks will be weak against the opponent and will do little damage. It's a really good system that has held strong since the beginning of the Pokemon franchise.

        As you win battles, you're Pokemon earn experience points. When you earn enough experience points you level up. When you level up, your stats increase and sometimes you earn new moves. If you're the lazy type you can use this candy which will level up your Pokemon as soon as it eats it. Rather than just leveling up aimlessly, some Pokemon when reach a certain level evolve into a bigger, stronger form of Pokemon. There were other ways of doing this in the handheld editions, but these seem to have been cut. You could use these stones which would evolve certain Pokemon at any level, e.g. you would use a Thunderstone to evolve a Pikachu into a Raichu. As far as i'm aware there were no stones in Colosseum. This is disappointing as it added more tactical elements to the franchise.

        The main story mode has some exploring, but these are a little dull as it feels really slow as there's no run button. This makes slogging through the exploration areas dull. It would of been better if the people you were talking to were more interesting, and while the look the part, lack of spoken dialogue ruins some of that. They are dull and lack that sort of spark that the characters in other RPGs like Final Fantasy or Dragon quest. Luckily, there's lots more battles than there is and that's where the fun is.

        That's probably why the multiplayer is great as well. The game has the GBA to GC connectivity where you can link up your GBA to the Gamecube using a special cable. If you have a GBA, the GBA-GC cable and a copy of Ruby or Sapphire (or FireRed and LeafGreen) then you're good to go. Sadly, if you're missing any of these then you can't play multiplayer, and it's a shame you can't use the older GB and GBC versions of Pokemon. To set up multiplayer, you simply plug in the GBA-GC cable with the GBA and a copy of one of the games i mentioned and you're good to go. There's another use for the GBA-GC cable as you can use it to trade Pokemon from the GBA versions with the non-shadow Pokemon you have in Colosseum. It works the same as the multiplayer, plug in the cable and you're good to go.

        Thankfully, there's only battling in the multiplayer. The multiplayer is called 'Gang Battle'. There are things you can tweak around with including whether you'll use the GC controller or only use GBAs, whether they'll be one or two pokemon on the battlefield and more. Plus there's rules you can edit as well. Also, you can even the battlefield by only allowing the Max level to be 50. You'll need six pokemon in your party to play, unless you're playing with the ANYTHING GOES rule. There's no shadow pokemon allowed either whether you have the ANYTHING GOES rule on or off. There are certain things needed from the GBA player. They have to have progressed quite a bit through their game to play and they must have a Pokedex. Also, you're not allowed to have eggs in your party or be holding mail or an Enigma Berry. If you can meet these things you'll have a ton of fun with the multiplayer. Once you've set everything up, you're free to fight.

        There's also a one player only event where you must beat 100 trainers in a row. They're weak at the beginning, but as you play through the event they get better and better. You can also set up a one player battle against eight opponents in a row, but there can be more or less. There's also a mode where it randomly picks your pokemon and the enemies pokemon, which can be interesting to see what happens. It's single player only, which is a shame as this would of been a cool mode if two or more people could play. The multiplayer is great for parties, as long as you can set everything up.

        -(The Graphics)-
        There haven't been many 3D Pokemon games, but Colosseum is the game on the most graphically powerful system. You'd think Genius Sonority would take advantage of the system, wouldn't you? They have taken advantage of the system, but the overall feel of the graphics feel flat-out bland. The character models look slightly less bland than the rest of the game, but they're still nothing special. The characters in Pokemon haven't looked exactly normal, but Colosseum is just crazy. There's some really crazy looking characters, including a thug with a moustache that looks like someone from the circus, a disco loving villain with a crazy Afro and more. The character models themselves look decent but the animation looks stiff, especially in cut scenes. This hurts the story quite a bit, as it's painful to watch cut scenes, as they're not very well directed and look stiff. Plus lack of voice acting hurts the story as well.

        But that's not the biggest problem-that dubious honour goes to the enviroments, which look very, very bland. They have a generic, boxy feel to them as well as dull colours to accompany them. Also, they actually feel like N64 environments, with a sparse and barren feel to it. It's really dull and lifeless. But it's not all bad, the Pokemon themselves look great in 3D. They are bright and colour full and animate pretty well, and they look very clean and sharp. The effects are also a treat. They look great and don't detract from the smooth frame-rate. There's lots of cool looking special effects, including bursts of lights and smoke, explosions and more. If Genious Sonority had put this amount of effort into the rest of the graphics, this would be one of the best looking Gamecube games made, but it's sadly not to be.

        -(The Sound)-
        This is probably the weakest area of Colosseum. It's just plain lackluster. The Pokemon are awfully quiet, with little screeches when you put them into the battlefield and when they die. Aside from that, there's barely a sound from any of them. Also, there's no spoken dialogue from the characters, which is just plain dated. This might of been okay as a launch title, but years after the Gamecube's release, why aren't Genius Sonority pushing the systems limit. This really hurts the story as people probably won't be bothered to read tons of text. It's sad, as the dialogue itself is pretty well written, save for some odd moments of dialogue. The music though is a different story. It's just really misplaced. It suits the place sometimes, but most of the time the music just seems out of place. An example, why the heck does spanish music play when a disco lover comes in? It's just plain dumb. The effects are okay, but like of Pokemon screeches cancels out the good effects.

        -(Replay Value)-
        One thing that has held up is the size of the Pokemon games. It's a little shorter than the handhelds at about 20-30 hours (it depends if you're a Poke-freak or not) but there's quite a bit of replayability, though it depends whether you like the Shadow pokemon system or not. If you like it, there's 48 pokemon to transform which takes at least ten hours. But if you don't like it then that's ten hours gone! But that's not all you can do. There's of course multiplayer, which is where a lot of the fun comes from. Yet, there's a lot needed to play so if you're missing any of the needed things you're buggered. So it really depends whether you're a fan of Pokemon or not. I don't really think it's worth the £20.99 you can pay to buy this off amazon so try to find it cheap for your sake.

        Replay Value=8
        Overall Score=6.6

        -(Ending Comments)-
        Colosseum on paper sounds like an excellent game. It's on consoles which means it can be 3D and the addictiveness could of been well translated to the Gamecube. While the handheld versions were excellent, Colosseum is pretty flat. The change that you can only catch shadow pokemon means it feels limiting, and the process to change pokemon from shadow to normal is such a chore. Also, the graphics are bland and the sound is worse, with the Pokemon being pretty quite and no spoken dialogue hurts the story, as well as stiff animation in the cutscenes. If you're not a fan of Pokemon this won't change your mind and if you want to get into the series this is probably the worse place to start (try the original Red or Blue or any of the handheld versions). The big question is though, will Pokemon fans like this? Well as a die-hard Pokemon fan myself i can say i loved all the Pokemon and the battle system was good enough for me, but after the 20 hour quest was over i felt cold like i had played somthing pretty disappointing. So if you're a die-hard fan you may get somthing out of this, but it's not worth the money you can pay to buy this off amazon.

        -(If You Like This I'd Suggest)-
        Paper Mario
        Harvest Moon
        Mega Man X:Command Mission

        -(Where You Can Buy It)-
        Amazon:Used and new from £20.99
        Pokemon Colosseum Hardware Bundle (which includes a Black Gamecube with a controller, a copy of this game and a 59 Block memory card) is avalible for £102.99


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          10.05.2007 01:46
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Your favourte pokemon in 3D storylines and much more.

          Pokémon Colosseum is the latest addition to the Pokémon Stadium series, that is until the summer when the new one will be released. However I am revisiting the games and looking at them again. Pokémon Colosseum is a 3D adventure/rpg type of game.

          In this game there is a main storyline, it is not just tournaments, and it is definitely not a go catch them all game like on the handheld devices. This game has a main storyline, a story that you can go through and adventure a world of 3D Pokémon and 3D villains also.

          This main storyline is set in the world of Orre and is based around the new “Shadow Pokémon.” These Pokémon to describe it simply have had the doors to their hearts shut off. Your mission is to travel the world of Orre and rescue these shadow Pokémon.
          Whilst travelling the world of Orre you may come across trainers who have shadow Pokémon in their party, when you seem these Pokémon, you can snag them from the trainers. However you can only do this with shadow Pokémon, and no others. Shadow Pokémon are the only Pokémon that you can catch in the entire game with the exception of one, which you actually unlock later in the game.
          To catch a shadow Pokémon you have to first weaken it, the basics from the original Pokémon games is back with that idea. When the Pokémon is weak, you may throw a snag ball at the shadow Pokémon and attempt to capture it. Should you make the shadow Pokémon faint then you may have to battle the trainer again in order to capture it, however some Pokémon when you make them faint you will not have another chance to capture, until a lot later in the game.
          Once you capture a shadow Pokémon you then have the task of unlocking the door to its heart and emotions once again. To unlock the door you have to battle with the Pokémon, every time you battle with a shadow Pokémon, the gauge (which you can see under the Pokémon’s name in battle) will go down slightly. You will notice that when you pass certain points on the gauge (marked on there with a line) you will unlock new attacks for that Pokémon that it had forgotten due to this lock being in place. It is important that you unlock the doors to Pokémon’s hearts because they will not be permitted to enter some tournaments and also sometimes they will not obey so to speak. They only have one attack to start with but if you start to use the moves that they unlock as the door to their heart becomes to weaker, they start to disobey from time to time. Once the door is unlocked you can use any of the attacks they know without them disobeying.
          As you move further through the storyline you will learn that to ‘purify’ a Pokémon you have to weaken the door until the gauge has dropped to nothing and then take it to a sacred place and then the door can be unlocked fully. This allows you to use all of their attacks with no problem, and they will be permitted to enter all of the tournaments. There is another way to unlock the door to a Pokémon’s heart and that is for them to see a Celebi. This is only possible with the help of a key item called a Time Flute, now there are only so many of these within the game, so you should use them wisely.
          Again, as you move further through the storyline you will also see more and more of your favorite Pokémon. You will even see some legendary Pokémon, and are able to catch some of them. The legendaries I won’t say which they are, but they are very quick and very strong so they are a great addition to your team, and you only get one shot at catching them so you need to make sure that you catch them. They are a pain to catch and can get you quite frustrated, however if that happens, you should come off the game for a while and take a break, as I find that I have more success when I’m not obsessed with catching the Pokémon =].
          I think that this storyline is very good, and it kept me interested for hours. It is a very straight forward storyline, but only if you keep up with what is going on and don’t skip the dialogue. If you do, you can become quite stuck for what to do and can take you a while to get back on track. Another thing that may stop you from having the very straight forward storyline is if you don’t purify the shadow Pokémon, as it is very important you do this so you can use all of their abilities without a hitch. The final thing that I can think of that would possibly make you struggle is if you do not catch any of the legendary Pokémon, as these guys are very important in helping you through the game.
          This game is definitely worth the buy just for the storyline as it does keep going for a while, easily over 20 hours if you do it properly and don’t rush. It is quite an interesting one too that can get you hooked a little.
          There are some setbacks however to the storyline. There are no mini games or side quests so to speak of with this storyline. The only thing that you can really do is to take part in the Mt.Battle challenge and complete it. There is a very nice prize available should you complete the challenge. This challenge is a nice legendary Pokémon which is even better than the ones you come across in the storyline. However there are conditions that need to be met. Other than this there are not many side quests you can do, there are couple of things post game you can do which are story lined really, these you find out by email. However the main thing, and most fun thing, is to purify all of the shadow Pokémon (48 to be exact).
          Another setback for the storyline is that you cannot roam so much, on the GBA games such as Ruby and Sapphire; you get a lot of room to roam, travelling from city to city by foot or by sea. I think that travelling like that is a nice idea and gets the player in that mood to explore and possibly discover new things. However with Pokémon Colosseum you do not get this freedom. You still travel from city to city, however this is in an animation where you are on a bike (which looks quite cool to be honest) and not be foot or by sea. This is a good thing in a way as you get to where you want to go a lot faster than you would in the game boy advance games, and I understand that without the ability to catch Pokémon there is not as much point having the ability to roam about, it is still nice to be allowed that freedom from time to time. So it is a setback depending on how much freedom you like to have.

          The battles in Pokémon Colosseum I think are very nice. They are two versus two battles and are turn based, just like the two versus two battles are in Ruby and Sapphire. Personally I like the two versus two battles as it allows you to have more strategies available to you and you have to get the right combinations. These combinations could be that they work with the same strengths, or cover each other’s weaknesses, it adds to the excitement. With it being a two versus two battle just like the Ruby and Sapphire games, you also have the chance to do attacks that affect both of your opponents in one hit (such as surf). This in a way does seem a little unfair as you are wiping out two Pokémon at once in some cases, whereas you would normally only wipe out one, it makes it more challenging when it is against you. This style of battling is definitely my favorite and I think that it is a nice addition to Pokémon Colosseum, however I do think that there should be one versus one battles in the storyline as quite a number of players prefer this style of battling.

          Colosseum tournaments can either be taken on by a singular player against computer controlled AI or held between 2-4 people, offering a wide range of battle combinations. Graphics have been improved since Stadium 2 through GameCube’s enhanced hardware, given both the Pokémon and their attacks an even more fluid and breathtaking appearance. You can even see your trainer character standing behind the Pokémon and watching as they fight. It's just little additions like that which make Colosseum that more special.

          One touch that is nice, and was included in the previous versions as well, is that you can transfer your Pokémon from the game boy advance games to the GameCube so that you can battle with them in the tournament modes as you would with your purified Pokémon. Being able to use your old friends is a nice touch I think as you would only have a maximum of 51 Pokémon (2 starter Pokémon + 48 shadow Pokémon + 1 legendary unlockable Pokémon) available to you if you played without. To link your GBA game up to Pokémon Colosseum you are going to need a Game Boy Advance to GameCube link cable. Just insert this link, go to a Pokémon centre and you can start to transfer your Pokémon from two dimensional worlds to three dimensional worlds.

          I think that the graphics for this game look really impressive. Some of the Pokémon look incredible in 3D and you can see that the creative team has pulled out all the stops in order to make the presentation of this game the best. I really cannot fault the graphics of this game and it just looks incredible.

          The music that the game has and the background tracks are really good and sound really nice when you’re playing. That sound combined with the beautiful graphics make this game wonderful. It furthered the experience of the game. The only downfall to the sound really is that Nintendo have decided to once again stick with the screech noises for Pokémon. They aren’t really appealing, and I think should be changed to have voices like in the anime series. Other than that I cannot fault the sound.

          Game Length
          The game length for Pokémon Colosseum is actually quite long. With the addition of the storyline adventure part of the game, this game can have lots and lots of game time. The storyline itself as I’ve already said can go over 20 hours if you play properly and don’t rush. Then if you count in the purifying process for each shadow Pokémon, count in the mount battle challenge and count in all of the hours you can have against friends or AI in the tournaments and free battles, this game has a huge play time. Definitely one of Pokémon’s stronger qualities.

          This game is really impressive, the graphics are awesome, the sound on the whole is very nice, and the game length is very good, the storyline is a nice addition and the ability to transfer from GBA to GC. This game has many, many qualities and makes it such a fun game. I would definitely recommend this to any Pokémon fan, adventure game fan and to any young child who likes cartoon creatures. The game itself has been out for a long time (nearly three years) yet it is still a classic. You can pick it up brand new from Amazon for £30 and whilst this is quite a lot of money for a game that old, it comes with a nice memory card and the game is definitely a bargain for that price. You can pick it up second hand as well from EBay or EB games for a cheaper price but I definitely recommend picking up a copy. Whilst the new member of the Pokémon Stadium series for the Nintendo Wii will be out this summer, this is still a game you should play if you are waiting for it or don’t have a Wii yet. I give this game 8.9/10 (drops a 0.1 for the screeching noises still being there =[).



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            09.12.2004 16:55



            when my mum told me she was buying pokemon, i thought "oh no, not a kiddies game" but, i was very shocked when I had a shot. THis game has all the excitement needed of a game. You play as a bad man gone good, it begins with you just blowing up the enemies hide out and stealing the snag machine.

            As the story unfolds you meet up with a girl called Yuki, who follows you around. Yuki can see what is called shadow pokemon, these are pokemon that have had their hearts closed and have turned bad, but you continue to battle with these pokemon and manage to save them from having their hearts closed, by opening them up.

            The whole 3D imagine lends a great beauty to the game that is totally unexpected. the battle sequences are very fun and not irritating at all.

            I can recommend this game to adults and children.


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            28.11.2004 21:06
            Very helpful



            • "Requires GBA linkup for total completion"

            I have played most of the pokemon series ranging from various platforms such as Gameboy Advance, Gamecube, Gameboy Colour and the like. Personally I like this game, from the nail-biting anxiety of trying to catch a pokemon to beating the new gym leader with one pokemon with all the odds stacked against you.

            The ability to catch other trainers pokemon is really cool, yes thats right you can catch other players pokemon in story mode but the games a bit restricted so you are limited as to who you can do this to. For one it seems to be impossible to catch new pokemon other than Shadow pokemon which always start off with one move. As well as that you dont even have the chance to catch any wild pokemon which I think should bring the ratings of this game down.

            Be warned however as in the multiplayer mode you will have to have a gameboy advance and pokemon ruby or sapphire before you can go head-to-head against your mates. Then you still have to get the link cable to connect the Gameboy Advance system to the gamecube! This game is more suited to people looking to get a game to go with a gameube they want to buy. So to remedy this I recommend potential gamecube buyers to get the Pokemon Colosseum Megapak which can range from 99.00 to 110.00 pounds, which comes everything you need besides the gameboy stuff but does come with the GBA link cable.

            I cannot obviously tell you everything about the game because you need to find that out by yourself but I will tell you the main storyline.
            It starts off with your character, who blows up a mystery building and escapes off into the distance. Wandering what it is? You will have to wait and see. The storyline is about a company wrongly experimenting with the worlds pokemon and you, as always, have to put a stop to the evil and the menace they cause. A bit of a basic storyline but dont be fooled, its a great game.

            Not only all that but it is also possible to take your pokemon from Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire on Gameboy Advance to combine all your past efforts into one big poke-combo. Strangely enough though with the 3D battles modes in this game and all the past pokemon you have collected in Ruby and Sapphire you get to see these pokemon with much more clarity and often instigates the question "Are my pokemon really that ugly?"

            I say this is a pretty good game, but there are better.

            *Coledsteels lil' brother*


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