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Project Justice (Old DC Game)

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    1 Review
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      22.05.2001 18:01
      Very helpful



      Some people out there may have played Rival Schools 1 on the PS1 or in the arcades and this is the sequal. Basically its a 3d fighting game with a very similar control system to Street Fighter (lots of rolls on the Dpad) with an extra dimension of movement. Its not the move original fighter either in anything other than the graphics and moves department (again its VERY similar to Street Fighter). So like a lot of the fighting games out there then? Weeeeeeell yes play wise its incdredibly similar to several other beat-em-ups, but, done with a lot of flair and a very oddball list of characters and moves. For example you can play as a photographer who uses her blinding flash, a musician (???), a swimmer and various others. There are plenty of characters to play as and unlock by the way. More standard attacks are also great fun and with a bit of skill you can kick you're opponent high into the air, kick then again and go even futher up. Its almost like Crouching Tiger Hidden dragon in its over the top high wire fun. Well maybe thats going to far, however it is fun to watch. Then there are the team up attacks. At the begining of a game you select a group of three fighters. You only fight with one at a time and dont really tag, but when you've gained enough power in your team up bar you join forces with one or both of the other characters for some of the maddest attack moves ever seen in a beat-em-up. These attacks really make the game for me, pulling it up for the vast choice out there. Project Justice is not an easy game (unlike say DOA2) if you are not used to the Street Fighter control system, and, even if you are its no walk through. I myself am a big believer in hard games, mainly because I actually like a challenge and more than 30 minutes of play before you finish the game. Its also not the greatest fighting game either though it is a lot of fun.


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