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Race War Kingdoms.com (Classic Game)

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online RPG.

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    1 Review
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      13.09.2002 20:52
      Very helpful
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      RaceWarKingdoms is a online role-playing game. Not a big one like Diablo 2, but a free, online only game. The object is simple - big the biggest bad-ass there is. And how do you do that? To play the game properly you have to download the graphics package (about 3.5MB) but after that, sign up (it's free) and log in. Choose from one of twelve races, each with their own specialitites. The first screen you encounter can be pretty daunting - no explanation and a pile of graphics that look a jumble. But the fun part about RaceWarKindoms is finding these intracacies. Help sites are located at www.angelfire.com/co4/gwrwk and www.angelfire.com/rpg2/ijcrwk. Some find that this style of point and click to build up a character can be boring - but listen to this: Over 60,000 people play the game, 5,000 online at any one time, and you can talk to each one of them, like a gigantic chat room. To build up your character you also have to equip them as well as buff their statistics up. Equipment can vary in base value as well as the relic held by the peice of equipment - different relics do different things in a middle of fighting that horned demon. By bettering your equipment you can fight more powerful monsters - this allows you to build your kingdom of purchase special items from other people. At the beggining of the game only 1 plane is available (the surface). By getting a load of money you can either pay someone to buy access to the 4 other planes for you or you can buy access yourself. (this is how the site makes money - its $100 to get access to the other four planes) By having access to the other planes you can go on adventurous quests to again buff up your character more - experience raisers or skill developers. Go for them all! Every so often a mega-beast is awoken somewhere in the game - these are a real challenge for even a group of people to kill but the spoils go the person with the final blow. Build a clan full of people and help each other to reach the heights of the greats - the game developers actually dont play the game (like Netdragons.com) so their is an oppertunity to BE THE BEST. Every few weeks a new aspect to the game is added. What I've mentioned here might only be the tip of the iceberg for a fab game such as this. Craft your own weapons, or enchant them. Speak to the various hermits and make your destiny. Hell, Heaven and Surface - Each one a quest. Advantages: To access the majority of the game is free You can't use macros so everyone is legit A variety in site the game can keep you captivated A tounament for everyone is held once a month - winners can recieve special weapons and armour New stuff is being added to the game practically every month - keep on the look out for new updates Some people have Help sites which actually do help! Disadvantages: Not graphically brilliant


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