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Rainbow Six Lone Wolf (PS)

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    1 Review
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      18.05.2011 11:40
      Very helpful



      A rushed, botched and shoddy effort

      The Rainbow Six franchise is one of the best examples in its genre The developers Red Storm, did a good job on the first two R6 games so you would expect Lone Wolf to deliver. However this is a game that fails to live up to expectations.

      STORY: 5/10

      The story that progresses as you play this game isn't anything particularly exceptional or original but it adequate and it does the job of setting up the action. This game centres on the most skilled member of the Rainbow team Ding Chavez. The anti-terrorism organisation Ding Chavez is employed by as part of Rainbow is tipped off by ex-criminal Xander about an arms ring run by terrorists in Norway. So he is sent to deal with them alone before they became a real threat. Unlike the previous Rainbow games there is no team element hence the title "Lone Wolf" so that gives you some clue as to the general premise of this game. To begin with you find yourself attempting to rescue Xander who is being held by terrorists in a holiday village, the bad weather and nightfall make for ideal infiltration conditions. Along the way other hostages are rescued and terrorist locations are infiltrated leading up to the final infiltration of the arms dealers base. So basically your fairly run of the mill anti-terrorism style stuff nothing particularly exceptional or ground breaking here but nothing particularly cringe worthy either. It is more or less what you would expect from a Rainbow 6 game..

      GAMEPLAY: 3/10

      The control scheme is fairly well set up and your character is responsive. Though you have to use right trigger to shoot so if you're used to pressing X you may find yourself firing blanks. You can't change the control scheme to your own preference so you're stuck with the one the game developers have given you. But overall the game is too badly designed and full of bugs to provide anything like a decent game playing experience. You will find enemies have great difficulty navigating their environment they will often get stuck on objects and walls in their pre-determined paths. These terrorists are clearly as thick as two short planks with virtually non-existent AI. What it basically boils down to is this, one shoot one terrorist dead then another come strolling along and you shot him dead and he falls down in the exact same spot and so on until you end up with a nice pile of dead terrorist bodies. You can make as much noise as you like, even set of grenades and they won't come running after you they will just stroll on their pre-set course. This make you wonder why the developers took the effort to bother to include silencers in this game because the terrorists are clearly as deaf as door posts anyway. Terrorists will only react to you if they have direct visual contact with you, and it really has to be direct else they will not see you. However once they do see you and shout "Hey you!" you are dead as these otherwise bumbling these terrorists are crack shots they never miss and they open fire in a split second. So all in all a this is badly balanced and broken gameplaying experience.

      GRAPHICS : 6/10

      The graphics are high point of this game, the snow and weather effects are decent, the night vision goggles look very cool , the terrorist character models are well detailed (though they all look the same) and the guns you carry look pretty realistic as well.. A couple of glitches such as people sticking through walls and everything looks a little pixilated when up close so this detracts a little from the final score. But overall a decent looking game.

      SOUND: 4/10

      The sound isn't particularly good, there is only the one theme that plays throughout the entire game so you will quickly become bored listening to that. The rest of what hear consists of the odd gunshot, footsteps terrorists saying "Hey you!" over and over again with no variation at all.

      LONGEVITY: 1/10

      This game consists of 5 very short levels, which can be completed in about 45 minutes if you know what you're doing. Once completed there is nothing here to make you want to come back so this game will end up gathering dust on your shelf.


      A disappointing and broken game that could and should have been a decent and realistic FPS experience as part of the widely respected Rainbow 6 franchise, but it ultimately fails to deliver on all accounts. A disappointing effort from Red Storm, a game developer who was well capable of putting together a better gaming experience than this.


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