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Roland Garros - French Open (GB)

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    1 Review
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      04.12.2008 21:21
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      Roland Garros - French Open for GBC

      On reputation, a Game Boy Color game by Cryo sounds like a marriage made in gaming hell - Roland Garros can be proof of that.

      To serve, there are a handful of characters (perhaps thankfully no real-to-life players are in it) to select from, but the only mode of play sees you start in the quarter-final stage at one of the four Grand Slams (albeit these are under different names). Matches are always one-set - only options in this game are music on/off and difficulty level. Sound effects are pathetic.

      Graphics. Only players and ball move - so the crowd and officials (whom look oddly proportioned compared to the tennis players) do not, and there's no switching sides. In the French and US Open it looks like an official is holding up one side of the net! The picture shown for when you lose is a smashed racquet - it's so poorly drawn!

      The tennis courts do not appear right. It seems the service boxes at the far end were marked out from the (top of the) net as if it were flat - the ball never appears behind the net. So either the the top half looks long, or the bottom half seems short. Such a wacky view, and with movement of the ball rather reminiscent to that of Curveball (that game you can play online). But the ball does not stay true to the shots and as such, the younger audience, for whom the cartoon-style graphics might appeal to, would find the tennis tricky to relate to, whereas tennis enthusiasts, intrigued by the license, would find the sport on show to be none-too-convincing.

      Initially, I thought this be unplayable because of the view/ball. The double-tap to run and fire-button to dive would have my character overshoot their position for playing the ball. However, after minutes of preserving on Easy, I figured out a winning strategy, which would work against computer opponents on Hard difficulty setting. There are goodies to be unlocked as well as trophies for viewing in the Prize Room (oddly mis-spelt Price in an instance in the game), but there wasn't the depth or challenge to keep me playing beyond an hour.


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