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Romance Of The Three Kingdoms (SNES) (Classic Game)

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    1 Review
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      25.09.2006 22:32
      Very helpful
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      Great game, fun to play, strategical fun!

      This is a review of the old classic game Romance of the three kingdoms, the original. Romance of the three kingdoms is about 3 kingdoms, trying to bring piece to the country (China), but they will have to fight each other so they can take control of all of China.

      But watch out for bandits and rebels, they can be a powerful enemy at some stage.

      Romance of the three kingdoms is the first set of gaming series done by Koei for romance of the three kingdoms. There are many of them now, but this was the one that started it all, not including the other series like Legend of Cao Cao.

      Romance of the three kingdoms at first was a novel done by Luo Guanzhong and written during the Ming Dynasty. Quite a while ago, but KOEI made it into a game as soon as they could come up with a good enough idea.

      There are many things you can do on this game, considering it is a very old game that is quite good. You sort out all the strategies for battles and for keeping your towns, villages and cities under control.

      There are special moments that happen also, like marriages, brother hood, and loads of others. Most of the ideas for this game were from the novel, but there are some things here on the game that Koei added which are fictional, but most of it is the real deal. So hold onto your hats, and prepared to be amazed for the pure brilliance of this SNES game.

      There are 3 kingdoms, which are SHU, WU and WEI. There are a few different types of armies, 3 main ones, which are Shu (Luei Bei's Army), Wu (Sun Jian's Army) and Wei (Cao Cao's Army). They are all as powerful as each other are, and they have many generals and soldiers. There are others like... Yellow Turban, which are these freaks, like catholic people. Then there is Yuan Shao which is part of the Han (Han is when Shu, Wu and Wei are allied together). There is these cave men type one, which are strong in their own way, as they use elephants to defeat their enemies.

      This game is very playable, keeps the fun burning inside of you, very good game, even though its an old game. The game is very addictive, it has many features, and gameplay formats for you to stay addicted to it.

      The game is very original; it is the first of its series, and also one of the first games done by Koei. The graphics for this game are quite poor, but I’m going to treat this games graphics for when it was decent in its day, so in its day the graphics were great. You won’t be disgusted by the graphics, even if you play it now.

      The music to this game is quite addictive, and lots of different types of music. It is nice to listen to sometimes, but can get annoying when it keeps repeating itself. The only language to this game is Japanese and English, as it is a Japanese game, but been edited for English audiences. There are no voices in this game, because in the day and age it was built, technology was not up for it.

      The game is quite difficult, it needs a lot of patience, and will make you think as it is a strategy game. The game is great value for money, I would say you will only be able to find it on ebay, or pre-owned somewhere, probably around £5 maximum. I give this game 4 star * * * *, it brought me great fun, and it is a reason to brush the dust off of you SNES and plug it in once again.

      Thanks For Reading!


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    • Product Details

      Romance of the Three Kingdoms is the first installment of Koeiãs Romance of the Three Kingdoms series. Characters and events in Romance of the Three Kingdoms come from the novel of the same name by Luo Guanzhong and written during the Ming Dynasty. Most of the novel is factual and correctly describes the events that occurred in the Later Han Dynasty, many more minor (and a few larger) details are fictional.

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