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Runescape (Classic Game)

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    24 Reviews
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      11.10.2012 22:13
      Very helpful



      if your new to mmorpg, then maybe this is for you to try

      Runescape is an online mmorpg (mass multiplayer online role playing game), similar to World of warcraft. The idea is that you make a character, and progress them (moving them up in levels of various skills, like strength, woodcraft, cooking, and so on, completing quests, and gaining resources as you do. But you can do this with other players, and join forces to do quests, or fight against them. I am going to split this review into 2 parts, the first part will be the old game, and the second part will discuss some of the newer things.

      Ok, basically in this game, you can play for free, and its all online, you don't need to download. But as a free member, you don't get nearly as many benefits, its way harder to get resourses or level up, and you can't even do some actions (like a paying member can train agility and run over a log, a free member cannot). Also certain foods cannot be cooked, certain metal ores cannot be mined, and so on. Anyway, its kinda annoying, and I used to play for a long time as a free member, and basically it was not fun knowing everyone else could easily take you if they were a paying member.

      In the old game, you could also go into the wildy, where other players would attack you, and where the monsters would be more likely to attack you. This place used to be really scarey, especially as a free member, because if you died you would loose everything, so you might consider taking weaker items, which in turn would make you more likely to die! But this was one fun aspect of the game, trying to form raiding parties to raid unsuspecting people in the wildy, or trying to sneak past and get some of the treasures hidden in there.

      However, this one cool feature in the game has ben removed, now there are PvP servers, where the whole server is just full of people fighting. Its really rubbish, because you just end up with everyone fighting around the spawn points, and over 90% of the map just being empty of other people. its terrible (I know this because my brother carried on playing after me, and I tried it out just for this review!)

      Anyway, for a short period of time I was a member, and suddenly the whole game sort of opened up, and it seemed pretty good, with all these different worlds and such. But I sort of realised that £3 a month for a game with terrible graphics, and a bit of a lame combat system (hit, hit, hit, hit, hit), or cast, cast, cast, or shoot, shoot shoot, well you get the point, didn't seem worth it, especially with other games out there in this field. I would say this is a good game if you are unsure if mmorpg is for you, and want to just try it out, but beyond that this game is a bit pointless. If you like this game, try out guildwars (but there is now gw2, but i have not played this so no idea if it is any good), i found that to be a much better game.

      Overall then I give this game 2/5, for bad combat system, too many locked features for free players, and annoying graphics. And the price is a bit high. I gave it a star though for at least having a completely free to play section though, a lot of games do not have this.


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      19.08.2010 00:00
      Very helpful



      A brilliant MMORPG. It's free! Why not try it? :)

      Are you going to give me history about the game and tell me about how good YOU are at the game like the other reviews on DooYoo?

      No. This isn't a review of my account. This is an informed review of Runescape. I will not scrawl huge ammounts of 'game history' straight off of Wikipedia like the other reviews either. Enjoy :)

      Is Runescape just your typical MMORPG?

      Runescape has been available to the public to play since 2001, it has risen in popularity very rapidly over the years. The company behind Runescape -- Jagex Ltd. (Java Gaming Experts Limited) were even listen in the Forbes magazine in the top 100 richest british companies. These are not signs of a typical MMORPG. These are infact a sign of a fast-developing, behemoth of a game. In short, Runescape is huge!

      Runescape is regularly updated every couple of weeks (it generally varies depending on the size of the update). While most of the updates that are released are usually geared towards the lower level players, when an update is released that is aimed at the higher levels it is usually always of high quality, adding new challenges and hours more of fun to the game.

      Lots of (narrow-minded, obnoxious) people claim that Runescape is very addictive and that people that play this game let go completely of their social lives, while I personally do find this game be addicting, I simply do not agree with the social life stereotyping of a Runescape player. Also I would like to note that it wouldn't be fair to claim that Jagex do not promote a healthy lifestyle. They promote taking regular breaks from gameplay and to socialize in the real world too. I have played since 2002 and I have never once neglected my social life because of this game. That is what it is remember...A game :)

      Howmuch does it cost?

      I believe that you will be happy to hear that it is free. Well atleast free-to-play is. There is a members option which will set you back inbetween £5-7 (depending on what method you use to pay for it.) While free-to-play offers much depth and a vast array of skills and items to train/use. I think it is most definately worth paying for the membership.

      I have paid for my membership lots of times via Paypal and TelePin methods and I can say that the service and ease of paying for membership is a very easy, simple and quick process. It is shown clearly howmuch you will be paying and customer support is ever-ready to help you if you have a problem. I personally have never had to use customer services however because every time I have paid for my member ship I have had the membership directly added to my account within a matter of a few minutes.

      Something to note: If you pay for member ship (let's say 30 days) then that isn't 30 days in-game playing time. That's 30 days from when you put it on. So if you play for one day and then you get hospitalized or...You go on holiday or your internet goes down or something then the membership is still going down day by day.

      What benefits does becoming a member bring?

      Members have access to stronger items, more skills, new monsters, the majority of the updates, dungeons etc. Becoming a member will also enable a player to increase their levels at a much faster rate because they have access to ways and means of training skills that free-to-play players do not get. Jagex themselves claim that the free-to-play game gives you around 5,000 hours of gameplay while the members get over 25,000 hours, as you can see a vast difference!

      I personally see the Free-to-play version of the game more like a demo than anything however, there are many players that are happy playing the game for free

      What's the gameplay like?

      Ok so I have done nothing but praise Runescape so until now. The main objective of the game is to train your skills up, to complete quests and to gather gold and items. I will go more into the different skills later on in this review, but some of the skills can be boring and tedious to train at times. For example firemaking (one of the more pointless skills) envolves you clicking on a tinderbox and then a log, then the tinderbox again, then the log, so on and so forth. It can get repetative and boring quickly and this is what puts most people off of the game. Some say that it takes no skill, I disagree. Skills are not the game in it's entirety.

      Which brings me to my next point, mini-games. While not big enough of a subject to have a sub-topic I should give them a mention as they ARE a big part of the game. There are over 20 mini-games and it seems that there is something for everyone. Castle Wars for example is a capture the flag style combat mini-game that will see you slaying through hundreds of enemies (if you're strong enough) to get to the flag and then making heroic runs back to your own castle to claim glory infront of your team mates. Not into combat? Why not go play some Rune-Sudoku? Believe me there is a mini-game that will suit you. My personal favourite being Soul Wars (An innovative team based combat game) & Rune-Connect (Runescapes very own version of Connect-4).

      What is the community like?

      Ok so there are MANY MMORPG's out there..World of Warcraft being Runescapes main rival. Some have very bad reputations for the games community being really bad, whether it's tricking new players for own personal gain or just the general lack of people willing to help you - It seems that all MMORPG's suffer with these things at some point. Runescape started out with a very good community however as Runescape grew in size it seems that the community degraded over time. At one point 1 in every 10 players was a bot or a gold farmer, scamming and/or luring were many players main income of gold, real-world item trading (the act of selling Runescape accounts, gold or items for real world money) was at an all-time high. In short : It was terrible. However Jagex has almost completely eradicated all of the above problems. They implemented a trade-limit system as to stop players buying gold for real world money and they also removed the Wilderness (A PvP high-risk zone where one could kill another player and gain his items). As of recent I feel the community has gotten much better. Most experienced players are willing to help you if you have a problem or you are stuck on something.

      The Jagex moderators (an odd bunch they are) often hold events (as from the beggining of 2010) these vary greatly but usually they envolve some sort of team based war and the winner is usually announced on the Runescape home-page and/or the forums. (Read more about forums later on in my review)

      The highscores are a place where you can capitalize on your success and achievements on Runescape. Both casual players and hardcore players use the highscores for different reasons. The people at the top of the highscores always seem to be embroiled in friendly rivalry between each other to compete for the most amount of XP in the various different skills and lower down the rankings casual players use the highscores to compare their stats with friends/foes alike.

      Another thing that I guess would come under community is the report system. This allows players to report other players for breaking the rules which can result in a temporary/permanent ban or a mute (where you can not talk to other players in-game). I think the system is good and it does work to some degree however if you do get reported and action is taken against your account then the once chance of an appeal against it that you get from Jagex is read and either accepted (very rarely) or declined by an automated system. I really don't understand how it works but believe me it is not unheard of for people to abuse the report system and to get black marks on their account unfairly because Jagex don't have the staff to sit there and read and investigate every single report that is filed against a player. Be careful is all I'm saying.

      What skills are there to train?

      There are 25 skills to train some are obviously better than others. Some are repetative but some are fun and exciting to train, I will give a quick over-view of what each skill entails. (Note: You may want to skip this as it's pretty long-winded)

      [Agility] - A harder skill to train that envolves your character negating through various different obstacles such as pipes, walls, trees, ziplines, crumbling walls etc.

      [Attack] - One of the combat skills. This enables you to hit more often and is trained by attacking monsters or other players.

      [Construction] - My personal favourite skill, although a very expensive one. To train this skill you build various pieces of furniture and items for your very owned POH (Player owned house).

      [Constitution] - Formerly known as hitpoints. Not much to say about this. The higher constitution you have the more hitpoints you have.

      [Cooking] - This skill will see you cooking different types of food which is used to heal or have other stat boosts on skills. The higher this is the less likely you are to burn food.

      [Crafting] - To train this skill you craft leather armour make jewelry, craft pots and make flax into bow strings. An expensive skill to train.

      [Defence] - Another one of the combat skills. This one is self-explanatory. The higher defence you have the less likely a monster (or player) is to damage you and take away your hitpoints.

      [Farming] - A boring yet profitable skill that to train you must plant seeds and ... You farm ok?

      [Firemaking] - Tinderbox + Log = Fire.

      [Fishing] - Another favourite of mine. Also self-explanatory. You can fish different types of fish that will heal more or less hitpoints depending on what fish it it.

      [Fletching] - To train this skill you use a knife with your logs to turn them into bows or arrows. One of the easier skills to train.

      [Herblore] - In my opinion the most expensive skill in the game but can be profitable if you know how. You can make potions and concoctions that have various different effects on your character.

      [Hunter] - One of my least favourite skills, will see you hunting for animals that certain equipment can be found from. i.e. Gaining fur from a bear to turn into a certain type of outfit.

      [Magic] - You can train this by casting magic spells in combat or using a vast array of other spells to to train your other skills. For example casting 'superheat item' to train smithing.

      [Mining] - Gaining ores from rocks to turn into armour or weapons.

      [Prayer] - A sub-combat skill that to train envolves burying bones. An expensive skill to train at higher levels but with great reward.

      [Ranged] - A combat spell that envolves you using ranger items bows, arrows, throwing axes/knives, javelins etc.

      [Runecrafting] - The slowest skill to train, you make runes for magic.

      [Slayer] - You are given an assignment (A specific monster to kill) and you gain slayer XP by successfully killing said monster(s).

      [Smithing] - Another expensive one. Turning your ores into metal items. Armour and weapons etc.

      [Strength] - A combat skill. This will enable your character to hit higher and increase the damage you are able to deal.

      [Summoning] - This will see you summoning various types of familiars to help you train skills or in combat.

      [Thieving] - Self explanatory, you pick NPC's (Non Playing Characters) pockets or steal off of stalls. An easier skill.

      [Woodcutting] - Cutting trees down. Obviously.

      [Dungeoneering] - A recently addition to Runescape. A brilliant skill that doesn't cost anything to train and you can train with your friends or on your own depending on how you like to play the game. I won't give too much away. But trust me it's brilliant.


      To date there are over 230 quests to complete in Runescape. Some are aimed at lower players while others are so challenging and require skills so high that only players deemed as 'Master' questers can complete them. I personally enjoy quests, they are a big part of the game for me and many others too (hence why it gets it's own sub-topic).

      Quests usually envolve a storyline of some kind, some quests are stand alone and others are part of an epic adventure and require more time and effort because they have multiple quests. The hardest quest being 'While Guthix Sleeps' and the easiest being 'Cooks Assistant'. There is something for everyone. Quest rewards vary greatly but usually you'll get some XP upon quest completiong and occasionally an item.

      Also (Because there's nowhere else I can really mention this in the review) every year when there are real life holidays (Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving etc) they have holiday events that usually envolve an easy quest of some sort. These special quests reward you with an item that when the quest is removed from the game when the holiday is over, can be considered as 'discontinued'.

      The graphics?

      So this is where a lot of critics come along and slate this game but the truth is, the bad graphics gave this game a certain charm. The graphics have evolved a lot since the early days of Runescape Classic. Runescape now supports Direct X graphics and has a 'high detail' mode that has graphics that are actually pretty decent. I would say about the same 'graphical level' as World Of Warcraft. Graphics don't make a game anyway. (Think Half-Life 1 & Crysis - What's the better game?)

      After this review I'll go and download it! Thanks!

      Wait! Stop right there! Runescape requires no downloads! You play on a client via your web-browser. How great is that hmmm? :)

      To summarize...

      Runescape is a great game, it has it's bad points but the good points over-shadow these completely. There really are far too many points for me to make about this game in this review, so to go and play it and see what all the hoo-haa is about would be much better than any review I can give you. It's free to try so after reading this review why not give it a try? It really all depends on whether you like MMORPG's or not. If you do like it then I can 99% assure you that you will not regret spending your wonga on membership.

      I hope my review has been informative, insightful and opinionative. Thankyou.


      Note: For some reason this review is listed under 'Amiga Games'. Someone, somewhere along the line has made a mistake. Amiga games as far as my knowledge goes have not ever released a game called Runescape.


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      02.06.2010 22:44
      Very helpful



      A game for the one who likes to show off.

      Runescape throws you into a massive world with monsters, quests, items and general fun, everything an MMORPG needs. Starting at level three you have to train your skills and complete quests to become a better player (and a better level) and have more stuff.

      The Quests in this game are original and never get boring although some can be tricky without help! Wether your more of a passive player or an aggresive one there is always one for you like discovering some ancient ore or killing a giant sea monster!

      The skills are very inviting and the better skills you have the higher you rank in the player ratings. Starting every skill at level one (except hitpoints thats level 10) you have to train to a max level of ninety-nine doing this will let you complete certain quests or give you access to some rather useful equipment and let you make money faster than anyone else. Having higher combat levels (Magic, Range, Attack, Strength, Defence, Prayer and summoning) can help you fight more powerful monsters granting you some very sought after items. Or perhaps you like making money in the three skills where you get something for nothing (Fishing, Woodcutting, Thieving and Mining) and turn the items you get into something useful with other skills (Fletching, Crafting, Firemaking and Smithing. Or you can train others for different skills that are not profit related (Agility, Hunter and Dungeoneering) there are a few more but with so many I can't remember.

      Become the Ultimate Warrior and destroy your friends.
      (Also please note that some the skills i have included above are members and require pay monthy to have access to, around £3.50 a month) Your adventure now awaits


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      26.03.2010 21:13
      Very helpful



      good pc game

      Runescape is a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) my god a mouth i know but thats what it is, this means its a internet world where people from around the world log on for adventure!

      Runescape is a java based game so dont be expecting a lord of the rings style world but more of a polygon heaven! The graphics are basic and the sound, well the sound is more annoying then anything in this world.
      After saying this i hope i havent put you off because you would be missing out on such a great and fantastic game.

      Firstly when you open a free or member account (free accounts are limited where as members get everything) you appear at the training world, this must be completed to progress to the gaming world, on this world you will learn how to move your character and level up stats how to fish, make food, cut trees and kill plus a whole lot more.
      The game is very simple to control you have the mouse and basically that's all you need the two mouse buttons control all of your character functions.

      Though you do use the keyboards arrow keys to move the camera angle so you can see what you need to see.
      Once you start the real world game you are taken back by all the members! there are thousands of players on it most of the day which means you can make new friends to play the game with!

      Once you are on the world thats when you need to decided what you want to do theres so much you can do! You have a bag thats like your inventory and here you carry some objects you are given to start the game!
      Maybe you might want to empty your bag if so go over to the bank and store the times, you have your own bank account, this allows you to keep objects you may want in the future instead of carrying them around all the time.

      You have a stats section, this tells you all the stats you can learn (some are members only) and what level you are of them and what is your real level, you see some items or drinks boost stats for a short amount of time.
      On this screen it also tells you your combat level and your overall total level.

      There is the magic page, this tells you all the spells that you can learn on this game and what level and runes (runes are stones that you collect to cast magic) that are needed for the spell.
      A prayer page, now when you kill a character they drop some bones if you pick up the bones and bury them you get experience and the higher lvl you are the better prayers you can use, like 10% defence, though your prayer level will go down, but going to a alter and worshipping puts it back up to what it was.

      The combat page here you can select if your going to stab, slash, crush or block, these different styles do less but often damage or high but less often damage and level up different stats like defence, attack and strength.
      There's also options so you can turn the music and sound effects up or down or even off (thank god you can turn them off) set your character to run or walk find out how much weight your carrying and so on.

      There's also a music section where you can play music you have unlocked on the game!
      Now most objects on the game can be used in some way like bowls to collect water to use with clay to make objects like pie dishes!

      You can learn to mine on the game higher mining levels allow you to mine different ore from basic tin and copper to the marvellous rune.
      You can learn to smith which means you can smelt the ore you have collected into metal bars for you to smith into armour and weapons that you can wear and use, even sell!

      You can learn to craft goods from wood, cloth, leather and even gold to make rings and necklaces that you can put rare gems on and then enchant them!
      Learn to fletch to make bows and arrows that you can sell to other players or shops.

      Learn to fish for different types of fish that heal you mush higher.
      There are so many different things to be done in the game, another good fact is that you dont have to be just a mage you can be a mage who's good at fighting as you can level each stat up :D

      There are many different objects to be collected from bronze to dragon and now crystal :D
      There are quests to be completed that get you quest points the more quest points you have the higher the quests you can do, now quests unlock certain items on the game and even allow you to buy and wear new items such as dragon.

      I have tried my best to describe this game but there is to much to do and way to much to see you have to play it for your self really to understand how great a game this is.


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      08.08.2009 17:44



      Worth playing

      Runescape the massively multiplying online role playing game ( mmorpg) By jagex is a hugely populated game with players from all over the world.
      The game is not my cup of tea but i enjoyed playing it.
      The people on the game are very kind when it comes to helping out a new player also known as a "noob". So if you are thinking about playing this game have no fear about getting lost and finding your way throw the game.
      Runescape is a fun game were you get to fight with your friends and make your character stronger which is fun and exciting.
      There is also a member option were you pay a monthly fee of £5 this can be done via bank transfer or SMS.
      Being a member means you get extra privileges such as better monsters to fight, you get a house etc.. i think its worth becoming a member as i enjoyed it so much.
      They have a very helpful customer service, i had to email them with a log-in problem, they resolved it in a day and i was very happy with the help i received.
      I recommend this game ti people of all ages .

      Graphics 4/10
      Sound 3/10
      fun 8/10


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      08.08.2009 17:30
      Very helpful



      A great online multiplayer game with loads of players and lots to do

      Runescape is a massively multiplayer online role playing game, which I used to play until I felt a little too old and it became boring. At the times when I did play, it was really fun as you could fight other real players online, trade, chat and do a lot more.

      It's free to play unless you want to become a 'member' and pay from around £3.50 a month to get access to a lot more. The aim of the game is to progress in certain skills including combat ones like attack, strength, defence, range, magic and prayer as well as in non-combat ones such as woodcutting, mining, smithing, herbivore, slayer and firemaking. Some of the skills are for members only and they give access to a lot more features.

      The world map is quite big and you have access to the full thing if you're a member, but only a little bit if you play for free. There are quests to complete, like missions, which make up the main part of the game. Some are easy and others are a lot harder and you need to be quite strong to defeat certain monsters. There have been many updates to the game, so now there are also more things to do.

      Besides all the quests, you can find different monsters to fight them and take loot. You can earn cash through trading things, selling things and killing monsters. There are player vs. player worlds where you can fight other players in different scenarios. There are banks across the worlds too where you can store all your items, which is useful.

      The graphics have improved slightly over time, especially after a large graphics update. There are many different worlds, which are for around the world including USA, UK, Sweeden, Netherlands and Canada. However, you can enter any world no matter where you're from. It's a great game to play and very addicting so you need a lot of spare time on your hands! It's annoying it costs to play and unlock all the extras and the full map, but it's worth it in a way.

      Thanks for reading,

      Dan ©


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      30.08.2008 10:58
      Very helpful



      fighting and earning money

      runescape is a massive online 3d game played by over 6 million people worldwide.runescape is a adventure game , were you can do quests , kill moster's , get you combat up.what is combat?combat is you level which everyone can see you by , the way to get your combat up is by getting you strength , attack , defence , prayer and hit-point level up unless you are a ranger or a mager were as if your mage or range is not higer than you strength then your cmbat does not go up .your mage and range has to be higher to get your combat up.you can make money by doing different skills e.g fishing,woodcutting,runecrafting etc.with money you can buy food and armour which would be needed to fight . there are lots of places were you can fight and explore.you can become a member for a fee of £3.25 , members get lots more benifits such s armour skills and arena's.you can suscribe to be a member on tune runescape homepage.


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      28.02.2008 18:29
      Very helpful



      This is a large adventure game with loads of skills to raise, quests to complete & more!

      Runescape is a great online adventure game that can be played at the official site runescape.com. It can also be played through other sites such as miniclip.com, but be careful where you enter your account details! It is quite a large adventure game and you have the ability to become a member and have access to many more options and things to do. This game is set in olden times with weapons such as bows/arrows, swords and fictional magic.

      The game consists of the following main things:


      There are three types of combat: Melee, Range and Magic. Melee consists of three skills: strength, attack and defence. Defence can fall under a category alone however as it is useful for every combat method. Melee is trained with close up weapons such as swords, daggers and weapons resembling hammers and much more! You can use melee to kill most computer enemies in the game and it is very popular.

      Range involves using some kind of bow and arrow. You need a bow and arrows that you can wield by having a high enough skill level in range. Range is done from a distance, which can prove useful for some enemies that are too dangerous to be up close with! Range can either be set to accurate, long range or rapid, which are rather self explanatory. The rapid fire is my favourite as it is quite quick and still hits well. As well as bows, you can also wield crossbows, short bows, longbows and all kinds of other range weapons including a cannon if you are a member, which gives range experience points.

      Magic is perhaps the preferred combat option by most players. It involves magic attacks that can be cast using specific 'runes' for different attacks and magic casts. As well as full on attacks, magic can be used for many more things such as converting items into gold, holding enemies in position and most commonly teleporting across the large map. Magic is the most expensive as the runes needed can cost a lot of money, and once they are used they are gone forever and you must buy new ones.

      The game is made up of a large map. There are many different areas from dark to light. There are forests, deserts, jungles, coastal parts, rivers and even a wilderness. Throughout this giant adventure game, there are many people to speak to and you will be playing with other players around the world as it is all online! Therefore, you can do item trades with other players and also fight them in specific areas such as the Duel Arena or somewhere in the wilderness.

      You gain items in the first place as loot from dead monsters. Different monsters drop different things ranging from armour to coins (money - gold pieces AKA GP) and weapons. The monster's loot will depend upon their level. Your character has a level too, and everyone starts at level 3. This is your combat level, and it will rise as your combat skills rise, which are attack, strength, defence, range and magic.

      There are many other things to do in the game such as increasing the levels of your skills. Every skill can reach a level of 99, at which point you can retrieve an 'achievement cape' to wear that shows you are level 99 in that skill. Each of these capes will perform a different action in the emotions part. Other emotions include things such as nodding, dancing, jigging and bending over to perform raspberries on others. Skills include things such as woodcutting, fishing, cooking, runecrafting and more. Member skills are included when you pay to be a member, which are skills such as farming, herblore, slayer, construction and many more. Construction allows you to build your own house and gain experience and level up by building room and furniture.

      Beside skills, Quests are a large part of the game. There are many Quests in the quest menu, and if you are a member there are over ten times more quests than the non-member quests. When I say member, I mean actually paying to play rather than a free account. Quests all have a storyline and sometimes cut scenes too, which aren't of great quality but are good for such a game. Quests range from rescuing people to defeating people and you earn quest points and rewards for completing them. However you may need certain skill requirements to do quests, so skills are important for this!

      The game is very fun and offers loads to do. The graphics are in 3D but are of poor quality. You see your character in a 3rd person view and cannot see the sky as the camera is always above the character. There is sound in the game, which consists of songs that can be turned on or off as well as simple sound effects for fighting, surroundings and skills.

      Being a member costs around £5 a month if you pay by phone or text. If you subscribe with a credit card, it works out cheaper at £3 something a month. Members have access to over three times the amount of area to roam as well as many more skills, weapons, items and things to do and places to go. Being a member is quite fun as there is loads to do and it brings much fun to the game! For £5 a month, it isn't bad compared to something like £10 a month for World of Warcraft, which is a similar kind of game.

      Overall, it is a pretty good game. It is updated constantly and the site also has forums, highscores, a knowledge base and many more features on it. The game itself is pretty fun with loads to do and being a member opens many more options. The graphics aren't great, but considering it is an internet Java game, they are quite good. The sound is simple but has improved over time. Due to a recent update a few months ago, I quit this game as did many others as they totally ruined it by restricting a lot of things to do with fighting other players and trading. This was because of 'sweat houses' in places such as China, where people would play all day long just to get gold in the game that would be sold over the internet. They were paid low wages and worked in terrible conditions. This is against the rules of the game to be trading real world money for game items. Therefore the game has been totally changed and it kind of sucks now as you are restricted to trade for a lot of money and fight players with more freedom.

      Thanks for reading,

      - Recon -


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        14.02.2008 03:19
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        offers hundereds of hours of addictive gameplay, not to everyones taste but a must play game.

        MY FIRST TIME.

        having played 'runescape' on and off for just shy of about 4 years now, i've seen the game go through it's ups and downs. i fisrt began playing runescape when i stumbled upon the game accidentally one mediocre afternoon. i think i can surely say that that very afternoon was a life changing moment for me.

        having never really played an rpg up until this point i was sceptical, as you can imagine, as to weather i should invest my time into this game, but from the first click on tutorial island (the tutorial level all players must complete before making their way into the vast world of runescape-as you can probably imagine it is set on an island.) i knew my addiction to this game would no know bounds. this game thus opened my infant eyes to the wonderful world of role-playing games, and for that i can only thank it.

        THE GAME.

        alas, after my touching tale of my personal discovery of the game, the literal breakdown of the game it's self:-
        as a player, customisation of your player before entering the world of runescape is vital. head,hair,torso gender- every feature of your avitar can be customised to suit your own personal preferences. once your charactar has been brought to life in your own vision, your advnture begins!
        runescape offers it;s members the choice to play for free, which is basically a very very ekongated demo, offering alot of fun skills and great gameplay, or to pay to play, offering to 'members' more weapons, areas, minigames, armour, everything.


        an interesting feature of runescape over other online rpgs available at this point in time, is the option to raise skills that have next to no effect on other players, as attack or defense might-making your player deal mre damage to your foes or protecting you from deathblows from your enemies respectivly. one can in theory play the game without entering a single fight! such skills as smithing, mining wood cutting cooking and the newly introduced summoning skills offer players hours of skill levelling entertainment and plentiful rewards to be reaped from their efforts without the need to ever enter a combat situation.
        a key feature of runescape, as i am sure many veterans will agree, is the hugely wide array of clothing, armour, masks, special event items (yo-yo's, easter eggs, rubber chicken etc) and weapons. not only will better weaponsand armour boost your stats in battle, but some looks pretty bad ass too! so for those not interested in hardxcore pwning of noobs of a 24 hour basis (although this has become much more difficult in recent times,due to frankly pathetic updates of late as i shall undoubtably cover later :)) can take refuge in customising their charactar to the max, with aid from money making skills.


        runescape offers it;s players a MASSIVE selection of minigames, my personal favourite being castle wars, a massivly multiplayer take on capture flag that will have you hooked for hours. (just one more round.)

        on the whole, runescape has given me many many hunderedsof hours of amazing online play, during which time i have slayed my fair amount of mosters, traded billions of runescape gold (gp) and made a fair few friends, but this peice of RPG gold does not come without it's disadvantages.


        due to 'real world trading'-trading of items or gold for actual real life money, jagex seems to have found it plausable to remove near all fun aspects of the game, with pking(player killing) gone and replaced with a lacluster sustitue in the form of a poor quality minigame (bounty hunter) and the introduction of balanced trades( all items have a set price, this price then cannot be exceeded by more than 3000 gp.) making merchanting impossible for one.
        recent updates aside, runescape has always had issues with longlivety with myself. often i find myself bored by it's often repetetive gameplay-hence my inconsistant playing habbits. but, runescape is one of those games that will give you some slack on the addctive leash of doom for a while, only to reel you back in at the next oppertunity. once you start playing, you'llfind yourself immersed in the world of runescape for many a year to come.


        with hundereds more features i failed to mention, runescape amounts to a very playable online game, a must for RPG fans worldwide. if you can overlook the second rate graphics and enjoy the games content runescape will surely provide you with hours upon hours of nerdy fun.


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          30.11.2007 11:57



          If you are playing Runescape for the sake of an adventure, then LIVE LIFE adventurously too.

          Here's a quick fact. Did you know that Runescape can be written as Run-escape? Is it a coincidence? I doubt it. As an popular free mmorpg, one of the main attractions of this game is that you can build (and train) your own persona and interact with other real players in a virtual environment. Although there are many complaints from players about poor graphics, the 3D environment is still real enough (for me, personally) to believe that I am IN the virtual world. (And believe me, I'm stuck in there so deep that I don't hear the telephone ring, I don't here someone knocking on the door, and I don't hear my family calling for me - my mind's just concentrated on the game.) So perhaps the creators of this game didn't name "Runescape" on a whim afterall, since we are always "running" to "escape" something, and many who seek to escape the harsh realities of the real world end up in a black hole called Runescape. Or perhaps they really were thinking about "runes" and not the mentality of the average runescape player.


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            27.05.2007 22:31
            Very helpful
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            Give it a try if it is your thing

            Once you started, you won't stop

            I have been playing runescape for around 1 year now and I have really enjoyed it. I first noticed this game when my friend was playing it .it really intrigued me and I knew when I got home that I was going to play this myself. I have been playing for a year and now I am level 93 and I have worked really hard for this. It takes a lot of time and effort to be a successful player on runescape. Many of my friends have got a runescape account, it is getting more and more well known by the day. Once I had my account I found myself playing this for hours on end. This game is well known for being addictive as you will feel the sense of being as good as you can on this game. You will also be trying to be better then your friends and can get really competitive. Many think that runescape is the best game they have ever played. Not for the graphics or game play but the superior durability and the features.

            Runescape is a game on the internet which anyone can play as it is free although you can pay around £2.50-£3.00 a month to be a member, it is better to be a member for many reasons. This game is definitely the best game you can get on the internet. The actual game is set in the medieval middle ages and you can choose to play as a…
            Or magic-mage
            These all do different things and wear different things so you can choose what you want to be and you can change at any point anyway. All you do to change your type of character you change there armour. The highest levels you can get up to is 99 and combat level is up to 126. These are all the levels you can do…
            Overall-total level goes up to 2178
            Attack goes up to 99
            Defence goes up to 99
            Strength goes up to 99
            Hit points goes up to 99
            Ranged goes up to 99
            Prayer goes up to 99
            Magic goes up to 99
            Cooking goes up to 99
            Wood cutting goes up to 99
            Fletching goes up to 99
            Fishing goes up to 99
            Fire making goes up to 99
            Crafting goes up to 99
            Smithing goes up to 99
            Mining goes up to 99
            Herblore goes up to 99
            Agility goes up to 99
            Thieving goes up to 99
            Slayer goes up to 99
            Farming goes up to 99
            Rune craft goes up to 99
            Constuchtion goes up to 99

            They are 22 different levels,
            These are some of the main ones and the methods on how to get them up:

            Attack, Strength, Defence and Hitpoints - To increase these levels you must fight different monsters to gain more XP (experience) in these skills. There are various types of weaponry on the game with different costs. The better the weapon the faster you gain experience. Also as your attack level goes up you will able to hit more in battles.

            Ranged - This skill consists of using either bows, crossbows, throwing knifes or darts. This is a great skill to go up if you want to attack enemies from a particular distance.

            Prayer - This is the skill when high enough can protect yourself is different ways such as protecting yourself from magic attacks in battle. You gain XP in this skill by burying bones.

            Magic- Magic is an amazing skill if in battle as you can attack from distance and hit massively. Although this skill has it's downfall it's expensive!

            Fishing and Cooking- fishing and cooking are helpful skills as you can make cook different foods inc-pizzas, pies, fish and even jacket potatoes!.Fishing allows you to fish over 20 different fish and if you're a higher level you can fish a lot faster. Food is critical in this game as it heals your hitpoints in battle.

            Wood Cutting and Fletching- These skills are great money earners, how much money you get depends on your level. To Woodcut you must have an axe that you can wield (the higher your level the better axe you can use) and find a tree of your choice to receive logs from it, there are also 20 different trees to cut. Once you have your logs you can make bows and arrow shafts from them by fletching them this is an easy skill to get up and has its benefits.

            Herblore- Herblore allows you to make potions from herbs the potions are great for restoring some of your skills like prayer and energy. Also you gain levels for a short amount of time like attack and strength.

            Smithing and Mining- By mining rocks to obtain ores and smelting the different ores in a furnace you make a bar of metal (the metal type depends on what ores you get). With the bars you can make items such as armour by smithing them on an anvil with a hammer. This is also a good money making skill.

            The whole point of runescape is to have fun and become as best as you can. There are around 150 quests to complete and 22 levels to get up. I think this is amazing game. You will be picking up and using a lot of items and money through your career and at any point you can go to the bank and put your money and items in and it will save for you. Most people go to the bank when they are just about to log out so all there stuff is saved. I normally go on runescape for about 1-2 hours each day. The more you play on it the more your levels go up obviously so that is why I play on it so much. But many people play this a lot longer than me. Some people just can't get off it. Like the best player on the game, zezima (you can see him in the high scores) has got the best possible levels and has done all the quests. He is well known for being good on runescape. Every time the game is updated and there's is more things to do he still completes it in next to no time. People would pay around £5,000 just to have his account.

            At all times through the game there are two chat systems one is for everyone who is playing at the time can chat to everyone, so they can talk about, do some deals and sell stuff. The other chat system is a where you just talk to your friends. You add your friends names of their account and you can click on their name and then send them an instant message and it will appear on their screen. It is almost impossible to play this game and never chat. You will find that you will want to ask someone for help or something along those lines. In a way it's like having your favourite game and msn messenger all-in-one. Because you can do just about everything you can do in msn on runescape.

            This game can be extremely difficult if you don't know what you are doing. You need to know the basics before you make an account. But this shouldn't take a long time to get use to. At the most to fully understand everything on the game it will take around a week. The more you play it the better you will get at it and things will seem more familiar and you will be going through things faster. I would suggest you will have to be at least eight to play this as it requires a lot of using your brain and for anyone under that age they probably wont even understand the whole concept.

            I don't know any game online which is even a percentage of this game. This game is the ultimate game. It's the kind of game you see in shops which you can play online like 'world of warcraft' but without the graphics and it is completely free off the internet. This is definitely without doubt the best game off the internet. Jagex (the makers of runescape) were making it and it took them about ten years and they are still adding things to it. Shows you the quality of the game. I couldn't imagine any other game on the internet been put so much work in to like this one. Weird really you can play these little arcade game on the web and out of the blue comes a game like this unbelievable

            The controls are basic to move the angle you move the arrow keys you get on a standard keyboard. With these keys you can also zoom in and out. To move your character all you do is click your mouse where you want your character to walk to and it will automatically walk, although you can make your character run. They are the controls, they are very easy to use and you do not have to remember much. They have chose the controls well as the moving angles and zooming in and out is really effective with the arrow keys, they handle really easy and overall the controls are really good. Doubt they could have made them better.

            The game face is it good and set out very well I will tell you where everything is
            Map- Top Right Corner
            Chat system- Bottom, more towards the left
            Friend Chat System- Just above chat system
            Levels- On the right
            Options-On the right
            All this is made to be very easy to remember.

            The graphics and sound are good. If you were thinking the graphics would be as good as the video games you can buy for your PC you were wrong. But when you consider that it is a game on the web, the graphics are great. They are fairly detailed. The sound is some classical music to give you that medieval feel and that is a good choice from Jagex. The game would be of putting if it had some up-beat recent pop song on or something like that. The music is good, but they could have a bit more variation and the sound isn't always on for some reason it decides it self when to start and stop.

            One of the best things about this game is the ability to trade. You can trade your money and items around to other players on Runescape. A lot of people advertise what they are selling around the bank area by writing in the chat log what they are selling then if someone else wants that they can start a deal with you. If you need money fast this can come in very handy indeed. The reason you might wan to come to a deal with something is because you can get it a lot cheaper off someone than you would from a shop.

            How many people play Runescape? Well overall the amounts of players who have signed up to it are around the number of 5 million! That's amazing I know especially for an online game. The most amounts of people who can play at one time is 20,000 at a time because it does get full.

            On the game there are different worlds. There are around 50 worlds to choose from. These worlds are all the same areas of map but the difference is they have different people in them. So if you wanted to be in the same world as your friend and he was in world '41' you would choose that one if you would want to follow him around. The reason they do this is because each world gets full once in a while so people will have to start going in different ones. But remember the only difference between them are who are in them.

            The original runescape (runescape classic) was made in 1996 and it was groundbreaking at the time. The new one was made around 5 years after in the year of 2001. This one is a lot better, bigger, more quest, more skills and better graphics so they improved it rapidly. Now a lot more people play the new one now it is out. There is quite a lot of advertising of it to gain players all over the internet.

            This game is massive and will take a ridiculous time to finish. On average it would take around 7 years to complete. That's to get all your levels up do all the quests and make lot of money. In that time you will definitely get addicted to it. For some people it will be less than 7 as some people play this day and night funnily enough.

            To start a new character you will need to sign up on the Runescape website and choose your user name and password. Once you have done that you will have to enter your username and password, and then you need to customise your characters appearance. After that you will go on a tutorial island and learn how to do everything and after that you are on your way and you can play the game properly.

            For this game you can get a membership for a month and then you can renew the membership. The membership costs around £3. What's the point in getting a membership? I hear you say. Well. You can do all the skills in the game unlike if you're not a member you can not do everything. One thing you can do which you can not if you are not a member is Thieving.

            The quests are very hard to complete. They can normally take you around on average 1 hour. Although some quests like 'monkey madness' could take you weeks. Most of the quests involved defeating high level monsters to obtain items such as keys, diamonds and weapons. I have been playing it for around 2 years and I have probably done around a quarter of the quests. So you can see there very hard and will take some time

            If you want an idea what Runescape actually look like you can go on www.youtube.com and then search for 'Runescape' it will have videos which runescape players have put on it. It will be themselves playing it using a special recording software. These videos can be quite interesting and they give you good ideas.

            At the bottom of this review there are pictures from my runescape account. I have just used the 'print screen' button and saved it so I can put it on this. You will be able to the graphics the kind of character the chat system and the levels which you will have to get up. So overall these images I hope will give you a good idea of Runescape.

            Unfortunately there are requirements to play this game. I think you will find nearly all of you will be able to play it but there will be a few exceptions. First of all you will need the latest JAVA installed on your computer as the game runs on JAVA. If you play on the high density which has better graphics the minimum specs are of 128Mb = 500 MHz. If you chose to go for the low density which is slightly worse graphics it requires a minimum of 64Mb and 300Mhz. You should find the majority can play this. I think its laptops which is the worry. But as long as your computer is above 64Mb and 300 MHz you will be alright.

            If you ever need help on this there is a website which is extremely helpful. It tells you how to do all the quests, how to get your levels up quicker and all sorts. Unless you are brilliant on this game at some stage everyone uses this. Even if it's just for a little thing. Most people who play Runescape go on this so don't think you're a cheat for going on it. This is set out well and is incredible helpful if you have a problem. All problems will be solved through this. The website for this is

            The website to play this and make your new account is http://www.runescape.com/ you just simply click on the 'create a free account (new account)' button and you are on your way.

            So if this sounds like your kind of game play it. If not it is always worth a try. This is the best game on the web so why waste time looking for a good game when you have got this. This is addictive. The graphics and sound are sublime for a game of this internet and the best thing about it. The durability. This will take you so long to finish it's not even worth thinking about. Many, many people already play it so why don't you give it a go.


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              03.05.2007 03:43
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              Runescape is terrible join da club m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m mm m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m


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                06.02.2007 06:05



                Has a few downsides, but a lot of fun.

                Overall a fun game. It has some downs to it, but then again something like that is only natural. The graphics are dull, and although it's updated weekly the majority of updates are aimed at lower level and newer players so the more veteran type players can be left out.

                But despite that, most of the updates can be enjoyalbe for everybody, and with new content weekly it's almost impossible to get completely bored. And with the skill system in place, levelling can take some time so there is a challenge to it. But that doesn't exactly bring down the experince.
                Because it is quite easy to get a mid levelled character which can support a lot of the gameplay, and the challenge of levelling doesn't come in unless you aim for a higher levelled character.


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                17.10.2006 16:23
                Not Helpful



                If this site had a negative star rating I would give this game a -5 of 5.

                Parents if you love your children DO NOT LET THEM PLAY THIS GAME.

                This game is run by individuals that only want your money.

                They refuse to account for individuals with handicaps.

                They promote human on human violence and encourage children to attack other humans. There is no way to play the entire game or explore the entire world without having to fight other humans.

                There "customer support is entirely one way. They tell you "bugger off, if you don’t like it then we do not care"

                In this day and age I would not allow a child to play this so called game.

                I have also found that the 5 e-mail address That I have used for contact points for just jagex ltd have been added to multiple adult spam list.

                They also refuse to give a mailing address for any legal correspondence.

                If this site had a negative star rating I would give this game a -5 of 5.

                The only reason it got 1 star from me is that this site does not have negative or a zero star option.


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                  11.10.2006 20:53
                  Very helpful



                  Get this if you want some cheap fun ;)

                  A free to play game on the internet.

                  Runescape was made quite a while ago, and the original engine of the game Is still availabe to play under the name Runescape Classic, But this review is on the more succesful Runescape II

                  You start out on Tutorial Island. This island introduces you to all of the main things to do in the game, and teaches them well. As soon as you finish the island you get sent to Lumbridge, which is basically the starter town, Its the first time you will be able to interace fully with other players. At first i found this completely overwhelming not knowing what to do, But soon enough someone nice enough to help you will lead you to the first bank(store items), which is in one of the next towns (Draynor/Varrock) Since the new updates there has also been a bank in the castle in the starter town, making it In my opinion too easy.

                  Once you have reached your first town, you will be overwhelmed with a variety of things to do, From Training up your skill of choice, To cooking... there is nearly an endless supply of things to do. There is also missions to do, but these arent neccesary, that is solely your own choice.

                  The interface is very easy to use, from emotes to equipment it is all pointed out and easy to find, This again has been changed by the new updates.

                  The music has an extremely mystic feel to it and emplores you to carry on your journey, You could notice five hours passing before you realise the time. Soaking in the amazing music, from sea shanty's to old forest melody's The music is amazing in its own right.

                  This game is Updated quite regularly, meaning that if you dont play for a week there is allways something new to do.

                  There is a couple of disadvantages of this game, and they are as follows:

                  ALOT of idiots play this game, you could be walking around one minute and being insulted the next for no reason.

                  The Graphics arent exactly great either.

                  For a small fee of £3.00 a month, you can become a member, this isnt recommended for anyone below level 30, because there is a lack of things to do at such a low level.

                  A new update has introduced POH (Player Owned Houses) Which was a very nice addition, making it sort of SIMS like at times. But you must level up your construction skill and have alot of money to do well in that proffession.

                  If your looking for a cheap decent RPG to play online, then i suggest Runescape. But if you are willing to spend a little bit more for a game with no subscription fee's then i suggest guild wars, AND if your very adamant on paying for an online fee, then there is far better games in that genre.


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