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Rush 2049 (GB)

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    1 Review
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      10.04.2009 20:26
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      "San Francisco Rush 2049" is a video game released to the Gameboy Color console in 2000 by Midway Games. It is a part of a long standing "San Francisco Rush" series which saw success in more developed consoles such as the Nintendo 64. In the United States, the title received a rating of "E" which deemed it suitable for all ages.

      The game is placed within the racing genre. The story is based in a futuristic setting and features numerous shortcuts and detours throughout any given race. Gameplay is presented from a top down perspective which is similar to other titles released for the Gameboy console. There is only one mode of play in this game and it is similar to a "Career" mode where the players must play through the various race courses in order to gain entry to more advanced stages. There is little difficulty in this title in terms of the actual race and to further simplify the game the player has access to five different coloured vehicles which each feature distinct features, such as better turning or a higher acceleration rate. There are some noticeable bugs in this game and I found the main one to be a flaw when hitting a wall, which frequently traps the player's vehicle and forces the player to either wait until the race is complete or reset the console and restart from the beginning. It was also noteworthy that the computer opponents always remained on one designated course which does not allow for any racing "feel" or element of surprise.

      The graphics are acceptable and do make a good use of a wider range of colours in the environmental parts, such as road signs and background scenes. The car design could have used additional detailing work as there is an element of "blockiness" to the visual which is unappealing. The audio is standard to other handheld racing games with a notorious "buzz" sound during acceleration and movement.

      Overall, Rush 2049 could provide some entertainment to a fan of a racing title but should best be avoided due to the bugs within gameplay which were not properly corrected before release. I found gameplay to be frustrating especially in periods where the car would not move due to being "stuck" in a wall.


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