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Sharks Tale (GBA)

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    1 Review
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      01.06.2009 00:06
      Very helpful



      Thumbs in the middle

      "Shark Tale" is a video game released for the Gameboy Advance console in 2004 by Activision. It is based on the computer animated film of the same name. In the United States, the game received a rating of "E" by the ESRB panel which deemed it suitable for all ages.

      The storyline of this title follows Oscar and his life in the fictional underwater world of Reef City. Oscar finds himself in debt to the local crime syndicate and the game's tasks focus on avoiding encounters with thugs to secure his own personal freedom. The player assumes the role of Oscar and navigates him from left to right in earlier events of the film, including working at the car wash. Oscar will also gather a series of tokens which can be exchanged in the main menu for arcade style mini games. Throughout his plight Oscar will also come into contact with members of the mob and may attack them using a tail-whip style attack which eliminates them from play. It is a simple game overall to complete and keeps with the intended market of younger children well by offering little to no challenge. Unfortunately, though, this also impacts on replay value as once the game is complete there is little incentive to complete the story once again. Players may likely find that the only lasting appeal comes from playing the mini game assortment by use of their accumulated tokens.

      The graphics are presented from a side perspective which focuses on Oscar. The images keep to the film well by offering numerous underwater scenes filled with corals and other sea life, but this does create a somewhat repetitive atmosphere in terms of visual appeal. There is little differentiation between each stage and it is difficult to tell where Oscar is in relation to the storyline of the film. The soundtrack shares in this similarly repetitive style with each musical score sharing a similar rhythm throughout the game.

      Overall, Shark Tale is an average at best movie tie-in and I would only recommend it to those who enjoyed the motion picture. While it does offer a suitable play in relation to the film I found there to be little challenge and even less replay appeal.


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