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Slingo (Classic Game)

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    1 Review
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      05.01.2002 00:31
      Very helpful



      Apart from this lovely website, my most favourite thing to do on the internet is to play the game Slingo. I am, I will admit, addicted! I play this game all day and all night! I really don?t know what it is about this game that has me hooked, but for those of you on AOL (sorry its only available on AOL) you might too be addicted, or this will give you the chance to become addicted! Finding the game is easy! It is simply Keyword: Slingo. For anyone who is new to AOL, that means writing ?Slingo? in the address bar. This will take you to a set of options: Public Slingo, Private Slingo and 5 card Slingo. I myself have yet to try out 5 Card Slingo, but I hear that it is just as addictive! One person even told me that they play one at home and one at work because he couldn?t decide between them! I will talk to you about Public Slingo because that is what I play. Once you have selected Public Slingo, you will then be given the choice of Slingo, or X-Press Slingo. There is no difference between the two, other than the fact that X-Press Slingo is, as you would expect, faster! On with the opinion? SLINGO One of the world's most popular online games combining elements of chance and strategy with the excitement of two universally popular games: Bingo and a Slot machine. It's a multiplayer online experience. Up to 10 players can compete and chat in every game. Slingo is easy to learn, anyone can play and win... It's a game for the entire family, appealing to adults and children eight years and older... And it translates easily for people with little or no English language skills... Slingo is an original concept unlike any game you've played online or anywhere else... No two games ever play the same - it's never boring... Chance makes it exciting, effective strategy pays off... It's never over until the last spin... ***GA
      ME OBJECTIVE*** The objective of Slingo is to accumulate the highest number of points by trying to cover all the numbers on your game card in 20 spins or less. A game can be played by one player or up to 10 players. On each of 20 spins, players use the mouse to match the numbers and Jokers that appear in the wheels, with the numbers in the corresponding columns above. A correct match covers the number and earns 200 points. The wheels also display game icons (Devil, Gold Coin, and Free Spin). A Slingo occurs when five numbers are covered horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. There are 12 possible Slingo?s in every game and each Slingo earns 1,000 points. ***PLAYING SLINGO*** At the start of a Slingo game all players are given the same card with 25 numbers (five columns of five numbers). Under the numbers are five wheels corresponding to each of the five columns of numbers. Each spin you take produces a unique set of numbers and game icons in the five wheels. When the red button flashes ?TAKE SPIN?, you have 10 seconds to click on the button. If you don't take your spin within the 10 seconds, you lose that turn. In Slingo, you have 30 seconds to select which numbers you want to cover, and 15 seconds in X-Press Slingo. After spin number 16, you must use points to buy spins 17 - 20 or you may use any Free Spins that you have accumulated. If you have as many Free Spins as spins remaining, the game will automatically use your Free Spins. If you do not have a Free Spin or enough points to buy a spin, you will not be able to continue in the game, but you may still participate in chat. If one or more players achieve a Full Card (covering all 25 numbers on a card) in 20 spins or less, they receive Bonus Points (described below). All other players continue to play until they fill their cards or have taken the maximum 20 spins. A Full Card does not guarantee the highe
      st score. ***FULL CARD BONUS POINTS*** Spin 12...........11,000 Points Spin 13...........10,000 Points Spin 14.............9,000 Points Spin 15.............8,500 Points Spin 16.............8,000 Points Spin 17.............7,500 Points Spin 18.............7,000 Points Spin 19.............6,500 Points Spin 20.............6,000 Points ***GAME ICONS*** A JOKER allows you to cover any number in the corresponding column above that Joker. Each number covered using a Joker earns 200 points. A GOLD COIN adds 1000 points to your score. A DEVIL takes away one-half of your points. A CHERUB may appear and chase the Devil before he can take your points. But remember: the Cherub?s powers only protect you for the current spin. If a SUPER JOKER appears in the 3rd wheel, identified by a flashing green background, it may be used to cover one number anywhere on your card and earn 200 points. You must place the Super Joker before you can match other numbers or Jokers. The other wheels will appear grey until you place the Super Joker. Note: If you use a Super Joker to cover a number in a column where the matching number appears below, or if you use the Super Joker in a column with one number remaining and a Joker appears below, you won?t be able to use the Super Joker anywhere else. Be sure to place your Super Joker carefully so you can cover the most numbers. When a FREE SPIN appears, it is saved automatically so that you may use it, as needed, to buy spins 17-20 instead of using your points. You can accumulate a maximum of four Free Spins in a game. ***SLINGO SCORING*** There are currently five levels of Slingo Scores -- Daily High Game Score, Daily Top 50, Weekly Top 50, and Monthly Top 50, Slingo Marathon Scores. If you quit out of a game, for any reason, before the final screen appears notifying you that your p
      oints have been recorded, your points for that game will not be saved. The Daily High Game Score is posted in the chat window before the start of each game. The Daily Top 50 is composed of the top fifty scores from that day. The Weekly Top 50 is composed of the accumulated top fifty scores from the week. The Monthly Top 50 Scores is composed of the accumulated top fifty scores from the month. The Top 50 scores for the Slingo One Day Marathons are composed of that days Top 50 scores list. Your Slingo scores can be found by clicking the "Scores" area of the Slingo Website www.slingo.com Hopefully this will tell you all you need to know about Slingo! It is a fun and easy game to play. Hopefully, it will be available for non-AOL members to play the game via its website. It seems unfair that you should have to miss out on what I find a valuable part of my day! Call me sad if you like, but I think this is great fun and I urge you all to try it!


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