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Sonic 2 (Classic Game)

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    7 Reviews
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      18.12.2014 09:24
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Super Sonic!

      Sonic The Hedgehog was the first game we had for our Sega Mega Drive back in the 90’s.

      It is a game my sisters and I never tired of.

      You can play it as a two player game where you each take a controller and play against each other on four different levels of the game, where you simply race to the end to see who can finish first.

      You can also play as a one player game and lead Sonic through the many different levels. There is the opportunity to pick up the second controller and play as Tails, the ginger fox here. Sonic and Tails will work as a team, but if Tails gets killed by any of the many animals Sonic, the main player will not lose a life. If Tails gets killed (s)he will slowly fly down to a point next to Sonic so the second player can start playing as Tails again. It is fine to just ignore Tails if you don’t have a second player.

      In every level as well as there being rings to collect you can also kill the animals that are a threat to Sonic, which will release a no doubt cute and fluffy animal that the evil Doctor Robotnik had turned into something out to get Sonic.
      You can also pick up things along the way to help Sonic such as a shield, invisibility or a 10 ring bonus.
      Once you have 50 rings if you can find a post with a star on the top in each level then you can do a bonus level where you run with Tails through a run to collect rings and if you collect the amount set as a challenge you will win a chaos emerald.

      There is plenty of scenery change in the different levels. The levels are all different and interesting. There is Emerald Hill, Chemical Plant, Aquatic Ruin, Casino Night, Mystic Cave, Oil Ocean as well as a handful more. Each level has its own music.
      Each level has two zones to complete, the second of which is tackling Doctor Robotnik, who is usually driving or flying past in a futuristic vehicle of some sort and you have to hit him 8 times without him hitting you first, once you have done this you get to release all of the cute, fluffy animals that Dr Robotnik had captured and then you move on to the next level.

      Even today I still find the game fun. There are no parts in particular that I get stuck on. It is one of the few games where I have managed to get to the end, but it is challenging and takes time. It was not a game we managed to complete straight away and it took us a year or two before we got good enough. It is a game we went back to for years and years after we got it.
      I think this game is really entertaining.


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        07.03.2012 21:40
        Very helpful



        Great memory trip and reminder of games from then and now.

        Sonic the hedgehog 2 was the follow up to perhaps the most classic and original megadrive game ever Sonic the hedgehog which pitted Sonic against the evil Dr Robotnik. The game was released in 1992 and added a new character that you could play with in Miles "Tails" Prower, You had the choice of either Sonic or Tails on their own or what was then considered a multiplayer format with both although seeing as Sonic was the lead character the camera would always keep central on the screen as soon as Tails was out of screenshot you would have to wait for him to fly in and land before player two could control him again. The multiplayer format had benefits as Tails although could get hurt your ring total would not be lost from him getting hit so you could get him to do all the work if needed with the end level bosses.

        Like the first installation to this series the game was a simple left to right format platform game where you would navigate through the level defeating enemies by either jumping on them or rolling through them using the only updated move which was a charged spin you could use by ducking down and and repeatedly pressing one of the three buttons. If you hurt yourself by landing on spikes or taking hits you would lose all your accumulated rings (100 at the same time would get you an extra life) and they would spew everywhere leaving you vulnerable to attack as if you get hit with no rings you lose a life.

        As you navigate through the levels there were randomly placed checkpoints that you would restart from if you died but if you had accumulated 50 rings when you hit these checkpoints a ring of stars would swirl on top of it allowing you to jump into them and activate the bonus level.

        The bonus level on sonic two was a 3D gulley/gauntlet that you would run down collecting rings and avoiding bombs with Tails that if you hit you would lose a few rings. If by the end you got enough rings you would get an emerald crystal that when you collect all of them (7)and by getting 50rings and jumping in air in the normal levels would turn you into super sonic.

        Super Sonic- There was two ways to get super Sonic on this game 1) As above by getting emerald crystals or 2) At the start menu you go to sound test play track 19,65,09,17 then retart the game press A+start at the main menu and in the level select screen you get put into you go to sound test again and play tracks 04, 01, 02, 06 and a ring noise sounds meaning the cheat has worked..... I remember that cheat off by heart sadly after 22 years due to using it and playing the game so many times (people who have the xbox 360 megadrive collection the cheat still works!)

        There was a out of main story multiplayer too where two players compete against each other to the finish line, as either Sonic or Tails, in a split-screen race through three of the regular single player levels; Emerald Hill, Casino Night, and Mystic Cave, and a special stage. If one player finishes one of the levels, the other player must finish the level in 60 seconds or the level ends and the first player that crossed wins. In the regular levels, players are ranked in five areas (score, time, rings held at the end of the level, total rings collected, and number of item boxes broken). The player with who wins in the most number of categories, wins the level. In the Special Stage, players compete to obtain the most rings.The mode ends when all stages have been completed, or if a player loses all their lives, in which his/her opponent will instantly win the series.

        When the Sonic and Knuckles add on cartridge came out it was possible to slot in either Sonic 1 or 2 and play through the same format but with Knuckles as a bonus player.

        All in all Sonic 2 was another classic simple game from the 90's period that I loved playing in with good quality games that you would play endlessly happily with it's at the time good graphics and a nice mix of different levels and enemies to keep myself amused. It cost about £39:99 from woolworths when it was released but for a child of 8years old at the time it sure saw its moneys worth of gameplay and was one of what I consider only a handfull of true Sonic games compared to the ruined format that followed.


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        11.11.2009 22:06
        Very helpful



        Similar to the original but even more polished

        Originally released for the Sega Megadrive back in 1992, The sequel to the original high-speed side-scrolling platformer 'Sonic The Hedgehog' is largely the same as its predecessor, albeit faster, prettier and even more fun. As before you play as a blue cartoon hedgehog with the ability to run at tremendous speeds through the numerous beautifully realised levels, navigating ramps, loop-the-loops and robotic animals whilst collecting as many rings as possible.

        This time around however the developers have introduced a new character in the form of the orange fox Tails, who follows Sonic wherever he goes whilst controlled by either the computer or a second player in the original single player mode (in which the first player controls the direction in which the screen moves with tails simply tagging along), whilst there is also a two player split-screen race mode in which each player must try and get to the end of the elvel before their opponent. This adds a new aspect to the game, as does the introduction of new switches, traps, racetracks, rides and other features, all of which help keep things fresh. Sonic also has some new moves available, cheif amongst these being the ability to spin on one spot before whizzing off at high speed.

        The levels are once again varied and beaitiful to look at, whilst the animation and music are both excellent. Sonic's Nemesis Dr Robotnick returns with a variety of new aind ingenous flying vehicles at the end of each zone, and the third person sub-game interludes are back in rejuvenated form too, with Sonic and Tails racing down endless tunnels collecting rings whilst in the pursuit of elusive chaos emeralds. Sonic 2 is essentailly more of the same, but remains a memorable, higly polished and immensely entertaining platformer all the same.


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        07.09.2009 13:06
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        The greatest 2D ever?

        After the great Sonic The Hedgehog Sega released Sonic 2, a game many fans in the series still view as the best game out their. Returning was Sonic and Dr Robotnik (the evil mad scientist bad antagonist) and joining the crew was Sonic's best friend Miles "Tails" Prower, a two tailed fox. With the excellent first game Sonic had become Sega's mascot the one to rival Nintendo's great plumber Mario in the steaks of platforming games. Released originally on the Sega Mega Drive the game has been released on a host of compilation disks from Sega. A little known fact is that this wasn't the first Sonic 2, the Sonic 2 on the Mega Drive was an entirely different game as the one on the Game Gear and Master System. Sadly having never played that version this is all about the Mega Drive one.

        Sonic lands on an Island for a vacation, sadly it's also the same Island Robotnik has landed on looking for a source of power for his Death Star clone (the Death Egg...very original) in the form of the 7 Chaos Emeralds (an improvement on the previous games 6). As Robotnik has sent out robotic minions in search of the emeralds Sonic's vacation is off and he's off to find those stones before the evil Dr. In tow is Tails a young fox from the island who had acted almost like a stalker to Sonic since he landed on the Island, it is down to those two to save the world from Robotniks evil wrath.

        The first menu screen allows you to select 1 player, 2 player or the the options screens. Just for ease of reading the 2 player mode is a split screen race through some of the levels in the game, scoring is done on 5 criteria including time and rings that are with the player when they have managed to complete the level. Although not something you are likely to spend a great deal of time on it is a nice addition from the original game.
        The options menu lets you play about with some of the settings, listen to music in the sound test menu (where you can also enter the cheats) and select whether you want to play as Sonic, Sonic and Tails or just Tails in the single player mode.

        The single player mode is where you will almost certainly spend your time playing the game (if you've not already played it). The game is a typical platform game that has managed not only to sparkle it's self in magic but put up a fight for great 2-D platforming gaming of all time. The game had expanded on every way from it's predecessor, from the addition of Tails to the number of zones and complexity and size of them this, according to many, was the Sonic masterpiece.

        The original sonic had had 19 proper levels in total spreading across 7 zones (and 6 bonus levels additionally) with 6 zones of 3 acts then the final battle with Robotnik (which many said was too easy after some of the previous levels.) Sonic 2 has 20 main acts (levels) spread over 11 Zones, the first 7 Zones each having 2 acts, the 8 zone having 3 acts and the final 3 zones each just having 1 zone (but linking directly together). The game again was based on collecting rings around the level which helped prevent Sonic from dying (if he had a ring and got hit he wouldn't die, if he didn't have any and got hit he would), earn points at the end of a level, allow him to enter the special stage to try and earn a Chaos Emerald and if 100 are collected an extra life. As they are quite liberally spread about the levels it's not too much of a challenge to collect quite vast numbers of them through each act.

        The game play keeps a similar logic again with the original game in that you're (usually) running from the leftest most point on the level to the rightest most point on it. Returning with the key characters are Badniks (the baddies) and lamp-posts (the Checkpoints) which have become the new entrance to the special zones (if the player goes past a lamp post with 50 or more rings, the lamp-post will have stars spinning around it, jump through them to enter a special stage). Again the levels use things like bumpers and springs to aide (or hinder) navigation through the zones, but Sonic is aided in 2 new ways. The addition of the Spin Dash (which has been used in most games since) sees the blue hedgehog crouching on the ground looking like he's revving up before letting loose quickly into a spiky hedgehog ball at high speed. And Super Sonic, which sees the hedgehog's speed, acceleration and jump height increased whilst in the mode (after he's had to collect the 7 chaos emeralds) he loses 1 ring every second. Like the spin dash this was then used through out many of the follow on games, and with the Sonic and 3 + Sonic and Knuckles game Hyper Sonic was even possible.

        The levels often them selves fall into cliché mode with the first level the ever predictable green level where theirs grass and trees it's out doors and quite peace. The second level is a large factory with industrial waste (an oddly recurring theme in this Sonic game), The third zone is an ancient ruins type level that starts to show the massive amounts of routes a player can now take through many of the levels and the complex level designs. The Casino Night Zone gives it's theme away straight away, based in a giant blue and gold casino it's one of the longest and most interesting levels with slot machines and pinball flippers to use. A bit of a monster in all honesty.
        Hill Top zone fits into a bit of a volcanic meets green land a bit of a mix of the two that makes it one of the best levels and most interesting to explore with lifts and see saws the level really makes the most of what's on offer. Mystic Cave was obviously a cave zone but again showed the vast amounts of routes through the level in what many consider to be the best designed of all the levels in the game. It was huge, it was expansive it was excellent and despite not being the most eye pleasing (it's a cave, they aren't pretty) it was a wonderful sight to behold. Oil Ocean Zone was another industrial zone based on an oil bottom the level again had multiple routes and lots of interactive scenery that makes many of the levels so much fun.
        Metropolis zone is the only zone in the game with 3 acts in it and sees a rather industrial feel to it again with screws, pistons and large mechanical things that Sonic can stand on. This is final level before the game goes to single acts in a zone and apparently it was meant to be 2 zones but due to time got down graded into a single 3 act zone.

        Sky chase is an auto scrolling level and sees the players character stood on top of Tornado (Sonic's plane) with the other character piloting it. Though the level doesn't have a sonic feel to it as it's one paced and merely about surviving it is a nice segue into the following level and a nice time to relax after getting so far, it's also the first (and only) level in the game not to contain a boss battle of any kind. The following level starts with Sonic (or Tails) jumping off the plane and onto the giant Wing Fortress plane, although the level is one of the most difficult it's also one of the most enjoyable and by far the most eye pleasingly gorgeous. Though the level is quite linear it does have a couple of short cuts and tricks to make it easier. For those who had been playing as Sonic and Tails, the fox will not be seen again until the ending sequence having been shot down in the plane at at the end of the previous level. This is penultimate level in the game and it also one of the most frustrating through out due to a sequence that sees the player needing to make pin point movements or fall to their death. A similar theme was done in Sonic And Knuckles on the second zone.

        The final level is by far the most difficult featuring just a boss and a sub boss but no rings the level sees the player fighting a metallic sonic and then a robotic Robotnik on the Death Egg it's self, Compared to the original game the battle is stupidly hard and yet also annoyingly addictive as a challenge that you feel you need to do after all the work you've put in so far.

        As well as length the game improves on both the sound and graphics of the original game, though Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles both improved drastically on this aspect it was still a step up. The special stages had now become a 3D coin collection made instead of a revolving (head ache inducing) maze that had been in the original game and the game just seemed that little bit more magical. The water levels from the original game had been brought into Sonic 2 in such a way that water was almost avoidable due to the multiple routes through the game.

        Some Cheats for you to use if you do so wish:
        Zone Select: Play tunes 19, 65, 09, 17 on the options screen, then press A+ the Start button on title screen.
        14 Continues: Play tunes 01, 01, 02, 04 on the options screen.
        Super Sonic: Play tunes 04, 01, 02, 06 on the zone select sound test (Zone Select has to be done first)
        Debug mode + Slow-motion/Restart: Play tunes 01, 09, 09, 02, 01, 01, 02, 04 on the zone select sound test, a ring sound triggers (again Zone Select needs to be done first)
        Super Sonic + Debug: Play tunes 01, 09, 09, 02, 01, 01, 02, 04, 01, 02, 06 on the zone select sound test, a ring sound triggers after 04 and an emerald sound triggers after 06, select zone, hold the A button until Sonic appears. (once again Zone Select needs to be done first)

        Overall it was the premier stand alone Sonic game of the Genesis era with depth and longevity, although lacking the graphical and musical qualities of the follow up it made up for it with more levels and more to do. Arguably a better level design as well was used here than there, though often feeling like this would have done with the battery back up (save) mode that Sonic 3 had due to the fact this could literally take hours to complete not just 1 or 2 like Sonic 3 could be done in. The magic of Sonic was fully running wild back in the 1990's, sadly now a days us Sonic fans need to go and buy collections such as the Mega Drive Ultimate Collection to play top quality Sonic games like this. Sega sort your act out with the 3D Sonics or go back to the brilliant 2D games.

        Trivia: The game could also be played with knuckles if it was attached to the Sonic & Knuckles cartridge.


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          17.06.2008 20:18
          Very helpful



          Another great classic game, definately worth digging out and giving another play!

          After digging out my old mega drive once more I have decided it is time for another game review. I have spend literally days going through and playing some of the Mega drive Classics, including Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and this is the game I will be reviewing now for you.
          Please Note I am reviewing the Megadrive format, although all of the Megadrive games have been placed in the Amiga games section of Dooyoo!

          *** Sonic The Hedgehog 2 ***

          Sonic The Hedgehog 2 is the sequel Sonic 1 which I reviewed quite a while back now.
          After the success of Sonic 1 Sega decided to follow the immensely addictive game up with another.
          Sonic 2 see's the introduction of Sonics new sidekick Tails the Fox. Tails is slightly smaller than Sonic and he is equipped with 2 tails (hence the name) during the game these 2 tails are not really of much use to you other than he can use them to fly through the game to meet up with Sonic if he looses him.

          *** Gameplay ***

          Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was released on the Mega Drive. The game came in a box that was in between DVD and Video box size. This box contained a game cartridge and an instruction manual.
          The cartridge is easily removed from the case and simply slots into the Mega Drive, then upon switching the Mega Drive on the game will come on straight away. The introduction shows Sonic racing across the screen and the Sega logo appears along with a vocal "Sega", then the menu screen will appear with Sonic and Tails waving their fingers at you to almost identical music as in Sonic 1, maybe slightly more jazzed up. The options at this screen are to press start to instantly begin the game, select a 2-player game or go to the options menu.

          Pressing start to begin a one-player game will take you straight to the first stage, which is Emerald Hill Act 1. The game starts with Sonic and Tails standing waiting for you to control them. Controlling them is easy as you are actually only in control of Sonic and Tails will simply follow, use the directional button also know as the D Pad to move Sonic and to make him jump press buttons A, B or C. Unlike in Sonic 1 Sonic now has a special move, if you press down on the D Pad and at the same time repeatedly press any of the jump buttons, Sonic will spin on the spot, upon releasing both buttons Sonic will shoot off with super speed, ideal for getting up steep hills or around upside down obstacles. To pause the game press start and the screen will freeze.
          The idea of this game is simply the same as the first game... to work your way through the levels freeing your friends along the way. To free them you need to jump on your enemies who will then pop into pieces and release your friends. At the end of each zone, this will be either 2 or 3 levels depending on the Zone you are in, you will be challenged to defeat Dr Robotnik (now known as Dr Eggman). To defeat Dr Robotnik you must jump attack him and whatever machine he has invented to try and kill Sonic and Tails, this can take anything from 8 to 12 hits to finish him off, he will then disappear off the screen to invent new machines to try and stop you on your way, one Dr Robotnik has gone you must then jump on a metal container, this contains loads of your trapped animal friends, they will all jump free and your score will tot up on the screen before you continue on your quest to defeat Dr Robotnik.

          If you go into the Options screen on the main menu, you can choose whether you want to play as Sonic and Tails, Sonic alone or Tails alone. I have found from experience that it doesn't seem to make any difference who you play as really unless you find it annoying having Tails following you everywhere.

          Also on the main screen was the 2-player option. If you select this you will play 2 players against a friend on a split screen, and it is literally a race to finish first with the most points. Once one player passes the finish post the other player has just 60 seconds to finish or a life is lost. There are 3 zones that are played in 2-player mode and also a Special zone. In the special zone you compete for the most rings, collecting the rings as you run along a track trying to avoid bombs which will knock you back and make you loose the rings, the player with the most rings at the goal wins. After all Zones have been played the scores are added up and an overall winner is declared.

          The music in the game is still as cheesy as the first game and still very catchy! The sound effects are almost exactly the same as Sonic 1, but I think in a way this adds to what made this game such a good sequel, because it has kept all the gameplay and characteristics that made people love the Sonic game in the first place.

          *** Where Can You Get Sonic 2? ***

          Due to the age of this game you may find it hard to get hold of a copy for the Mega Drive however as usual eBay is great for this and almost all the time you will find a copy of it on there. However if you have a Playstation 2 or an X Box then if you buy The Sonic Mega Collection game you will find this and all the other Sonic games on there!

          The price of both of these games will vary; it will be anything from eBay 0.99p to £25 from games retailers.

          *** Would I Recommend? ***

          Yes! I would highly recommend Sonic 2. This game is highly addictive and with the option of the 2-player mode it can make gameplay even more fun and definitely competitive. Again as with Sonic 1 there is no save option so if you turn it off, have a power cut, accidentally knock a wire out you will have to do it all, all over again!

          Thanks for reading!

          * Please Note I am also on Ciao as gingelou so if you see this review on there too it isn't a copy, its me!


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            11.09.2005 23:13
            Very helpful



            A not bad game, worth getting if you have the megadrive

            Sonic 2, the sequel to the ever loving game... Sonic the Hedghog, I will be giving info on the characters later in the review, and also alot ablout a load of other things too. Brb... need food... (3mins later) Im Back... MMMMMM Food, now where was I? Agh yes... Sonic 2. Well as this game is on the Megadrive, it is not that long. You can either be Sonic on his own, Tails on his own, or Sonic and Tails together, this game is called Sonic and Tails in some conutries. If you have Sonic and Knuckles (another Sonic game), you can hook the 2 cartrages together, then on Sonic 2 you can play as Knuckles. Which is really wiked. And you can do the Same with Sonic 3. There are loads of different Sonic games, and ill list as many as i can when I get further into the review.

            As you might already know, Sonic is a blue hedghog that can got the speed of light, if he puts his mind to it. His enemy is Dr Robotnic, who is this fat evil scientist who hates Sonic, because he always gets in the way. I dont know how old he is, or anything like that, but i know hes my hero.

            Tails is a yellow fox, with 2 tails, his real name is Miles, but he dont like it so Sonic named him Tails. Tails family died in a big explosion by Dr Eggman (Robotnic), and he dont like him now, well no one would if that happened.

            Sonic's best friend, he loves to go tresure hunting, its his hobbie, hes the hard headed one, that thinks that hes the best in the world. He is very strong, and he can glide and climb up cliffs with his Knuckles... aka the name.

            Sonic's Girlfriend, well sort of anyways. She is not in this game, but she is in the Adventures. Her weapon is a Giant hammer, that allows her to jump high when she bashes it against the ground. She always gets into trouble, and hoping Sonic will save her, which he does each time.

            Dr Robotnic
            This Psycho Scientist that wants to rid the world of Sonic, he hates him very much, oh and Dr Robotnic is fat, with a stingy mistache and also a Egg Head.

            The graphics for the game is not top notch, and their crap ones in our days, but if we travelled back in time, those graphics when it first comes out, we would be amazed, but it can beat the original... Sonic the Hedghog.

            Very playable, you could be playing this for hours, or serching for cheats, so you can get sound things and Level Skip. Which is very entertainging. Including the last level, which is very good, but i wont tell much about it, ill just say, that your on a moon base.

            Get the game and find out, but in my point of view, its great soundtrack because you can listen to it via options.

            PRICE: Around £1 - £10.
            CERT: 3+
            STAR: 3 star * * *


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              10.09.2004 03:53
              Very helpful



              • "Nothing original"

              The 1991 Sega MegaDrive sensation ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ was so successful and popular, rapidly rising as it did to become the biggest selling video game in Sega’s history, that commenting on the inevitability of a not-very-long-awaited sequel would be so unnecessary as to deserve a real-life Sonic spin attack, but with a metal buzzsaw rather than the blue spines of a cute but angsty hedgehog. The style and format of ‘Sonic the Hedgehog 2’ is essentially a continuation of that in Sonic 1, with refinements and improvements resulting in a slightly better and equally popular pre-Christmas release for 1992’s metaphorically hedgehog-hungry public.


              The most elementary improvement in Sonic 2 was the addition of a two-player mode, necessitating the introduction of a companion character to play along Sonic. Enter the twin-tailed fox Miles Prower, or ‘Tails’ as he is better known. The one player mode automatically pairs the Sonic and Tails team, the player controlling Sonic and the Sega attempting to put the background fox character to use. Entering the options screen allows the player to choose gameplay with ‘Sonic and Tails,’ ‘Sonic Alone’ or ‘Tails Alone,’ and at this stage in the evolution of the franchise the differences are purely aesthetic: despite the storyline and differing physical traits of the duo, both characters run at the same speed, possess the same power and cannot fly.

              The two player mode is separate from the main game, and involves both playing racing against each other in split screen renditions of several zones from the game to cross the finishing goal fastest. This is not the most original or compelling two player option developed by Sega, and despite a couple of fun touches such as teleporters and speed boosts, it feels like it has been added on purely to improve sales.

              There is a very limited two player capability in the main game also, as pressing buttons on the second joypad hands control of Tails to the player, but this control is always short-lived and disappointing – Tails is a background character who cannot break boxes or control the movement of the screen, and once Sonic speeds ahead or leaps backwards it’s up to the MegaDrive to reset the character and fly him back in. The only benefit of Tails’ presence is that the invincible fox can occasionally act as a hairy shield.


              Once again, Sonic (and/or Tails) must race across a variety of landscapes, destroying the robotic creations of Doctor Ivo Robotnik in which the mammalian, aquatic and avian citizens of Mobius are being held as organic batteries. A confrontation with Robotnik occurs at the end of each level, aside from the final quarter of the game, but rather than having a third act of each zone dedicated to the boss fight, Robotnik is located at the climax of the second act in Sonic 2’s first eight zones.

              • Emerald Hill – the usual idyllic opener, the perfect introduction to the gameplay
              • Chemical Plant – a mechanical nightmare of toxic liquids and metal
              • Aquatic Ruin – a lush forested paradise with underwater areas and ancient booby traps
              • Casino Night – an irritating casino-style level where rings can be used as currency
              • Hill Top – an Alpine landscape with perilous drops and sporadic earthquakes
              • Mystic Cave – dark, dank and purple, with plenty of spikes
              • Oil Ocean – tedious and large, without enough interesting things to fill the space. Slippy
              • Metropolis – an immense and complex city filled with Robotnik’s machinations and funky music
              • Sky Chase – Sonic and Tails take to the skies on a little red biplane, bopping badniks
              • Wing Fortress – although Sonic must inhale air bubbles on the water levels, he has no trouble surviving in space
              • Death Egg – the final showdown with Robotnik, as well as a robotic version of the hedgehog

              The controls conform perfectly to the Sega joypad to make it easy for newcomers to grasp the gameplay: left and right move the character in those directions, while up and down can be used to peer up or down the screen respectively. Despite the three action buttons on the standard MegaDrive joypad (labelled A, B and C), pressing any of these will result in the same function. Enemies can be destroyed by bouncing on top of them or spinning through them with the new spin-dash ability (‘down’ plus any action button), while collecting rings and an energy shield will provide further protection to the player from enemies.

              The special stage is interesting, but becomes very difficult after a while. Sonic (and/or Tails) race down a twisting half-pipe in less-than-glorious 3D, collecting rings and watching out for surprise appearances by bombs. This is fun, but collecting those chaos emeralds becomes very difficult.

              GRAPHICS & SOUND

              The 16-bit capabilities of the MegaDrive console resulted in improved graphics every subsequent year, even leading to an attempted three-dimensional style in the disappointing ‘Sonic 3D,’ but Sonic 2’s graphics were never intended to impress. They have advanced from the first game only in terms of a slightly different artistic style, and the addition of shading and lighting effects to the characters.

              The game music is again nothing extraordinary, but each stage features a distinctive and relevant score to add to the experience – the Emerald Hill theme is upbeat and catchy, Mystic Cave is eerie and menacing and Sky Chase is overblown with synthesised horns.


              Sonic 2 was not revolutionary, and was intended merely to continue Sega’s success with platform games by maintaining a high quality standard. Tails was the first in a long line of additional characters to enter the Sonic universe over the following decade and beyond, although players may have been disappointed when they discovered that his eponymous tails were of no real use in this game – that would be remedied the following year in the imaginatively titled ‘Sonic 3.’

              The Sonic games were intended to be fast, fun and reasonably difficult, without the extra depth of competing series such as Nintendo’s Super Mario and Zelda, but they possess enormous replay value: I still shove in the Sonic 2 cartridge when I feel like a fast-paced arcade romp, although I never play as Tails. There may be no physical difference between the characters whatsoever, but he’s still an idiot.

              ~~~~ Twelve Years Too Late: Sonic 2 Cheat Codes ~~~~

              Anyone who still enjoys playing Sonic 2 will undoubtedly already know these cheat codes – twelve years of beginning at Emerald Hill every time would surely have sent me to some form of asylum – but here they are anyway. The numbers can be entered by pressing the B or C buttons on the sound test section of the options screen.

              Level Select: 19, 65, 09, 17

              Super Sonic: 04, 01, 02, 06 (from the level select screen)

              Debug Mode: 01, 09, 09, 02, 01, 01, 02, 04 (from the level select screen)

              Cutting edge stuff.


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