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Sonic Advance 2 (GBA)

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    1 Review
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      09.11.2003 02:05
      Very helpful



      This is Sonic's second outing on the Game Boy Advance console and frankly, in my opinion, it couldn't be better. With this game introducing all new levels and brand new special abilities and moves for the characters together with adrenaline pumping music and the dizzying speeds at which the characters make their way through each of the levels, it is an altogether memorable game to play! The game also heralds the entrance of two new characters, Cream, a sweet little rabbit who can fly and her loyal friend Cheese the Chao. The storyline remains basically the same: Dr. Eggman wants world domination and will stop at nothing-in order to get it. However, there is a twist this time, Dr. Eggman is holding all of Sonic's friends captive and it is up to you rescue them and put a stop to the crazy scientists plans. Starting off with only Sonic the Hedgehog as a playable character, make your way through the zones and rescue your kidnapped friends one by one from the clutches of Eggman in the Boss Attack zones! As you rescue each of Sonic's friends, they are unlocked and become playable. Use each of their own special abilities to your advantage and find the seven special rings hidden in each stage in order for you to progress to the special stages. On collecting the rings scattered about the special stage (while avoiding the robot guard!), you will receive a Chaos Emerald. After all, what would a sonic game be without Chaos Emeralds? Collect all Chaos seven emeralds with each character (making a total of 28 emeralds) and you will unlock all the special bonus features hidden in this game. When Sonic collects all seven Chaos Emeralds, an extra special stage is unlocked for him. With the zones being longer (and harder than usual), this game is guaranteed to keep you busy for quite a while! Long after completing the main game with all the characters, you will still find yourself coming back again and again to play this game as there is so much t
      o do! Some of th e fantastic stuff you get to do include: · Tiny Chao Garden: After completing the main game (or once the game has been completed with one character) The Tiny Chao garden is unlocked giving you the chance to raise and pet a little chao and buy things for it. There is also the chance to play the two mini-games (very addictive) with the Chao. On the other hand, if you have a Gamecube, connect it to your Gameboy and transfer your Chao into Sonic Adventure 2. · Once the fourth character has completed the game, another additional bonus character will be unlocked. · Time attack: Race through the zones time and time again trying to beat your best time in Zone Mode or try to destroy the bosses in Boss mode (unlocked once third character has completed the game) in the fastest possible time. · Multiplayer Mode: Play this game with your friends via a GBA link cable and have fun challenging your friends. Collect as many rings as possible before the time runs out in the Single Game Pak Mode or be the first to get past the finish line in the Multi Pak Mode! On the whole, this is a game to be thoroughly enjoyed by young (and old!) alike. I certainly enjoyed (and I am still enjoying) it.


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