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Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut (GC Games)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Action / Rating: E - (Everyone) / up to 2 players / published by: Sega

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    2 Reviews
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      10.09.2008 23:59



      Awesome game!

      Amazing game with a massive update from the dreamcast, with 60 new missions that will leave you playing for hours,with 6 charecters to play in adventure mode, Also with 12 retro sonic games to unlock making this a very replayable game,trail modes and mini-games will add extra fun to your gaming experience, in sonic adventure is a new mode to the world of sonic Chao. Chao are little creatures you raise from birth and use to win emblems by racing,your chao will gain experience points for flying strength stamina running and swimming by feeding them foods and bars you get from bad guys in the game,also go into the black market in the chao garden to buy food and experince points foods with rings that you collect in the game.

      Playable charecters: Sonic ,Tails ,Knuckles ,Amy ,Big The Cat and E-102
      Unlockable charecters : 1

      overall marks:
      graphics 9/10
      sound 10/10
      gameplay 10/10

      So if you have spare money buy this game, if you have this game play it now.


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      23.05.2008 01:27
      Very helpful



      only get this if you are a hard core hedghog fan who wants everything sonic.

      I hate to be critical because i am actually a huge sonic the hedgehog fan but this game was just so bad!, even for an import. The graphics were really glitch y and the camera angles caused you to fall of a ledge, Sega tried to fix previous glitches by giving all the characters a shiny look but it just looked so awful.

      This game requires you too play 100% through the game as each character through the same story if that makes sence, you can play as sonic, tails, knuckles, Big and amy or at least thats as far as i got before getting to frustrated to continue.

      The story goes as the beast of chaos who usually is the protector of those cute little blue chao creatures escapes into the town in which sonic and his friends protect, followed by robotnik.

      It seems this beast craves chaos emeralds so the more it gets the bigger and more powerful it becomes so its up to our heroes to save the day.

      I was actually very disappointed by this game the controllers are clunky and it just looks awful to play, the only saving grace is the sound track and chao garden which is quite fun but its impossible to level the chao up enough to win anything.

      In my opinion if you want a sonic game for the game cube you should get sonic adventure battle 2 instead the graphics are better and everything is generally easier to play once you get used to the speed.


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  • Product Details

    The blazingly fast quest starring the blockbuster gaming character!

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