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Sonic Gems Collection (GC)

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2 Reviews
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    2 Reviews
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      20.11.2008 02:55
      Very helpful



      No gems here. Go dig somewhere else.

      A sorry scatter of piss-poor games not good enough to make it into the infinitely superior Sonic mega collection. The Sonic team floor sweepings bound for the bin, served up as 'gems'. A mis-labelling of epic proportions. I'm angry because I bought it.

      Well I suppose we can start with a look at the line-up:
      * Sonic CD (Sega CD)
      * Sonic the Fighters (Arcade)
      * Sonic R (Sega Saturn)
      Game gear
      * Sonic the Hedgehog 2
      * Sonic Spinball
      * Sonic Triple Trouble
      * Sonic Drift 2
      * Tails' Skypatrol
      * Tails Adventure
      Unlockable games
      * Vectorman
      * Vectorman 2

      Now lets cut them down one by one. This wont take long. All the Game gear games are from the Game gear so you don't want to play them: hideous pixely tripe with every flaw magnified many times over by your big old television.

      Sonic R is an ancient unplayable racer with no conceivable enjoyment to it whatsoever.

      Sonic Fighters is awful. Of course its awful. Any fool could see that its awful. A fighting game with the Sonic characters? Hey that might be fun! No, no it isn't.
      Its awful.

      The ace in the pack is Sonic cd, seemingly a proper Sonic game, seemingly the one potentially playable part of this package. Now the question is; did those who couldn't afford however many hundreds of pounds a Sega cd cost, miss out on a piece of classic Sonic gaming action, a Sonic gem if you will?


      Actually no, but I had you going there. There is no light at the end of this unremmitingly bleak tunnel down through Sonic's more obscure history. There are no gems here.

      I'll say a few more words about Sonic cd because I had my hopes for this package almost solely pinned on its early 64-bit era shoulders.
      Seeing as it is a Sega cd game I presumed it would be a step up from the Mega Drive games, not a step down. I presumed that it would have gameplay advances not, regression. I presumed wrong.

      All the constituents that made the good Sonic games good are nowhere to be found here. Right down to the most basic stuff like; speed, flow, and most importantly of all fun.

      One could make the case that some of these games are rare and thus interesting curios for the avid Sonic fan and collector. Even the box obviously grasping desperately for some selling point makes this argument. I'm going to guess though, that the reason they're so rare, is because they're crap.

      Ultimately gameplay shows, regardless of age. You can pick up Sonic 3 say, and its as enjoyable now as it was then. So age is no excuse. This collection reperesents no gameplay value whatsoever. You might play each game for two or three minutes before frustration tells, and manifests itself in a sudden and insatiable desire to sell this Sonic Gems game you've foolishly bought.

      Odd that.


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        07.08.2008 03:54
        Very helpful



        Only worth if it's cheap Sega could of done a better job with getting Sonic's classic games

        Sonic Gems Collection had to be one of the most disappointing Sonic games I bought Next Gen is the worst on 360 but I am not talking about that. Sonic Gems Collection just makes me laugh as Sega do claim these are the gems of Sonic when they are not all. The only 2 decent games are Sonic CD, Sonic R and Sonic Fighters which was just OK the rest are just terrible Game Gear games.

        Sonic CD quite good just to me I like the Mega Drive/Genesis versions better I find Sonic CD a bit confusing and annoying with the whole future and past etc.

        Sonic R is good but does have some annoying music the only good track is Super Sonic Racing while the others are just bad and kind of weird to be on a Sonic Game. The graphics to this game are not bad but this game lacks on stages I think there was only about 5 so this game can be finished in about 30 mins maybe less.

        Sonic The Fighters I thought this was just OK it is quite slow and the graphics are a bit of a mess but it is good for it's time. It does have some decent music put into the game like any fighting game it can be finished fairly quickly.

        The rest are not that good all Game Gear games Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (different from the Mega Drive/Genesis version I hate the fact one hit and your dead even with rings it still happens.) Sonic Spinball - Sonic in pinball I hated this game when it first came out. Sonic The Hedgehog Triple Trouble - This game was not to bad, Sonic Drift 2 - This was possibly the best Game Gear game featured on this. The other 2 who cares about them Tails Skypatrol, Tails Adventures.

        The most annoying thing is they give you 2 extra games Vectorman and Vectorman 2 games in my mind that are terrible and boring. While the Japanese version gets Streets of Rage 1, 2 and 3 which I think it's pathetic that Sega just did not give us those games as well as they were some of the best games Sega made.

        The extras also feature a screen where you can unlock and look at various different Sonic artwork

        This is a bad Sonic collection and in my mind are not the gems the real gems are the ones featured on Sonic Mega Collection all the Mega Drive/Genesis games (not including Mr Robotnik Mean Bean Machine or Sonic Spinball). If you don't own Sonic Mega Collection that one is a must buy I would avoid this unless you want Sonic CD.


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