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Sonic Mega Collection (GC)

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2 Reviews
  • Gamecube owners miss out on some games
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    2 Reviews
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      03.06.2009 12:00
      Very helpful



      old but good

      Sonic the hedgehog, was the original game for the megadrive, it had all the graphics of a good game, well at the time it had. It had the appeal of a good game, and it was really cool.

      It consisted of several levels, each containing three zones, which were full of enemies and hazards for sonic to run into. At the end of the third zone of each level you got to fight the evil Doctor Robotnik, who used to be sonic's friend known as Professor Kintobor until a terrible accident changed to the side of evil. Known as the dark side in some of today's games and films. (Star Wars)
      Since this accident, Doctor Robotnik started capturing the friendly animals, which were sonic's friends. So sonic got mad and decided to set things right. He starts of at the easiest zones and moves onto zones, which are gradually harder. My favourite zone, known as the starlight zone, this zone is the best with the best music and the most entertaining levels and enemies. The boss at this level is a flying spaceship, which drops bombs onto a set of seesaws. The aim is to hit the spaceship with the bombs that he drops.

      The game is filled with a variety of music, which after a while can get a bit repetitive, and annoying. During the zones you collect rings, which sonic must have to survive, he can withstand one hit when he has rings, but dies when he is hit when he has no rings. If sonic collects 50 rings, and jumps into the giant ring at the end of the zone, he gets transported to a bonus level were he can collect the famous chaos emeralds. These don't really have a point in the game, but are fun to collect.
      Although this game is quite old, and I hardly ever play it now. It still deserves some respect, because it was the origin of some to today's games


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      13.04.2005 18:53
      Very helpful



      • "Gamecube owners miss out on some games"

      Sonic Mega Collection, maybe just another excuse for SEGA to cash in on the old Sonic games. They’ve been doing it ever since the Megadrive / Genesis was released with Sonic 3-in-1 and then Sonic Jam on the Saturn. The difference being though that this time instead of just 3 or 4 games you get 7. Yes 7 and another 5 to unlock. And if you get the Playstation or X-box version, a further 8 are added to that list making a total of 20 GAMES!!

      Ok I may as well put a warning and summary here. This review is quite long. I’ve tried to cover everything and went maybe a bit overboard. The review is almost 5 pages in MS Word (6 if you count the summary). So, I’ll put the games and ratings in a summary here for those who wont read this.

      Genesis/Megadrive Games
      1. Sonic the Hedgehog (7/10)
      2. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (8/10)
      3. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (10/10)
      4. Sonic and Knuckles (9/10)
      5. Sonic 3D Blast (6/10)
      6. Sonic Spinball (4/10)
      7. Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (6/10)

      8. Blue Sphere (5/10)
      9. Knuckles in Sonic 2 (8/10)
      10. Sonic 3 and Knuckles (10/10)
      11. Flicky (5/10)
      12. Ristar (8/10)

      Mega Collection Plus (PS2 + X-box Only)
      13. Comix Zone (8/10)
      14. The Ooze (No rating available. Haven’t Played)
      15. Sonic the Hedgehog (GameGear) (8/10)
      16. Sonic Chaos (GameGear) (6/10)
      17. Sonic Labyrinth (GameGear) (5/10)
      18. Sonic Drift (GameGear) (2/10)
      19. Sonic Blast (GameGear) (No rating available. Haven’t Played)
      20. Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (GameGear) (5/10)

      Now for a more detailed review on all the games. This is quite long so be ready for a bit of a read. I tried shortening it, but if I had my way each review would be way longer so this is the best I can do. Sorry about the length.

      Sonic the Hedgehog
      Released in 1991, this was the first-ever sonic game released. The world got its first chance to play as that high-speed blue hedgehog wearing nothing but gloves and sneakers. Filled with catchy dance tunes and colourful levels it became an instant success. However Sonics moves were limited compared to future games and some parts of some levels only managed to slow down the action. This is though probably the hardest of the official 16-bit sonic games. 7/10

      Sonic the Hedgehog 2
      One year after of Sonic 1 hit the market Sonic 2 was released. This time Sonic had a new sidekick called Miles Prower, aka Tails. Tails was able to rotate his tails fast enough to not only keep up with sonic, but if he fell behind was able to fly after him. Somehow he doesn’t hurt himself in the process of doing this, but that’s thinking too much into it. Also this was the first Sonic game to feature a multiplayer where 2 players race through 4 different levels against each other. Level design was improved for this game and sound was still bright and cheerful. Super Sonic also was present for the first time as your reward for collecting all the chaos emeralds. 8/10

      Sonic the Hedgehog 3
      1994 and Sonic 3 is released. This time not only did Sonic and Tails have Dr. “Eggman” Robotnik to worry about but there was the appearance of a new rival called Knuckles. Throughout the game knuckles sets traps for Sonic and Tails, sometimes leading to a new level or a boss fight. Knuckles managed to add just a little something to the plot of the game that made it seem a lot better than the previous 2. The game also had a save feature so you could easily play any level you wanted over again without playing through the whole game again or putting in cheats. You could choose to play as Sonic or Tails or both which adds to replayability. The multiplayer race mode was back and even had about 5 brand new racing specific short levels. This was definitely the best 16-bit Sonic game. 10/10

      Sonic and Knuckles
      Later in 1994 Sega released this as the follow up to Sonic 3 and continuing the story. The game was basically similar to sonic 3, though featured a few new bonus stages and harder levels. Sandopolis is the level I’ve always hated most in any sonic game, though Death Egg is close. The levels though seem more gimmicky than before though which isn’t necessarily a good thing as it slows down the action a bit. Tails was unfortunately not playable in this but since the title is Sonic and Knuckles you can play as those 2. Knuckles story is actually quite interesting, as his levels vary a bit from Sonics. No 2-player, though what is there is great. 9/10
      Note: This game originally had a lock-on feature, which could be used to merge it with other games. I don’t count that as part of the game here so it doesn’t affect the score.

      Sonic 3D: Flickies’ Island
      Nearly two years after Sonic and knuckles, in 1996, Sega returned to give us Sonic 3D. The intro showed some quite amazing (for Genesis / Megadrive) Polygonal graphics of sonic running and some 3d still to mention how sonic arrived on Flickies’ Island. In game, the gameplay may not have been in true 3D but was in an isometric view. This must have been a big risk for Sega since gameplay would be affected and in this case it didn’t really work. Speed seems to be out of the question for the most part and there’s no more racing to the finish but instead you had to explore to find 5 flickies in each level. Attacking enemies also was quite tricky since it was slightly harder to aim where they where. Knuckles and Tails are not even present as playable characters but only served as entrances to the special stage. Collecting all the emeralds only granted access to the true final stage and there was no super sonic! 6/10

      Sonic Spinball
      Released in 1993 and with Sonics success so high Sega tried to market this sonic game while mixing it in with another somewhat successful genre, Pinball. I’ve never been a fan of pinball games but I think this game really doesn’t cut it as a sonic or pinball game. Gone are the bright colourful graphics of previous sonic games and in are some dull colours. Not really exciting and Sonic really sticks out in the levels since he is still bright blue. It doesn’t really work as a pinball game since you’re actually forced to do stuff, such as collect emeralds, not just trying to get as high a score as possible. I could be wrong there though. 4/10

      Dr. Robotniks Mean Bean Machine
      Released in 1993. Remember ‘The Adventure of Sonic the Hedgehog,’ the old cartoon series? Well it is a columns type game based on that and surprisingly is quite fun. If you don’t remember this or columns, the idea is to try and line up 4 beans of the same colour to make them disappear while more beans continue to fall, somewhat similar to Tetris. Combos can cause the beans to become refugees and move to your opponent’s side of the screen and block them. Its not really the kind of thing you should play on your own as 2-player mode is more fun than the computer which is programmed to be way too good in some cases. Good Multiplayer fun but not much depth to it. 6/10

      Don’t ask me why the heck you have to unlock them, let alone in such a way as they did in this compilation. Usually playing one or two of the game 50 times will get you one of them. If you can be bothered spending ages in a day starting and stopping then go ahead but you’ll be too bored and wont feel like you’ve made any great accomplishment in the end. Anyway here’s the unlockables:

      Blue Spheres
      This was originally playable when you plugged Sonic 1 into Sonic and Knuckles was basically like the Sonic 3/ Sonic and Knuckles special stages. Other stages where available for plugging in just about any other game into it as well. In Sonic 1 and Knuckles version you had the task to play seven stages to get the 7 chaos emeralds. All the other levels where available by putting in codes in the main screen. There were literally thousands of different combinations to play, but there was only so much fun could be had with it. 5/10

      Knuckles in Sonic 2
      Basically take my Sonic 2 review above and instead of Sonic and Tails you played as knuckles. The game was playable when you plugged sonic 2 into sonic and knuckles lock-on function. As knuckles you could reach areas you couldn’t before by climbing walls and gliding over large areas. Knuckles couldn’t jump as high as sonic though so some bosses took slightly longer to beat. There was no race mode in this version unfortunately. 8/10

      Sonic 3 and Knuckles
      Take Sonic 3 in one hand, Sonic and Knuckles in the other, clamp them both together and what do you get? Well… what most people consider the best sonic game of all time! The game takes what made both games so great and puts them both together, just the way it was originally meant to be. Anyone who is wondering, Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles was originally meant to be one game but was too big so it had to be split in two. The game featured the save function and race mode from Sonic 3 and knuckles as a playable character. All levels are available from both games. And as a special surprise collecting all 14 emeralds over the 14 levels gets you something extra special. 10/10

      Remember those little blue birds you used to break out of robots in Sonic 1? Well she’s here in her own game. Not sure which was released first though between Sonic and Flicky, both had 1991 releases though. In the game you have to help Flicky guide 10 small chicks to the exit while avoiding Iggy the Lizard and Tiger the cat. Sounds simple? That’s because it is, but it is quite addictive. Graphics resemble master system graphics though since they are quite simple. Not much to do other than the main game though, which isn’t very deep. 5/10

      Released in 1995. What has this got to do with Sonic? Um… well nothing but Sega made it and much be quite rare. I suppose Ristar and Sonics faces are somewhat similar too. It is a good game though. You play as Ristar, a shooting star trying to save his dad from the evil Greedy. He has stretchy arms he uses to grabs enemies and other objects etc. The sound is great as well. Graphics are slightly more detailed than some of Sonics, but don’t look quite as friendly sometimes. Though most enemies are quite cute. One of the bad guys you find are these floating blobs with big eyes. It is certainly a great game but gets overlooked when compared to sonic. 8/10

      Please take some time now to relax and make a drink or something before continuing. Or you can sit and wonder why this wasn’t made about 3 pages shorter. Thank you for your patience anyway if you’re still reading.

      PLEASE NOTE: The following section is for the Playstation 2 and X-box versions only.

      *Mega Collection Plus*
      Well this may be in the gamecube section but there was a version released for the Playstation 2 and X-box as well which featured more games. These included 2 rare genesis / megadrive games that were excluded from the gamecube version in America and Europe and some of the Game gear games that were on Sonic Adventure DX.

      Comix Zone
      Released in 1995. I used to love this game when I played it. It was about an American Comic artist who by some unfortunate event gets sucked into his comic, which is then taken over by the bad guy who draws enemies to stop him. You could jump from frame to frame and choose from some multiple paths. Graphics were very comicky which suited it perfectly and all speech was done in word bubbles. Nothing to do with sonic, but a cool game anyway, and very original. 8/10

      The Ooze
      Released in 1995. You played as a guy turned into a pile of Ooze… I think. I only played it for a short time a few years ago and didn’t know what I was doing. As for a rating I cant give one. Other reviewers seemed to have mixed opinions about it though. (N/A)/10

      Sonic the Hedgehog (GameGear)
      Released in 1991 sometime after its Genesis / Megadrive counterpart. Most people who saw this expected a direct conversion except with 8-bit graphics. However surprisingly though although some levels were similar (green hill, scrap brain etc) they were completely recreated and some new levels were created just for the game such as Bridge Zone and Jungle Zone. I used to play this all the time since it was my first ever game. Levels and music were still as bright and cheerful and Jungle Zone is one of my favourite sonic levels. 8/10

      Sonic Chaos
      Released in 1993. It was the first GameGear title that let you play as tails, which is a good thing. Graphics though looked ugly and stretched or something, enemy design just didn’t seem as good as before and levels just looked horrible in some cases. I remember was so excited getting a new sonic game but I completed it within an hour and it didn’t leave me wanting more so I was disappointed. Music wasn’t too uplifting either and special stages annoyed me. 6/10

      Sonic Drift Racing
      Released in 1994 it was a very simple racing game. There were few characters to pick from. Graphics and music were alright but not something you’d want to play too much. 5/10

      Sonic Labyrinth
      Released in 1995. What made sonic so successful? Well it was partially to do with his speed right? Well in this game Robotnik some how tricked sonic into where slow-down shoes and sonic must navigate the labyrinth and find keys to progress without speed. It is set out in an isometric view which later didn’t even work for Sonic 3d on the Genesis / Megadrive. Slow and boring and not worth bothering with. 2/10

      Sonic Blast
      Released in 1996. Haven’t had any experiences with this game so cant rate it. (N/A)/10

      Robotniks Mean Bean Machine (GameGear)
      See Genesis/Megadrive review above, except the graphics are slightly poorer. 5/10

      NOTE: From here on the review is back to the gamecube version but I’d expect the Playstation and X-box version to have the same stuff

      Although the manual with the game come with sections for each of the 7 original games, Sega have scanned the originals in amazingly high quality and even have the unlockable games manuals too.

      The Extras include pictures of the sonic characters in some of the older forms and in their new style. There is a movies section featuring the Opening and Ending sequences from Sonic CD and few other things. There is even a comic section where they have scanned every single cover from Archie comics. Also one of my favourite extras is the inclusion of the ‘sonic firsts’ comics, which Archie made before starting the series. Maybe the art isn’t the best, but they will still give you something to read for a while.

      The game, or rather games are mostly good except for maybe some of the included gamegear titles on the playstation 2 and X-box versions. If you own a gamecube though and have a copy of Sonic Adventure DX then once you unlock them you will have all the gamegear games (2 or 3 more than on mega collection plus). You should still definitely buy this for the Genesis/Megadrive ones though. If you own a Playstation or X-box then pick up mega collection plus so you can play Comix Zone. Only if you don’t have a Playstation or X-box do I recommend getting the gamecube version and the Ps2 and X-boxes version is better value.

      You can get the Gamecube version now for about £15-£20 on the players choice range
      Or if you want the playstation/X-box verson, it would be about £25-£30. If you buy this from Amazon you even get a free T-shirt. Wish I had have waited for the PS2 version…

      This may only appeal to fans of older games and sonic fans, though if you feel like having a looking into the history of Sonic then pick this up, its worth it.


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