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Space Invaders (PS)

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    1 Review
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      05.09.2010 17:38
      Very helpful



      Fun game to play with a friend.

      The classic game of space invaders remade for the playstation!

      The main gameplay is very similair to the original classic even with the bunkers to hide behind though they behave slightly differently. There are multiple types of units and destroying 4 of the same type of unit in a row gives you a unique special weapon. The games is split into 8 planets each with 10 waves and a boss. The game is quite short and not very challenging on the normal difficulty but expert lengthens out the game and is much more difficult

      The graphics are obviously better then any space invaders game that came before it and a new soundtrack that you rarely notice through the carnage you unleash on the aliens above.

      If you are unfimiliar with how space invaders is played... somehow... Then the aliens above are organized into rows. They move side to side when an alien at the very edge touches the side of the screen then all the aliens move down half a row and move in the opposite direction. You control a ship on the screen and move side to side firing missiles at the aliens above. The less aliens there are the faster they move and shoot.
      If the aliens reach the bottom they swarm towards you and destroy your ship. Occasionally a mothership will stray across the screen and when destroyed drop various powerups including sheild, double shot and time freeze. After the 5th wave on every planet a swarm of motherships will pass allowing you to gain points and lives by destroying them.

      The bosses themselves are quite different from each other but the main tactic for defeating them is usually the same, Dodge the masses of weapons heading towards you and occaisonally get a shot in. Im not sure what price this was when it originally come out but I am thinking it was definetley not a full priced game.

      Most of the time I have spent playing this will have been with a friend. Co-op is the main reason I like this game as it is such a blast playing this game with a friend.

      Upon completing the game you unlock classic mode so you can play the original version of space invaders aswell. A good game overall but if this was released at full price I would have to say it wasnt worth it as it only takes an hour or so to beat the game.


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