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Star Trek: Starfleet Academy (Classic Game)

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Star Trek: Starfleet Academy by Interplay Productions.

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    1 Review
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      07.07.2001 22:52
      Very helpful



      Starfleet Academy is like any other 3D space combat game but with two major differences, first of all instead of getting a fighter you get to control an entire starship and second of all there is an element of Role Playing because between missions you get to talk to your crew and have to resolve conflicts to get their morale high and improve their performance. the Storyline is that you are a cadet at starfleet academy and you are training to be the captain of a starship. You have to control everything ranging from simply piloting your ship to delegating repair crews between tasks. The game is extremely detailed, every aspect of your ship can be controlled, if you need more power to phasers then shut down your warp drive and power your weapons to the max and if you lose life support then simply send all your repair crews to get it back online again. Battles are also very good, enemy ships will carry out evasive manoeuvres and use every advantage they have including cloaking devices and you can go to your tactical station to choose which part of their ship you want to target. If you want to get your enemy out of the way as soon as possible then target their enginesbut if you want to toy with them then target their weapons and then use your tractor beam to throw them into a star. I had the most fun on this game when me and two of my friends played it at the same time, one of us took control of engineering and was in charge of delegating repairs and keeping enough power in each of the systems. One player was in charge of weapons and had to make sure all the enemies were destroyed and the third player took charge of the helm and had to pilot the ship. If we had had a fourth person at the time we could have had a captain but unfortunately we were very disorganized and ended up pursuing one enemy, shooting at another and meanwhile all the weapons and engines were quickly running out of power. It was good fun but we never got past the first level.
      the game also contains an option to create your own missions, you can choose a maximum of 8 starships to split between your own team and the enemy force and your mission is to lead your task force to another star system and destroy all the ships you put on the enemy team. When you create your own mission you can be the captain of any ship in the game not just federation ships. You can be the captain of a Romulan, Klingon or Civilian vessel and some ships have cloaking devices which can give you an excelllent advantage over your enemies. The one down side to this game is tha fact that there are so many controls, most of the keys on the keyboard do something and the number pad is used for controlling the direction of your ship but you will sometimes find yourself instinctively pressing the arrow keys, it will take a few plays of level 1 to get used to the controls. I definitely reccomend this game, it is really good fun to play and the ability to control every aspect of your ship really makes you feel like the captain.


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