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Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force (Classic Game)

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Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force by Aspyr Media, Inc. As Ensign Munro you're part of an elite fighting force from the Voyager starship faced with overcoming all manners of situation and vanquishing the aliens.

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    1 Review
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      31.05.2009 08:36
      Very helpful



      I would fully recommed this game to any Star Trek fan - Beam it up Scottie!

      Genre: First Person Shooter
      Format: PC
      Released: 2000
      Publisher: Activision
      Developer: Raven Software

      As I am a big sci-fi lover this was one of the first Star Trek games I had for the PC. The game is based on the Star Trek Voyager series from TV and the storyline is taken from series 6 of Voyager.

      You are able to play as Alex Munro who is part of the hazard team. This team was well known on the Star Trek for going on very dangerous missions. The game is focused on trying to get USS Voyager out of a sticky situation as your ship is trapped in a graveyard.

      Throughout the game you are constantly under attack and your ship is badly damaged. So the aim is to send your hazard team out to find out what has trapped you ship and also to fend off alien species that are attacking Voyager.

      The graphics are great in this game especially on the PC if you have a decent graphics card. The Federation suits and weapons are just how you expect them to look and very impressive.

      The sound in the game is again very good and having played it for a few years now I have had no conflict errors or sound device problems with running regards to running this game smoothly. Sound effects in the game are just the same as the TV series and make the entire game very realistic and enjoyable for any fan.

      There are two modes Single player and Multiplayer. My favourite is single player mode as I found that multiplayer was a bit boring but that's just my opinion.

      Single player contained 30 levels which were split into 8 different missions. As you play through the game you would come across regulars from the Voyager TV series and would sometimes have to defend them for being killed.

      Multiplayer can use up to 32 different players during gameplay and user can play holomatches and yes you guessed it, this means playing on the holodeck (I particularly enjoyed this section). Each player can choose a variety of players, weapons, level type and also choosing the type of game you wish to play.

      Any Star Trek fan would want to fight only one enemy and that is the Borg. Although I do like the Klingons. Each species has a different way of attacking you so you have to remember during gameplay. For example the Borg has shields and can adapt their shields to stop your weapon from successfully killing them.


      Captain Kathryn Janeway, Lieutenant Commander Tuvok, Seven of Nine (Loved her outfit!), Alex Munro, Chakotay, Doctor, Neelix and B'Elanna Torres.

      PLOT: You take the role as the Hazard team and are in the holodeck completing a training exercise on a Borg Ship. You get captured by the Borg and fail your exercise. The player you play tries to get the prisoners released but fails and the ship is destroyed.

      Then Voyager is attacked but manages to destroy the ship that attacks them. When the ship explodes the effects from this sends voyager into a ship graveyard. Now the ship comes under attack again with alien's beaming aboard and trying to take over (All good fun!).

      You soon learn that there is a energy field which you require in order to get Voyager going again as you are now crippled from the explosion. Your mission is to steal it but someone will be waiting for you!

      THE STAR TREK VOYAGER STORY: The TV series sees the ship Voyager stranded in the Delta Quadrant which is in the Milky Way (roughly 70,000+ light years away from any federation bases. Each series takes you through different attempts to get home quicker (If they tried with their current technology it would take them 75 years). The story from Voyager is taken into consideration during gameplay and any Voyager fan will be able to relate to certain parts of Voyager series.

      Yes, after the success of Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force number two was released, which is also another great Star Trek game.

      Yes, you could get this game for PS2 also.

      To sum this game up, it is a must for any Star Trek fan especially if you enjoyed the Star Trek Voyager series. With great graphics, casting, gameplay and visual effects this will feed all your needs. With lots of different enemies with a storyline with twists and turns you will really enjoy this assimilation from TV to PC gaming.

      With lots of levels and lots battles this game is truly out of this world.

      MY RATING: 4/5


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