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Star Wars: Bounty Hunter (GC)

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  • There are better Star Wars games out there for any fans of the film
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    1 Review
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      27.01.2005 13:03
      Very helpful



      Star wars bounty hunter expanse the star wars universe to the bounty hunters who live in it.

      Based just after episode one the phantom menace darth tryanus receives a message from the sith lord darth sidious tells him about a dangerous cult called the bando gora they leader is komari vosa who was a former Jedi who was an apprentice to none other then count dooku, darth sidious then tells him to destroy the bando gora and find a certain specimen to create a clone army from him, tryanus makes a plan to wipe out both problems with a single stroke, he places a bounty on the leader of the bando gora for 5 million republic credits. With this kind of bounty everyone will be after her, jango fett who was a former mandalorian trooper just finished his latest bounty hunter to hear the news of this bounty he put his battle helmet on and set off to claim a great bounty however an old rival will not be far behind.


      The game has only one mode, which is the story mode, in this mode you play the game in chapters, the main objective is to get to a certain person or get to a certain place.
      With your jetpack the sky is never the limit as you perform daring air battles with your opponents.
      The main feature in this game is the ability to claim bounties on certain people. These people can be marked as a bounty by using your id scanners; this opens a database full of bounties listings from all around the galaxy. When you mark a bounty you have an option of dead or alive, sometimes they are wanted dead only, sometimes they are wanted alive only. Claim a bounty on a dead person is easy enough as you kill him and claim your credits, however most of the dead/alive are worth more alive. To capture one alive you have to use a weapon called the gauntlet whipcord, you fire it at him he gets capture and you claim the money, problem? Usually they about 10 other thugs with them and always they fight back. To help you fight back against this enemy you have an arsenal of weapons.

      For those times when your guns are not there, however I would not trust them as they are useless in this universe.
      Weapon rating 1/5

      Westar-34 twin dual dallorian alloy blaster (dual laser pistols)
      These are my personal favourites, because they never run out of ammo you can blast them to kingdom come, also you can fire at two targets at once which offers better range over the enemies plus the quicker you press the fire button the more that it fires out.
      Weapon rating 5/5

      Gauntlet dartcaster
      You should never leave home without one, this weapon fires out a highly toxic dart at your enemy that kills all non-boss characters, however downside is that you can only carry 5 darts at any one time but you can’t move around when you fire this weapon.
      Weapon rating 3/5

      Gauntlet flamethrower
      BBQ anyone? This weapon is basically a flamethrower that is attach to your hand, as you can only fire when you are stationary you can turn at 360 degrees to fry enemies in any direction, the good thing about the flamethrower is that it is attached to your jetpack fuels which all the time is not used is charging up for you next journey, basically it has no end of ammo either,
      Weapon rating 4/5

      Thermal grenade
      Fire in the hole. These are like any basic grenade, they have a 3 second fuse you pull the cord out and throw it at you enemies, basic but effective in damage, however these are one of my most hated weapons.
      Weapon rating 1/5

      Sniper rifle
      Be a true sniper with one of these. This weapon has a scope that can pick targets away for miles and the weapon is very powerful as well, if used properly you can kill anything within 2 shots, a powerful weapon at close range and at short range as well.
      Weapon rating 4/5

      Jetpack mounted missile.
      Small toys out the way this is what I call a weapon. This is basically a missile that is attached to the back of your jetpack, this also has the ability to be a guided missiles when manual aiming at a enemy it will go to the lace you want it to.
      Weapon rating 4/5

      Cluster missiles.
      Ok with one how about 3!
      This is basically like the rocket only when fired it shoots out another 2 other rocket which aim for the target, 3 times as nice but it doe not have the ability to become a homing missile.
      Weapon rating 4/5

      Other weapons.
      These weapon are scatter over different levels and can change the outcome of the level

      Heavy gun
      This is a machine gun that fires very powerful but uncontrollable bursts of fire. This weapon carries about 99 shots of madness.

      Blaster rifle
      This is everyone’s favourite, with a 3round burst fire with great accurate shots and powerful shot as well no wonder it everyone’s favourites.
      Weapon rating 5/5

      Grenade launcher
      Like the average grenade launcher only this baby can fire up to about 5 shots per second, making this one of the most destructible weapon you can get your hands on.
      Weapon rating 5/5

      This weapon can kill you in fewer than 5 shot if you are not careful, but in your hands the enemy better beware but in most cases the turret can only turn about 180 degrees.
      Weapon rating 3/5

      The amount of detail in this game is above average with most of the items in the game highly detailed, however they can afford to use great detail, as most of the levels are short in this great they mainly gave up big levels for finer details
      The game was fun to play but it does get boring after a time, after you complete the game that is it all you can do is complete the levels you did before and try to get more of the extras
      These extras can be collected by mainly three ways
      Completing levels open up the classical comic star wars bounty hunter, the first issue.
      Collecting feathers hidden in the levels opens up the wizards of the coast cards, which mainly involve jango fett.
      Collecting credits off the bounties in the game earn you more concept art for the gallery.
      And completing the chapter gives you deleted outtakes of the game.
      But with it being about £8 or less in any local game shop get that battle armor out and jetpack your way to the shop and buy yourself a copy


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    • Product Details

      Play as the mercenary Jango Fett. Inspired by events between Episodes I and II. A sinister and seedy world full of thieves and assassins. Compete against a brutal rival from Jango's past. 6 fantastic worlds and 18 levels.

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