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Star Wars Episode II: The New Droid Army (GBA)

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    1 Review
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      25.04.2012 20:22



      Not good... not good at all...

      Hi, this is my review of star wars new droid army for gameboy advanced.
      The game is a sort of action game, based on the star wars trilogy, although it doesn't follow any film directly. You play as Alakin as you progress through the levels helping out people, and completing quests in order to game information a=on a new droid army (later on you might even come up against them, but as I have not progressed that far through the game for reasons I will come onto, I cannot tell youf or sure).
      The gameplay itself is mediocre at best. I am a huge star wars fan, and I found it a bit dissapointing. It feels too robotic, and too repetative, just keep pressing A and thats all your eally do, just being careful not to go to clsoe or fall off the edge of the map. Also you do not get a real sense of having any jedi skills, because the few skills you have (recovery, power jump etc) get unlocked as you progress as set stages, and it just feels a bit lame. For example, you get power jump on the level that was huge canyons you need to jump across, so it ends up not feeling like a power, but just simply a way of getting around the level.
      The graphics are poor, and the plot is pretty weak, like in one level you get captured, but rather than kill you, for some reason the bad guys decide to lock you up in a prison where you can use the force to just simply open the door and then escape? Why?
      Finally, and this is the biggest flaw in the game by far is the save system. On most GBA games, you hit the save button, wait a few moments, and the game saves, and all in all it works pretty well. But for som reason unknown to me, they decided not to do this with this game. Instead each level has a "code". When you complete the level, you get giving the code that you can enter at the beginning to go straight to that level. i guess that advantage of this is that you can go back and play old levels, but this is a weak advantage. The huge problem this creates is that you end up having to write these codes down on a bit of paper or something like that. Eventually you lose said piece of paper, and you have to start again from the start.
      I have played the game a few times each with the intention to stick though it, but I have never got passed level 3, because I loose the codes i find, and have to start over. The levels are quite long individually, so if you get a certian way through, and decide you had enough, you gotta start from the start as well.

      It just sort of ruins the whole game, making it feel unplayable because its just so difficult to get back to youtr profile. Also, it ruins any indivuallity you get from the game, because you just feel like all you are doing a set level, almost like a flash game.


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