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Sudden Strike Forever (PS)

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Genre: Strategy

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    1 Review
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      14.02.2004 01:59
      Very helpful



      First there was the highly sucsessful Sudden Strike,a real time strategy game set in World War Two with a gameplay akin to the Command & Conquer series of games.Unlike C&C though this game actually invovled a strategy beyond building a factory near some resources and producing tanks by the bucket load to unleash on your not-so clever computer component.With this game you have to be a little more devious in your approach,probing the enemies weakspots because even the most massive of armies will be mown down if badly used.There are three campaigns to play as either Allies,Germans or Russians(I thought they were allies!) or a number of single missions all of which are, like the campaigns themselves,difficult enough to keep you playing.With realistic(outshines C&C)backdrops and cleverly modelled units,of which there are vast quantities like Tigers,Panthers,Stalin Organs,Shermans and many many more,the whole game is absorbing,totally addictive and the time just flies unoticed. Sudden Strike Forever,which released in 2001 costing @£30 is an official add-on pack that includes over 30 more units,4 new campaigns,7 single missions,a new theatre set in the desert and a map and mission editor.Also you can play a campaign as either Great Britian or the US instead of just as Allies.These plus the new autumn landscape make for a whole new playing experience and start the addiction all over again.You need to have the original game installed to run the add-on. Like the original there's a multiplayer option and the game controls once your used to them are quick and easy.This time round your officers and snipers have a binnocular function to let you see a little farther ahead and both these units are invaluable when sneaking up on your enemy,the sniper in particular as he can often shoot,if the 'hold fire' option is not selected before the enemy is aware of your presence.Unlike some other games of this type,your foe won't just needlessly keep c
      oming trying to to over-run you by force of numbers and with a diffuclty setting,unlike the first game,can be really quite difficult to beat - the British Campaign is a real hard one!With realistic aircraft flying overhead,dropping bombs or paratroopers or simply scouting the way the second game is even more lifelike than the first. Artillery is a very important weapon and the enemy's artillery can destroy you without warning.You can set multiple way points for any moveable unit,this is handy for faster units like jeeps which you can use to race ahead,not engaging the enemy in the hope of getting it back before it's wiped out.Your units can also run out of ammo and be resupplied by particular units that also repair bridges and runways,train tracks or build anti-tank devices.Your units have levels of experience and morale,and gain experience as time goes on while the presence of an officer will do them wonders,their levels have a bearing on their overall ability to shoot or stalk the enemy.With troops that lay mines,others that sweep mines,medics and engineers,spies and commandos there is enough diversity of both mission and tactics to keep you amused for a long while.If RTS games are your thing then this has to be the best one with the add-on pack enhancing what the first game started with.A must for all serious gamers.


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