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Super Gameboy (SNES) (Classic Game)

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2 Reviews

Accesory for the SNES to play gameboy games though the SNES.

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    2 Reviews
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      22.09.2012 03:20



      A clever idea, but a bit of a disappointment

      I am a huge fan of the Super Nintendo and Gameboy individually and the idea of playing my Gameboy games on a big screen was something that appealed to me after spending many hours getting a crank in my neck whilst squinting over my Gameboy. It was only after I bought the product that I realised why it was not as good an idea as it seemed.

      Some of my favourite Gameboy games including Tetris could transformed from the small screen to the big screen. Peversely, the Super Gameboy adds colour to your otherwise black and white Gameboy games, but the Super Gameboy does not run Gameboy Colour games. There is quite a bit of custom options available including drawing and the selection of various backgrounds, which is quite neat if you like that kind of thing. I was actually impressed at how the graphics come across as I was expecting everything to be badly pixelated, but the quality is pretty good.

      What in hindsight does not stack up to me is the whole idea behind the Gameboy is that it is gaming on the move. The SNES is for home entertainment and the games have been designed specifically for use on the SNES. I found that Gameboy games just did not retain my interest on the big screen, probably because that is not what they were designed for.

      I would say if you have a SNES, don't go out of your way to acquire a Gameboy collection for the purpose of playing the games through the Super Gameboy on the console. However, if you already have a Gameboy collection and a SNES, then you may view this as a worthwhile purchase.


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      20.01.2012 14:41
      Very helpful



      A great cartridge adapter to play your Gameboy games

      Super Gameboy. SNES.

      In the late 1990's I was the owner of both a Nintendo Gameboy and a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). I was a huge fan of playing games on both systems so when I saw that Nintendo were releasing an accessory for the SNES called a Super Gameboy it instantly had my attention.

      The Super Gameboy is a cartridge for the SNES which enables you to play both original Gameboy games and also the Gameboy Colour games through your SNES on the TV screen.

      The Super Gameboy is an official Nintendo product. It is grey in colour and is approximately the size of two normal SNES game cartridges stacked on top of each other. In the top of the Super Gameboy is a slot where you can fit a Gameboy game cartridge in.

      To use the Super Gameboy you need to insert a Gameboy game cartridge before you put the Super Gameboy into the SNES. Once the Gameboy game is in place you simply insert the Super Gameboy into the cartridge slot on the SNES like you would any other SNES game.

      Once the SNES is turned on you will hear the little Nintendo 'ping' noise that you get when you turn a Gameboy on. The Gameboy game will then load in the same way that it would on the gameboy and you can enjoy playing on a larger screen with your SNES controller.

      When I first bought the Super Gameboy I was concerned that the picture quality might be poor or distorted with going from the small screen of the gameboy to the larger TV screen, however I was pleasantly surprised to see that the games are of the same quality on both sizes. Just to give an idea of screen size differences, I used to play on a 14inch portable TV in my bedroom. I always found the graphics to be of the same quality they were on the gameboy, this obviously varied from game to game.

      My favourite gameboy game to play on the Super gameboy was Tetris. I used to enjoy how clear and big the blocks looked on the screen. I also found that playing my gameboy games on the SNES was better for my eyes and I could play for longer periods of time when I was playing through the SNES as my eyes weren't concentrating on the small screen of the gameboy.

      On the Super gameboy there is also a feature where you can change the frame around the edge of the screen. This is because the are that the game is displayed in the centre of the screen and doesn't take up the entire screen so Nintendo cleverly designed the screen so you can choose from a variety of frames to have around the edge instead of just a black background. There is a wide variety of frames to choose from including the Original Gameboy, Mario themed frames, a variety of plain colours, stripes and my personal favourite option of designing your own frame by using tools in the same way as you would use the Paint application on a PC. All of the frames are for decoration only and have no effect at all on the game you are playing.

      The sound quality is the same as how the game would sound being played on the gameboy except it is coming through your TV speakers. Admittedly I used to find some of the sound effects in some games a bit high pitch or generally annoying when they were played louder through the TV speakers and often used to mute the sound and have my music on instead.

      When you have finished playing your game you simply have to turn off the SNES like normal and remove the whole Super gameboy cartridge before removing the gameboy cartridge. Once the Super gameboy is removed then you are free to take the gameboy cartridge out without risking damaging it.

      The Super gameboy requires no batteries so it is also a great way to save your Gameboy's battery power for when you actually need it.

      The Super gameboy can still be bought from places like eBay starting at 99p plus postage but other than this I haven't really seen them in any shops for years.

      Overall I would recommend the Super gameboy. It is a great way to play your gameboy games saving both your eyes and batteries.

      Thanks for reading :)


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