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Super Mario Bros. (GBA)

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    1 Review
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      16.03.2010 20:40
      Very helpful



      A great game but its getting old now.

      This is a remake of the orginal mario bros for the nes. This is a pretty much direct port of the original game so there are no graphical changes.

      The original mario bros was made in 1985 and this game doesnt have many changes.... But its still a great game. The game is not as good as the later mario games like mario bros 3 and super mario world but I prefer it to super mario bros 2.

      There arent many controls. Move,Jump,Action. Action is generally throwing fireballs. The player plays as the main character in the series mario. For some reason the japanese came up of the idea of him being an italian plumber but there you go. The objective is to get through the mushroom kingdom while avoiding or killing enemies sent by the main boss bowser. Question Mark blocks release coins or powerups when hit from below. If mario picks up a mushroom powerup he grows to double his size and can take one more hit from enemies and obstacles. Players start with a certain amount of lives. More lives can be obtained by picking up 1-up mushrooms or gaining 100 coins.

      The main attack is jumping ontop of enemies. This kills most enemies but some enemies like koopa's (turtles) go back into there shell. Mario can then pick up the shell and throw it at other enemies. Mario can also throw fireballs if he has picked up the fire flower. The least common powerup is the invincible star. This makes mario invincible for a certain amount of time although mario can still lose lives by falling down holes/pits. The game contains 8 worlds in the game each with 4 levels making for a total of 32 levels.

      This is a fun game to play and is mario's platforming adventure debut. It's graphics are terrible, sound isnt very good either but its still a great game.


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