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Tangleword (Classic Game)

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    1 Review
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      21.11.2002 16:15
      Very helpful



      Hmm, well I've already reviewed playsite somewhere and as far as I know there are only two places on the net you can play this game and that is at playsite.com or through a link on lycos...and the site you then end up at is basically sponsored by playsite anyway! It is a different colour though :oP Oh well...goto playsite.com if you want to play it AND lots of other games. There's no need to register with them(although a number of features are lost if you don't), it's a java game so you don't need any special plug-ins or such like and you've little to lose aside from a few thousand hours of your life when you get addicted...lol! I don't think you can buy it, there's certainly no option to on the site and I've never seen it advertised as a standalone offline version so I'm afraid you just have to go along and play it for free. Bummer. ;o) Tangleword is basically Boggle with a few added extras to make it horribly addictive...and it is, horribly, horribly addictive. For the uninitiated, you are given a 5x5 board of letters and a 2 minute time limit and must make as many valid words as possible from them. Words must be at least 4 letters long and each consequetive letter in the word must touch the previous letter on the game board...if that makes any sense! Umm, if you have a letter arrangement of "KCATS" within the 5x5 board you could make "STACK" or "CATS" by moving from one letter to the next adjacent one but not "CAST" because the "S" is not adjacent to the "A" y'see? Sigh, no I wouldn't have understood my description either! It's like Boggle anyway, if you're still lost you'll have to go and play...it is easier when you play I promise :oP~~ Anyhoo, you get points for each word you make. A four letter word gets you 4 points, a 5 letter 5 points and so on. If you find the word first(because you do play against everyone else in your
      game room - a maximum of 32 players per room) then you get double the amount of points so it's worth so it's worth paying attention at the begining of each game and prepare to do badly if you start late because you'll have already missed a lot of the blue words. You can either choose to type in the words you see in the box under the game board or you can choose to use you mouse to drag and select letters but it's worth noting that virtually ALL the best players type although there is no reason at all you can't do well by mousing as well(I mouse and have regularly hit the top spot). The words you find appear in a window beside the game board and are colour coded red(too short) blue(double points, black(not a valid word) and purple a simple valid point scoring word. A feature I really like is that at the end of each game all the words other players found(and which you didn't) appear in an alphabetical list underneath your own words and if you click on them it takes you straight to a dictionary definition so you can learn all kinds of bizarre words this way lol. Half of them I swear are made up(but I guess the dictionary doesn't lie), but you do start to learn them and use them yourself in the game if you play regularly. Also during play you can see your progress and that of everyone else in a scoreboard on the right of the game board which shows where you and everyone else is in terms of points. The thing which makes Tangleword particularly addictive is not just that it is a great game but that there is a lively chat room attached which is usually populated by friendly people(there's always a few idiots on these kinds of sites) and a long enough break between games to actually use it for a change. Of course if you have no intention of chatting then you might find the two minute break annoying but each to their own. alongside this, there is the added feature of game rankings which are displayed against yours and every
      one else's screenname when you play the games. You start off as a lowly "blue" with a score of 1200 and score or lose points depending upon your ranking in each individual game. If you drop below 1150(as most do at first) then you'll turn green, whilst the ultimate pinacle of achievement is "red" at 1600+ points. Scoring is based upon you rindividual performance, your ranking already compared to that of everyone else in the room with some algorithm I've never tried to make sense of but is under the help files if you care. Basically, the higher ranked you are the harder it is to score points so reaching red is no mean feat...although I'm pretty steady around the 1900 mark at the moment and some people are up over 4000 points. The game rankings lend a continued competitive edge to things and if you are anything like me when it comes to this kind of thing you'll be back to improve your standings ;o) I should also say that the 5x5 game board, 4 letter minimum and 2 minute game length is not set in stone as there are variations on this theme at playsite, but you'll find the other rooms are usually quite empty and it's no fun playing alone. Once you get to know people there though you can often encourage a number of people to follow you into one of the harder rooms for a few games but mostly you'll find yourself in the main 5x5 game as it's busier and therefore more fun. There are other things but you're best off playing it to be honest, it's free and there is no need to register to try it out so nothing to lose. If you don't like it, don't go back, if you do then register (for free still) and try to climb up the rankings. I haven't noticed any extra spam resulting from signing up with the site but then I gave them my spam mail address as usual so I wouldn't have done - basically, it's always advisable not to give sites like this your regular email address...t
      hey have no need for it anyway other than for your password retrieval if you forget it right? My only gripe is that Tangleword is one of those internet games which is very easy to cheat at if you have any kind of programming experience, or, unfortunately, if you can use a search engine because there are more than enough sites out there with Boggle solvers and morons with automatic Tangleword solvers out there which literally enter all the words into the box for you and give you a score of way in excess of 1000 points in a manner of seconds. This spoils things(and decimates your ranking unless you leave and come back when they've gone), but fortunately the cheats usually get bored after not too long and leave...and if you simply *MUST* cheat then play as a guest eh, then you at least won't affect the rankings as guest scores aren't considered! Umm, anyhoo go check it out: www.playsite.com it's good fun and you can probably fool yourself into believing you're expanding your vocabulary too if you need an excuse to play... :oP~~ <<err, yeah more interesting ops to come when I lose this rambler's block...promiseeeee!>>


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