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Test Drive 5 (PS)

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    2 Reviews
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      16.02.2011 00:30
      Very helpful



      I shouldve been one of the best in the series, but the developers didnt try hard enough

      Test Drive 5 is a big improvement on its predecesor TD4. This is the second one I played in the series. And I think the developers the Pitball syndicate, meant to make some serious alterations. TD5 is a point to point, arcade style racer, so you dont get to roam in this game.

      First of all the handling is far better, cars like the 300 ZX, with its high centre of gravity, but its still not pspot on a games like Gran Turismo and Need for speed set the bet too high for this game to reach, and its for this reason it will always be second rate. You still have the same crashing problems, in that when you hit an oncoming cars and chicanes (of which there can be too many). Your car doesnt get damaged like in some games but it does spin, flip up and generally sldie for a very long time. Which will lose you time ad position in the race and will allow the police to catch up with you, again losing you the race. Still the constant baraging off of wiry fence posts, blocky cars and walls can be very frustrating. There is a speedometer and timer for the race as well as a linear position map at the top that tells you you position in relation to other cars and the police. The blue lights flash when they are after you, but if our doing more then 80mph you can basically outrun them. Also when you hit other vehicles half the time they just stay on the road where as your car goes flying. You can play practise runs on tracks, or do time trial and competitions. You can also do quarter mile drag races against other cars. You can also play two player mode with split screen. The cut scenes have really good graphics, especially the beginning of the game where there a cut scene with a band playing from a real video.

      The grpahics are not great, you think that there would be an improvement made from the last game but there really isnt, the cars still look badly rendered and too blocky, even for the PS1. The tracks also look rather bear. Even the speedometer looks blocky.

      You get a slightly more cars then in Test drive 4, The Viper, the AC cobra and the nissan skyline, but when you go to select a car there is just too much needless information

      There are more tracks then the last game , of which there were 5. You can unlck more tracks as you finish well in cup races like the 6 race ERA championship. You can race in Moscow as well which is pretty neat.

      There are still thumping tracks whilst you race is one of the better elements of this game. but the car sounds still sound basic, and as you pass other vehicles they actually sound louder then our vehicle.

      Overall if you combine the graphics and sound and general gameplay which is great too then this a fantastic racing game and one of the best of the Test Drive franchise. A great addition to anyone's collection


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      17.02.2010 00:52



      Overall, a very good racing game

      Test Drive 5 is a great game and is another series to rival the very popular Need for Speed series. I've played a few of the Test Drive games but this is probably one of the best I've played. The cars are fantastic, the tracks are long and complex offering great replay value and the game will give hours of fun and loads of excitement.

      There are various different play modes you can select in this game. First there is the quick race which allows you to race any track with any car in a one off race. If you want a quick race and practice this is the way to go.

      The full race mode is exactly what it suggests and allows you to select a single race to participate in or a cup race. Under this mode there are several more options open to you. You can take part in a single race much the same as quick race but some other cars and courses are locked. To unlock them you must finish first in the cup race. Time trials involve you racing against the clock for your best time on the tracks. Your one goal in this is to get your best personal time.

      The championship cup is a four course race in which the best time overall wins. Era cup - beauty is a six course race in which the best time overall wins. The challenge cup and the pitball cup are another two variations you can play.

      The Drag Race mode is where you pick a car and drag race against another car on a quarter mile strip of track. The first one across the finish line wins.

      Two player mode is where you race against a friend in split screen mode and this is great fun.

      In Cop Chase mode once it is unlocked you can play the role of a policman and you patrol the streets and attempt to pull over people for breaking the law. Normally they pull over with no problems at all but sometimes they run. They will then either crash on their own or spin out and wreck their car.

      Overall if you combine the graphics and sound and general gameplay which is great too then this a fantastic racing game and one of the best of the Test Drive franchise. A great addition to anyone's collection.


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