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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time + Ocarina of Time: Master Quest (GC)

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    1 Review
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      22.11.2009 19:20
      Very helpful



      A good ploy on Nintendo's part to get extra revenue on classic games.

      As an avid Legend of Zelda fan I was suprised to see that this hadn't been reviewed yet, so here goes.

      This is a port of the original N64 smash hit the Legend Zelda Ocarina of Time so first I will tell you about the game and how it fares as a port.

      The first Zelda to be created in 3D this game puts a polish on all other adventure platforms. Whatever has gone before it, this game smashes it out of the ball park. The game operates in 3rd person and you must guide Link throuhg multiple dungeons and side quests as a child and as an adult. I wont go too much into the details of the storyline, but as it's Nintendo it involves rescuing a princess at some stage.

      As a port
      There are advantages for making this into a port. The graphics aren't as muddy as they appeared on the N64 and the general clarity has been sharpened up. However where it does fail is the new mechanics of the buttons. Your standard N64 controller had alot of innovative buttons on it that the Gamecube controller sadly lost and as such makes the gameplay a little less fun and slightly more difficult.
      There is also an issue with the change of some of the graphics. The mirror shields pattern has been changed so that it doesn't offend Muslims (the shield had the likeness of the Islam symbol on it) and although this is a minor quibble, it still annoyed me that they had strayed from the original.

      Master Quest
      This was going to be released alongside the discarded DD add on but was dropped so it was nice to see it resurface. This is just a reworking of the dungeons at a slightly more difficult level. Its nothing major but for those that have already played the original game, it gives a bit more lifespan to the game.

      All in all?
      Its a good substitute for the original game if you cant afford or find an N64 to play the game carteidge style. However half of the fun of playing Zelda is the ease of playing it and the Gamecube controller doesn't suit Ocarinas N64 geared mechanics.


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