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The X-Files (PS)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Adventures & Role-playing

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    2 Reviews
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      11.08.2009 00:18
      Very helpful



      The X-Files for PlayStation

      Note: a cursor bug is present when playing this title on the PlayStation 2.

      It's authentic alright: a Chris Carter created story; a showing from the series' stars; Mark Snow's identifyable theme tune; and with original footage (shot on location) - four discs full of FMV!

      The interface is dealt with well. A combination of shoulder and direction buttons allows you to go through the hot spots, and also brings about weapon aiming should the need arise. In your inventory, there can be items which will not see to their purpose. The camera is not too important an item, but you can log on to your computer and see what you've snapped with the camera. Because of the way it works you might need disc X inserted to see a picture you took. However, of help is the handy PDA which you can read Agent Wilmore's notes and emails as well as switch locale. Agent Wilmore exhibits bizarre behaviour - you can take pictures of your colleagues, point a gun at them, stick tape onto your nose, and last but not least, ring the bell for the motel receptionist when she is stood right there.

      The X-Files is as limited as it is linear. Still, to progress, it helps to look at matters from all angles ('The Truth Is Out There') and leave no stone unturned, even if it means doing something you're advised not to ('Trust No One'), so as to exhaust the possibilities. Failing that, you might as well sleep on it ('I Want To Believe'?).

      There is an Artificial Intuition feature which can provide players with clues to prevent them from being stuck. Of the other Options, the videos can be clipped (or the scenes cut, ahem) and the difficulty of the action scenes can be selected. The shooting scenes are nothing to shout about - had they been skipped the player would not have missed out on much. You're not the lone gunman, so when you are shot, thankfully you can then rewind back to where the shooting started. That's not the only way in which the game can pre-maturely end - a wrong move elsewhere can also see to the game being over just as quickly. This isn't alien to these types of games, and it's not as if you can't save/load pretty much whenever you like. At least several of these game over scenes are something to see, which I appreciate.

      The videos are of high quality. Sometimes, instead of seeing to stills, a sequence is looped back and forth so that the background isn't without life. Where it is suspect is at night - using the flashlight in the darkness reveals some of the shots to be same as those during the day, but the surprise is that they saw fit to use the clip with the white car. However, what more than made up for these - a single dodgy digitized shot aside - was seeing Dana Scully! (Then there's also Fox Mulder.)

      Well they say X marks the spot, and in this game the audio is spot-on and assists with the atmosphere. It made me tense throughout, and I was well friggin nervous towards the end, despite the nature of the game. Dialogue-wise, it has some great exchanges, but disappointingly, Mark Snow's theme tune is not used for the credits - which is a shame as the ending was so crying out for it!

      What little of The X-Files I watched was long ago, but it's a series I would considering looking out for (and more so after playing this title). Similarly I've not much experience when it comes to point-and-click/graphic adventures - perhaps they do not turn me on. I would not classify this a great gaming experience by any means but it says something when I felt strongly enough to finish the game twice in succession, despite it being fairly limited and highly linear. Extraterrestrial life may well exist, but there's nothing in the way of extras in the X-Files. The game has its moments for sure.


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      22.02.2007 17:25
      1 Comment



      the first game installment of the X-Files

      This game is a very strange one as far as playstation games go.

      This game is almost completely video clips.

      The only graphics on this game are pointers (where you are deciding to go) and icons (telling you what you are using or helping you find clues).

      This game is sometimes hard to play, meaning that it is sometimes hard to figure out what to do.

      The game starts out just like any episode of the X-Files, with a video clip showing Mulder and Scully going into a building, then a few men come into the building and start shooting at Mulder and Scully. Scully gets hit. Mulder shoots back. And then there is a bright white light.
      Then the opening for the show begins.

      You play Agent Wilmore in this tale.

      copywrite Stephanie A. Smith, 2007


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