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Theme Park (Classic Game)

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4 Reviews

Theme Park is a management simulation developed by Bullfrog for one player.

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    4 Reviews
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      29.09.2009 19:18
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A classic managmement sim

      Released in 1994 by the ever inventive Bullfrog Studios, Theme park is a construction/micromanagement Sim that allows you to build and run your very own theme park. The game requires you to spend your resources on in a number of different areas, including researching and then building new rides, constructing food and drink stalls, hiring entertainers to keep the punters occupied as well as security guards, cleaners and mechanics to keep everything ticking over smoothly. Rides include a ghost house, treehouse, monorail, teacups ride, bouncy castle, and best of all a rollercoaster that you can build from scratch, adding loops and myriad twists and turns, and the game allows you to "experience" the rides yourself by way of rendered cutscenes. This may sound naff now but back when Theme Park was initially released and cdrom drives were the hot new thing it was a novel and exciting feature.

      The game is ultimately a balancing act, as if you make your rides too fast or too dangerous they run the risk of breaking down or exploding whereas if you make them too sedentary your punters will quickly get bored and slope off home. Likewise if you put extra salt on your fries then your drinks stalls will do a roaring trade, but overdo it and your cleaners will have their work cut out cleaning up after your punters repeatedly throw up.

      The game is brilliantly designed, building on the earlier success of that other classic build-em-up Sim City whilst at the same time taking the format in an interesting and engaging new direction. The visuals are of course very dated now, but they are still full of colour and charm and the game remains as fun as ever despite its age. A classic game, Theme park is bursting with invention and charm and along with its spiritual successor Theme Hospital remains well worth a look for fans of Sim City and Rollercoaster Tycoon.


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        19.05.2009 14:16
        Very helpful



        Great first game and very addictable

        Genre: Simulation
        Released: 1999
        Creator: Bullfrog
        Publisher: EA (Electronic Arts)

        Theme park is one of my all time greats and is really enjoyable and fun to play. I originally had the PC version and find that this is easier to use rather than the PC version as the use of the PC mouse is quicker at accessing menu screens and selecting items on screen.

        The purpose of the game is to build a successful theme park whilst trying to gain certain award e.g cleanest park. There are a few bits of humour thrown in there, for example if you create a path and then remove it guests start to get lost.

        There are many different rides and shops and attractions to build and have full control over what prices are set. My tip for success is building the biggest rollercoaster's and have many shops, toilets and nice gardens for your quests to relax in.

        some frustrating part of the game is that rides would break down and would require repairmen to come and fix them but you had to hire them first. Also when it rained you could up the price of umbrellas in your park to make loads of money just because it rained.

        Another tip which might be useful was to put lots of salt on your chips which then made your guests go and buy a drink which bumped up your profits for the day.

        The game is developed by bullfrog and there are other games like this one - Theme Hospital which is also a classic simulation game.

        To sum this game up it's a rollercoaster ride from start to end. Fabulous game!


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          18.05.2009 20:59



          Still as good today as it ever was

          Theme Park is awesome! Beginning with just a field of bare grass, you envisage your ideal day out, then start building! Start with the paths, then the best placement for the rides. The first rides you get are a little tame, but as time goes by, you will have built the most extreme roller coaster that would probably kill you with the g-force! Then theres the snacks! Put too much salt in the fries and they'll be gagging for your drinks. Put more ice in the drinks and see the profits roll in, but the guests may become unhappy. This game has it all, from caretakers to entertainers, happy and sad customers and the occasional gang attack. A vomit wave can be disturbing, but as long as the janitor is on the case you should see it out.

          A great game, so simple yet packed with features and fun.

          This game did not rely on graphics, but on gameplay. Still as playable todayas it was in the nineties. A must for any true retro gamer.


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          27.02.2006 13:45
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A great game, a pioneer if you will

          Theme Park

          This is an old version of the Playstation and PC ones, and has a lot of original charm.

          OBJECT OF GAME:

          The object is to create your own theme park on a plot of land with a financial budget, and make as much money as possible, create the best rated, most rich, most satisfying, most fun park there is.

          You Choose your name at the beginning, and that is your name in the game from there on, as the owner of the park. Then you Select the name of the park, select if it is a

          sandbox (not a lot of responsibilities, a lot of things are automatic, but you get to explore less too),


          simulation (a little more responsibility than sandbox, but more freedom to do research and other things)


          full (includes all privileges and responsibilities - and is generally harder to play if you're not familiar or practiced.)

          You select the difficulty level, whether you start with a lot of money or less - and you select if the visitors in the park are easy or hard to please - up to you if you want a challenge.

          You select the number of opponents, which is all, 10, 4 or even none.

          Then you go onto the world screen and select a country to set up your theme park in - which at the beginning can only be UK because that is free and you can start off with all your money and earn lots of profit to move onto more expensive countries.

          In expensive, I mean that there is a rent on the land you pay the government of that country, and according to the economy it is less, or more, and you can also see how poor or rich the people are which will show you how your profits will go, and whether or not you can raise the prices of your food items to gain extra profits, and if the people will accept this or not.

          Then you go onto the screen where you have a big piece of green land with a gate and there is an assistant in the right handside corner with a hat on who helps you, gives you advice and so forth to further you in your game.

          You have a certain amount of money in which:

          To set up rides (bouncy castle, Ghost train - for people)

          To arrange for food supplies (burgers/fries - for profit)

          To arrange for pleasant scenery (lamps, fences for people)

          To arrange for gambling games (like duck shoot - for profit)

          To arrange for novelty shops (balloon house for profit)

          To arrange for guards ( to keep rebels/hooligans out)

          To arrange for mechanics

          To arrange for handymen (who clean your park)

          To arrange for entertainers (for the people)

          To research new ride designs, training for staff, better bus services (longer, double decker buses), better scenery, better ride upgrades etc.

          You lay the path and surround with rides, shops and so on until you have your very own theme park. Whenever you want, you can open your park, and set a ticket price and that's when the people start pouring in.

          You can monitor people's feelings and reactions by highlighting them and reading their status - happy, very happy - happy as can be - not very happy etc.

          That's how you go about your game.


          It lasts a long time, you can go on, waiting for new rides to be researched and you compete against your computer opponents. It is quite good for those who like simulation and management games. 8/10


          the music is relevant although not very original - something easily ignored - the sound effects of the people, like talking, making noise, coughing and throwing up can be hilarious.


          REPLAY VALUE: You can play this again and again, until you have tried all the different countries, tried every ride, made lots of money, and tried designing the layout of your park differently - there's endless possibilities.



          Overall a good, playable, addictive game with a lot of originality as it is the first of its kind.



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