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Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster's Hidden Treasure (Amiga) (Classic Game)

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    1 Review
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      23.11.2011 18:40
      Very helpful



      It's tiny toon adventures come and join the fun... and now our song is done!

      ***Please note this review is of the Mega Drive Version of the game as Dooyoo seem to place all of the Mega Drive and Genesis games in the Amiga Games category. Thanks ***

      Tiny Toon Adventures, Busters Hidden Treasure - Mega Drive

      Tiny Toon Adventures, Busters Hidden Treasure is a single player game which was released on the Sega Mega Drive back. The game came as all Mega Drive games did in a box between Video and DVD size. The box contained an instruction manual and a 16 bit cartridge specifically for the Mega Drive.

      Tiny Toon Adventures, Busters Hidden Treasure is based on the hit 90's childrens TV show Tiny Toon Adventures. In the TV show the main characters are Buster Bunny and Babs Bunny. As a child I was a huge fan of the TV show and as a result when I heard there was a Tiny Toon's game I saved my pocket money and did a big of begging to my mum and eventually got my hands on it.

      The game is a platform game and you play as the main character Buster Bunny. The aim of the game is for Buster to complete each level and rescue his brainwashed friends, to complete the game Buster must rescue Babs Bunny and, as the title of the game suggests, find the hidden treasure.

      During the game you will play through a variety of levels including a forest, where Buster will have to use branches of trees to climb up and then use his ears to slide down zip wires. As you move through the level you will collect carrots along your way as well as hearts for extra life. To defeat the enemies in this game it is the simple yet classic bounce on their head and make them go 'poof!' Other levels include water based ones which I find to be a little tricky as once he is moving, Buster actually picks up a decent speed, however in the water level there is a lot of jumping from one platform to another so less speed is better to prevent falling off!

      At the end of the levels you will see the little green Dodo that appears in the TV show, when you reach him you will jump through a circle and the level is complete. At the end of each world you will need to defeat a boss. The boss will have one of Busters friends held captive and brainwashed, so dont rely on your friend for help at this point! To defeat the bosses you must jump on them to attack them until they comically admit defeat and your brainwashed friend is released and ok again.

      The game is full of the silly humor that was in the TV show, for example if you run along the ground beware of random rakes hidden on the floor which will flick up and knock Buster out! While I find this to be very amusing as the animation and look on his face with the stars flying around his head is funny, it can seriously hinder progress in the game as the temporary knock out can be an advantage for any nearby enemies!

      Tiny Toon Adventures, Busters Hidden Treasure is very bright and colourful and features all of the main characters, good guys and bad, from the TV show. Tiny Toon Adventures, Busters Hidden Treasure is aimed at children, but I would also recommend it for those adults out there who are big kids at heart or simply enjoy a simple platform game without complications.

      While I found the controls of the game really easy, like most classic games it is a simple case of using the D pad to move around and the A, B or C button to jump. I like simple games like this, especially in platform style as I find the simpleness of them highly addictive and this prolongs the life of the game for me.

      ** Graphics and Sound **
      The graphics in the game are really good for the age of the game. During the game Buster bunny can pick up quite a bit of speed, yet the graphics remain smooth and the rolling screen is always clear from distortion. The loading time between screens is quick.

      The sound is good, it is mainly the theme music from the TV show and a selection of comedy sound effects to go with the actions of the charaters in the game

      ** Price and Availability **
      If you want to get your hands on this game you are best to look on eBay, although I am led to believe this is one of the more rare games for the Mega Drive, so you may struggle to find it.

      ** My Experience and Opinion **
      I love this game, even now at the age of 29 I really enjoy the simple enjoyment this game provides, it isnt stressful to play at all and any harder parts in the game are hardly noticed as the humour that the game provides distracts you away from the challenge and keeps the game fun and enjoyable. I have never completed the game, so I still dont know what the hidden treasure is and Babs Bunny is still being held hostage somewhere in Tiny Toons land!

      I really recommend this game for both kids and big kids! It is bright, fun and simple enough for anyone to be able to play. The violence in it is minimal and no more violent than you would find in a cartoon on TV, so in general I would say it is suitable for all ages!

      Thanks for reading :)


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