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Turbo Outrun (Classic Game)

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Turbo Outrun is a driving game developed by US Gold/Sega for one player.

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    1 Review
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      31.08.2001 13:44
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      This was the second in the series of Outrun games which graced our computer screens from the late 80s onwards. The original Outrun was a sit down arcade game, a high octane race across America in a bright red sports type thingumy. Turbo Outrun is exactly the same but with a turbo booster and ummm well I never could see that much difference but then I only played the original once. The idea is simple: You get to jump into a Ferrari F-40 alongside your voluptuous blonde girlfriend who sits in the passenger seat(for no reason other than window dressing it would appear)and floor it across 16 US states against another boy racer who has challenged you to a Cannonball Run style race across America. Of course not wanting to appear chicken and show off in front of your girlfriend you accept and the game is on. Yes, its a game aimed almost 100% at guys and the dumb 80s macho image. You jump in your car and off you go, avoiding all the usual road obstacles like barriers, fences, Sunday drivers and the police who try to ram you off the road at every possible opportunity. The later stages see you racing against the clock, but that ok because you have a turbo charger which can be used to make you go faster, complete with flames roaring out of the exhaust, but this can only be used for a short period because it causes your temperature gauge to overheat - you must wait for it to cool down again before you can use it. The idea is to complete the 16 stages and beat this poor fool who dared challenge you. Can you smell the testosterone flowing? Geez. Well anyway, dumb plot that it is, it is quite fun to play apart from a few major niggles.Yes its probably the only time you'll get to drive one of these things with a voluptuous blonde sitting next to you at these speed so fantasise away. Its also quite a simple driving game to play, but its nothing compared to the ones we have today...and I do mean nothing. The graphics were ok at the time, but even so felt tlike a
      port from the Atari ST which any Amiga user will tell you is a SIN and is punishable by 666 days in hell being flayed mercilessly by flatulent midgets whilst Britney Spears gets played non stop on the radio and the local old folks home puts on their own special production of The Full Monty...or something like that. Sound effects too are rather lame and I'm sure sounded better on the C64 - well the music anyway, the Amiga version being little more than the annoying 'wasp caught in your underpants' whining sound that all driving games seemed to think necessary - I always turned the sound off after a while. IN short, it didn't make full use of the Amiga's capabilities and felt somewhat lightweight as a result.Yes, it was fun for a while, but I never did stick with it to see if I could make it through all 16 stages, it simply wasn't compelling enough to keep me with it for that long. There is no two player option and whilst its quite a true port from the arcade machine, the somewhat jerky scrolling fais to deliver the hi-octane speed feel of that machine. Some rather large parts of the original's appeal gone then, leaves you with a rather lightweight game which is exactly what this is. Its ok, but its not great and there are better driving games out there on this platform, but if you have played the more recent PC ones then there really is nothing to see here. It does NOT stand the test of time well.


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