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Turok 3 - Shadow of Oblivion (GB)

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"This is a varied adventure game by Acclaim Entertainment for the Game Boy. There's lots of shooting and a fair bit of key finding, in different perspectives."

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    1 Review
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      03.04.2009 00:15
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      "Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion" is a video game released to the Gameboy Color console in 2000 by Acclaim. It is a part of a long standing series of the "Turok" name, and is the fourth installment of the game for the Gameboy console. The ESRB panel in the United States rated this game as "E" which deems it suitable for all ages.

      As the plot progresses, the player's main character in Turok is able to bring peace between the genetically modified dinosaurs and is able to co-exist with the various species in harmony. One sect disagrees with this notion and threatens to restore the war happening between Turok and the dinosaurs. In an interesting change of pace, however, Turok aids ally dinosaur "factions" in aims of ridding the rebel "factions".

      Gameplay remains equivalent to the bettered "Rage Wars" title and seems to have a great sense of character control. The game begins with Turok within a large battle tank which is a welcomed change in introductions from the typical "run and jump" style of former games, although this type of play emerges infrequently throughout random cut scenes in the title. Also much like "Rage Wars" is the player's arsenal of weapons and the hunter's knife remaining one of the most powerful and viable options during combat as its blow is frequently lethal with one strike to the enemy. I found there to be some element of difficulty in play with the enemies moving much faster than observed in previous titles and dealing a higher rate of damage to the player upon contact.

      Graphics remained comparable to "Rage Wars" and this is very much a compliment to the developers. The screen is frequently filled with a wide palette of colours and this made good use of the technology available to the console. The sound is equally as good and did not feature any fragments which were offensive to the ears. I was happy to remain consistent in my volume level of choice throughout play.

      Shadow of Oblivion is likely the best "Turok" release for the Gameboy console. It has been continually developed from humble roots and comes across as an above average title overall. I would recommend this title to prospective buyers.


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