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Twisted Metal 4 (PS)

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Genre: Simulation

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    1 Review
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      03.02.2010 00:37



      Overall, a good car battle game

      For me I think that Twisted Metal 4 is the best in the franchise and I bought this for my playstation having played Twisted Metal 2 and 3 before. This one beats both of them. You can even create your own car in this version of the game. The levels are much bigger and there are far more cars to choose from, plus alot more weapons.

      Like all the other Twisted Metal games the story entails you battling in a big tournament called Twisted Metal using cars armed with dangerous weapons to help you destroy your opponents. This is probably the most destructive Twisted Metal tournament yet.

      There are a few different modes in this game to keep the interest levels high. Tournament mode will allow you to battle in eight stages. Each stage is big, different and challenging and there is a big boss at the end as well. Once you get through this mode if you can then you will be able to play as all the bosses from all the levels. The great thing too is that you have option to save your progresss in the tournament so you don't have to keep starting from the beginning of a level again.

      Death match mode allows you to choose the stage you fight at and also how many opponents are in the battle. There are three stages that can only be played in this mode. This is basically the 2 player mode but can also be fun in one player mode.

      The create a car mode is also a pretty good feature of the game. You can choose the car size of which there is small, medium and large and then you can select the design of your car. However, there are limited designs - only 3 if I recall. Next is the paint job and again there are only 3 paint jobs. You then choose a name for your car. In total you can create a maximum of 30 cars. It is a nice feature but you'd think the game designers may have put more options to choose from as it's quite limited.

      Overall this game is a really good addition to the Twisted Metal series of games and is a good car battle game. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoyed the other ones in this franchise or if you are just looking for a fun car battle game on the Playstation then go for this.


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