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Ultimate Paintball (GB)

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    1 Review
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      01.04.2009 20:32
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      "Ultimate Paintball" is a video game released for the Gameboy Color console by Majesco in 2000. The game was not sold in the European market and a player was required to import the title from North America for use. It did not receive an appropriate European age rating, but was rated as "E" by the ESRB in the United States which deemed it suitable for all ages.

      In attempts to bring the popular action pursuit sport into the virtual world, Ultimate Paintball is loosely based on the physical game. It is a capture the flag venture where the player positions his or her flag on a grid and engages the computer opponent in combat in attempts to reveal and capture their flag. Besides atrocious gameplay and graphics, the game failed to replicate the sport wherein one hit from enemy fire eliminates a player. The title is more of a first person shooter game complete with numerous health kits and other power ups which allows the player to take numerous hits before being eliminated from play.

      Ultimate Paintball was created using the same game engine as "Deer Hunter" for the same console. The player is shown a top down perspective of a paintball mask which can be guided using the arrow keys, and will randomly be brought into a first person perspective during areas of combat. There no no element of free control in these battle scenes but rather the player "looks around" the scene by using the left and right arrows and guides his paintball pistol, more specifically the crosshair, by using the up and down arrows. Gameplay is almost like a cork gun gallery at a local carnival. The enemies are hidden behind dense woodland and infrequently reveal themselves for combat. I found myself making use of the "paint grenade" to eliminate enemies more often than using my paintball pistol. I found the game to be very easy overall and was not presented with much difficulty in completing it.

      Graphics show poor effort in detailing but did feature a pleasant array of colours. The battle scenes are often repetitive and feature the same background image consisting of green bushes and other forest features such as poorly sketched trees. Sound, to the vendor's credit, was of a higher standard though not well applied as there are numerous areas of perceived silence throughout the title; the only consistent sound is a repetitive music track which features very little variety to the player.

      Overall, Ultimate Paintball is not a title which I would openly recommend to prospective buyers. The added requirement of importation into Europe is also a disheartened feature. The game could have perhaps been playable if there was a second player option but it is only for one player use.


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