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Walt Disney World Quest - Magical Racing Tour (DC)

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Developed and published by Eidos Interactive, this is a kart-racing game featuring Disney characters as the drivers you can play with or compete against. It has two main modes of play, Adventure and Versus, with 12 courses.

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    1 Review
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      16.10.2000 15:47
      Very helpful



      Walt Disney World Quest Magical Racing Tour (what a mouthful eh?) is Eidos’s attempt to join the Karting revolution. There angle is that they have taken well loved Disney characters (but interestingly not the Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse set) stuck ‘em in suitable buggies and let them loose on a course. But not just any course, the tracks are in fact based on the Disney World attraction, each level is designed to match a ride. There are 13 tracks available based on Disney attractions they include Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Typhoon Lagoon etc. This game though has a little more than just karting adventures and a Disney theme, it also has a plot!! Though boy is it weak!! The theory is that you need to find the parts of a machine that produces fireworks that have been scattered over the land of Disney. The main characters in this game are the charismatic Chip & Dale who for want of a better word are B level stars even in Disney’s warped universe. The gameplay itself is o.k. though the controls are far more easy to use than Wacky Races for example and there is some variety to the tracks. The way that spinning teacups grab you and turn you into a tea cup for a while is weird and to a non Disney fan like myself some of the games oddities are completely unexplainable. The graphics are a little jumpy and don’t have the smooth flow that I have come to expect of Dream Cast games recently and particularly those produced by Eidos. This game really does not hold together on a one to one basis as it does get very boring very quickly. I am sure if you are a big Disney fan then this game will hold some appeal, if you have been to Disney World and done the whole thing you may recognize some scenes. However I did quite enjoy the game in multiplayer mode, competing against someone else in a Kart race does make it a little more appealing but it is not really any different
      from any other Kart game. My opinion really is that if you are a big Disney Fan then go for this game as it will probably keep you entertained. If however like me you think Mickey and the gang could do with a large dose of Strychnine then avoid this game.


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