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Wario Land 3 (GB)

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Published and developed by Nintendo, Wario Land 3 is, strangely enough, the third in the Wario Land series. A run and jump platform adventure, there are twenty-five worlds to explore with 5 music boxes to discover in order to free Wario from his dreamworl

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    1 Review
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      22.09.2000 01:44
      Very helpful



      If you are like me and have virtually no game control abilities then most games will drive you round the twist. I have to choose games very carefully or I end up with something I can’t progress further than the first level on and they soon go out the window! I wouldn’t say Wario Land 3 was perfect in this respect but it is certainly one of the easier ones for us novices to play or at least to get used to with practice. The story Wario finds a music box in side a cave and is transported inside it, he is told that if he finds the 5 magic music boxes he will be transported back home. He is also allowed to keep any treasure he will find on the way and so accepts, thus begins your journey as Wario. The setup There are 4 screens (north, south, east and west) and each has up to7 levels (labeled N1, N2, W1, W2 etc and named), these contain 4 keys to 4 treasures (Grey, Red, Green and Blue). There are also 8 coins in each level that can only normally be found once all 4 treasures are accessible. To stop you are various villains that will get you in different way turning you into different types of Wario. You will sometimes need to become these Warios to progress, so even enemies have their uses, you will have to experiment to find out more about this. The game Firstly and I think most importantly I should tell you that Wario is invincible (YEAH) so anyone who gets annoyed because they keep dying in games and has to restart can relax now, it’s just a matter of time and you will need a good deal of it! You start in N1 – Out of the Woods and must find the grey key which will open the grey chest. Once you have done this you will get a treasure, some of these treasures have a purpose that will allow you access to other parts, some will give you abilities to help you reach new treasures and some are just useless (there are 100 in total). You will not be able to get all four treasures in a
      row in any one level, instead you have to go to all the new areas that become available and collect those treasures thus opening new areas etc. There are some level end bosses (11 I believe) to beat but with practice they are pretty straightforward. You will need to defeat them but only once as with later or earlier chests you won’t need to cross their paths again. If you get stuck you can go to the temple which will tell you where you should go next, if you choose to play the game using the temple all the way through it’s far easier but you will only finish with 50 of the treasures. Finish will all the treasures and you can progress to a timed challenge where you collect all the keys and treasures in one go in the fastest time possible. If you manage to collect all 8 coins it colours in a small bit of the coin tally screen but I don’t know what happens when you finish it yet. Collect all the coloured crayon treasure and you will reveal a golf game similar to the mini golf games you will have to play in some of the levels (by the way these are the only things you will need coins for). These golf games will take a bit of patience and a lot of practice to master but if I can do it so can you! My opinion I think this game is superb, there is just so much to it that even though it’s suitable for players like me there is still a whole load of gameplay especially with the extras for expert game addicts. It takes a bit of getting used to all the moves and how to make use of each of the enemies and special powers but you will get there. It can be very frustrating when you get stuck so I recommend keeping a sheet telling you where you’ve been, where you can go and what chests you have opened. I would really recommend this game to anyone who likes puzzle games and any of the Mario type level games. If you get stuck e-mail me and I’ll send you the URL for a fantasti
      c walkthrough that will take you stage by stage to all 100 treasures.


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