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Wario World (GC)

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Type: Arcade & Platform / Release date: 2003-06-20

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    1 Review
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      17.01.2005 12:06
      Very helpful
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      "I'm a number one"! The wonderful wicked world of Wario has finally opened up into a 3D Gamecube nightmare that fans of the Wario Land series have been craving for. He may look like Mario, but this ultra-greedy, purple nosed brawler is nothing of the sort. He’s an anti-hero and easily reigns as the coolest Nintendo character to have graced our gaming world.

      He's a rich git as well. Sitting in his castle upon heaps of diamonds and gold, going out from time to time in his quest for more. It was one of these "quests" that he stumbled upon a huge purple jewel, but this purple jewel isn’t any normal jewel. It be evil and has turned all of Wario’s riches into monsters and Wario is promptly overthrown. And this is where you pick up our lazy plumber-a-like; desperate to re-claim what is his. Armed with his fists and his unquenchable first for riches, nothing can stand in his way.

      Okay so we have a HEAVILY dodgy storyline to contend with but that shouldn't reflect against the game. What we are gifted with is a fantastic title that combines the style of Luigi’s Mansion with the platforming insanity of Mario Sunshine. You get the same graphical stunner of a game that Luigi's Mansion offered, the same 3D side scrolling effect and, sadly, the same short but sweet attitude. But you also get the platforming elements of Sunshine; you even get the linear mini modes where you have to use your jumping ability to work your way to the end, that pays obvious homage to Mario’s outing.

      But Wario has made this game his own with one undeniable difference, this game is a beat 'em up. Yes you have to jump and collect like any platformer but to defeat the baddies you get a totally different affair. You can pick up parts of the scenery and swing it wildly into a hapless enemies face, you can pick up knocked out enemies and do exactly the same, you can also piledrive them, butt slam onto them and do any other number of crazy moves onto them. Simple fun it maybe but it is also essential to the gameplay, you’ll need to piledrive enemies onto trapdoors that Wario alone can’t open and swing enemies/objects to rotate levers. It is all very smart and the control system is set out very well.

      Of course Nintendo have added a brilliant soundtrack that works perfectly with the 4 individual worlds and Wario's trademark catchphrases are back in full force. This is all accompanied with a fantastic graphical display not seen since Luigi’s Mansion, heavily detailed and displaying some of the Cube's greatest special effects including the trademark ability to have many enemies on the screen at the same time.

      But fantastic gameplay, gorgeous graphics and a bucket load of bosses cannot hide the faults Wario World conceals. It can, at times, get a little repetitive and it is so very short. 4 worlds that contain 2 levels and a final boss fight just isn’t enough. No matter how jammed packed they maybe. But it’s still worth a purchase, if not for Wario’s wallet then for a great gaming experience.


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