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WCW Mayhem (GB)

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A wrestling game based around the World Championship Wrestleing tv events, such as Bash at the Beach and Monday Nitro. WCW Mayhem was developed by Kodak and published by EA.

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    1 Review
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      01.04.2009 21:47
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      "WCW Mayhem" is a video game released for the Gameboy Color console in 2000 by EA Sports. It received an age rating of "T" by the ESRB in the United States which deemed it suitable for the "Teen" age group. This could be equivalent to the "12" or "15" age ratings in the United Kingdom.

      The game is typical to most hand held professional wrestling titles. Mayhem is based on the now defunct World Championship Wrestling promotion and features popular superstars from the time. The roster is quite extensive and features names such as Goldberg, Hollywood Hogan, Randy Savage and Ric Flair. The objective of the game is to crush opponents through a series of strikes, throws and pinning techniques using one's favourite or preferred wrestler.

      Gameplay can be achieved through a tournament style elimination process where the player works through the ranks to become champion, a simple one-on-one match with wrestlers of the player's choosing or via game link cable to add a second player. Gameplay is simple in that "A" executes a punch and "B" executes a kick. There are various throws and slams that are executed through various button combinations which are all relatively simple to master; down arrow and "B" button will use a piledriver. I wasn't presented with much of a challenge by the computer opponent and was able to complete various matches with ease. Wrestling matches are typically placed within the ring but, in a somewhat innovative concept, Mayhem allows the user to navigate between arena areas from a backstage area to a car park which makes for continual enjoyment and a refreshing visual change.

      Graphics are very cartoon like and feature excellent animation techniques. I did find detailing to be poor and wasn't able to differentiate between the wrestlers with ease; there was little by the way of trademark attire or other distinguishing features during my testing. I didn't note much sound in this title besides a somewhat repetitive composition which followed the matches throughout and some cheering from the crowd.

      Mayhem is a game I would happily recommend to prospective buyers, especially to those with access to a second player as the added game-link option would allow for greater scope and variety in the finger bashing bouts.


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