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World Series Baseball 2K2 (DC)

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    1 Review
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      03.08.2002 00:01
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      Over the last couple years, I've really gotten into Baseball mainly due to Channel 5's excellent Live coverage which has given me the opportunity to enjoy this excellent sport and help me dispell the myth I had previously bought into of it being a dull, uninteresting sport. Its far more tactical than I gave it credit for and far more exciting than I ever thought it could be. So for a while, I've been looking for a good video game presentation of the sport and oddly enough, for a sport of such popularity in the US, the number of good Baseball titles is very low. Indeed the only recongnized great console Baseball game is World Series Baseball 98 on the Sega Saturn which I haven't played but am told is the best ever representation of the sport. This is a reworking of this title and is the 2nd sequel to appear on the Dreamcast of this. WSB 2K1 was obviously released before this and was pretty abysmal - poor all round with only good graphics saving it from being completely dire. But this release has corrected many of the faults which included Auto Fielding only, Poor pitching and weird batting. When you're burning a 102mph Fastball past Jason Giambi with Randy Johnson, it feels great! Graphics are for the most part excellent, player animation is fantastic, stadium representation is spot on, outfits look great. Only faults are really that the people don't look espically like the real life counterparts plus there is occasional glitches but these are minor faults IMO. Sound is really good as well - commentary is a little lacking due it being a solo commentator instead of the 2 there should be plus he is a little short of phrases but his phrases are 99% correct when used so that helps anyway. Gameplay has plenty of potential with the single player having the usual Exhibition, Season, Franchise options plus there is the Home Run Derby so you can practice those home runs with your favourite slugger! Only problem with the Fran
      chise mode is that it takes 186 blocks on the VMU so it take a very large percentage of it so you may need a 2nd VMU to accomdate any other DC saves you have. Overall, its the best Baseball video game I've player - whether it matches up to the foresaid WSB 98 on the Saturn is unknown but that would have to be a very impressive game to beat this.


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