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WWE WrestleMania XIX (GC)

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    1 Review
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      14.05.2004 05:37
      Very helpful



      • "story mode"

      A few years ago there was wrestlemania 18. It was fun to play for a while but was very limited. A lot had been removed, match-wise, since wwf no mercy on the N64. So when Wrestlemania 19 came round I was abit unsure about getting it. However I was very pleased with the results when I started playing. The Characters 1st of all are well detailed, especially superstars such as Stone Cold, The Rock and Undertaker. However some of them just look plain ugly (which makes the real life ugly ones even uglier.) Some of them are just slightly mis-shapen and deformed. Entrances are fantastic and spectacular. Moves can be modified and even if they are heels (bad guys) or babyfaces (good guys) can be edited! This is good for Kurt angel especially since as a Heel the crowd chant "you suck" during his entrance but as a Baby face they dont. There is just a lack of wreslters in general, but there is enough to play with. Most people wouldn't use most of them anyway. New characters since wrestlmania 18 also make an appearance such as Goldberg, Rey Mysterio and John Cena. Unfortunately some old favourties like the APA don't make an appearance in the game and current superstars such as ultimo dragon, Cade, Jindrak and eugene dinsmore (if you can call him a superstar) are not in. Those following the TV show will know of Undertakers gimick change to a mix of his old school style and biker style, though he is still the biker in this. This just as the game is still set in mid-2003. Exibition mode is where you will be spending most of your time whether on multiplayer or having random 1 player fights. There is a good selection of matches to choose from including singles, tag, hardcore, ladder, table, cage, tlc, hell in a cell and a royal rumble. Each of these can be edited to the match rules of your choosing including a first blood option where you win by making your opponent bleed. Revenge' mode is the story mode of the game and is mor
      e like a beat em up than a true wrestling storyline. Your chosen wrestler has been fired from the WWE and after striking a deal with Stephanie McMahon, it is up to you to prevent Vinces Wrestlemania 19 from happening. This mode is original and is good fun to start with. At the end of each level you have the chance to unlock a boss character who are basically just created characters. They do have the hidden move sets though, so making your mick foley or other CAW will be easier. After a while Revenge does get frustrating though which lets it down. There are no belts to compete for either because of it. Also why would a wrestler kill workers, just for being fired!? One good point is that you unlock money during revenge to use in wwe shopzone. This mode is like the smackdown mall from WWE No Mercy on the N64. You buy new clothes, move sets, entrances and superstar points for CAWs. It has a large selection so you'll be playing revenge for quite a while! The create a wrestler in this game is the best of the current wrestling games. There is so much to do to your wrestler. You can even design his own logo! The entrance maker is very complex. You choose his taunts at 3 different points as usual but you get to pick the lighting and pyro at up to 10 different points and from which side of the entrance way they come out from. Theres no end to the possibilities in it. The gameplay engine works brilliantly and it is very fun to play. There are strong and weak grapples for moves and specials are executed by simply pressing A + B together. The only downside to the special is you go into a 'special mode' which screams "look at me I'm on special, get ready to reversal!" So I've found that doing a special on advanced players can be quite hard, but its nothing much. Animation on their walking it terrible for some because it does not quite loop properly at some points. You'll eventually grow to not notice though, but it stic
      ks out when you first play. Overall it is a good game with some minor flaws that can be easily over looked. If want to get a game to get I would say wait until WWE Day of Reckoning is released. However if you simply must get a wrestling game now buy this, it is worth the money. It is the best wrestling game for the gamecube at the minute.


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