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    1 Review
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      20.12.2001 17:25
      Very helpful



      I am in a lovely yahoo group which I have been in for about 18 months. We are a group of 13 moms sharing views with one another and helping one another with the usual hiccups that come along with parenthood and marriage, as well as the usual gossip. I am with 3 groups in total and recieve around 100 emails a day, which I read each and every one and reply to the ones which apply. We also love to send oneanother little email cards for birthdays, births, christmas, all the usual holiday type cards. Well last night I think I recieved the best one yet. It was a christmas greeting from a friend called Donna. The email said I had been sent a cracker from Donna. All you do is click the link that comes with the email and it takes you straight to your cracker. You need to have flash downloaded to be able to see it though, which I already have. The whole screen turns black as and a little bar appears showing that it is opening. Then two little elves appear on the screen with a giant cracker, you hear them heaving as they pull it, then it goes bang. A hat, a toy and then a tacky joke appear out of the cracker. What would a cracker be without the tacky joke! Then it tells you who it is from and then at the bottom you are given the chance to make your own cracker for friends. Here is how you make your own cracker- 1) you appear in a little elf factory with a big cracker machine and a door at the back of the room. 2) you click on the door and out walk 5 elves carrying a toy. 3) you pick up the elf of your choice by the scruff of the kneck and put him on the platform of the machine to drop the toy in for you. 4) When you pick up the elf he yells at you, each elf yells something different like, put me down, or what you doin. 5) Then out walk 5 elves carrying party hats of different colours. You then do the same, pick him up and let him put it in the mach
      ine. 6) Then a elf comes in dangling from the ceiling carrying a scroll with 5 different jokes to choose from, you click on the one you want and he drops it in the machine, then his rope breaks and he falls on the floor. 7) Then you press a button and the cracker is formed. 8) Then you pull a lever and the cracker is squashed down into an envelope to be posted. 9) Then you are taken to the details page where you simply write your name, email address and as many people as you like to send it to. It is very amusing and the details are great just like watching a cartoon. You will definatley keep the kids quiet for a while, or just have fun yourself. I have sent a few and think they are great. The site is www.crackermatic.com But if you're a bore and dont want to go through all the process of building the cracker yourself you can do a quick one where you just click what you want in it and then your details. The quick link is http://www.crackermatic.com/quicksend.asp So now off you go you know you're dieng to see this, is it very amusing.


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