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All towns/villages starting with the letter I.

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    2 Reviews
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      09.08.2012 14:08
      Very helpful



      Keep the tanks filled, keep calm, and write reviews.

      This is just my opinion on what i believe could be war with Iran and the consequences that may result. Feel free to write your own review or drop a comment if you have a different opinion, i'd love to read it. Thanks.

      @ Background @

      There has long been tensions in the middle east particularly between religions, money, land and power, pretty much everything that causes a war. Israel has had nuclear weapons for many years as has Pakistan and Saudi Arabia but Iran has never had nuclear weapons and has been trying to obtain them for many years now, and has managed to gather up enough know how, money and people to actually put a plan into action.

      Israel sees Iran as a threat. It has done for a while and is well documented in religious texts such as the christian "Psalm" (I forget which verses, 80 something point 6, i'm not religious!) it clearly states destruction in damascus and speaks of Israel's struggle. There are numerous related notes in various religious books to "Persia" so if you see any of these, it is simply Modern Day Iran. All of these religious texts i don't even read into, they are there and i am very skeptical about all of them, but what is intriguing though is the fact that in Psalm it talks of a major or royal power being removed from Damascus. Let's not forget we have an arab spring on our hands. Word of advice: Take all prophecies towards Persia or Israel with a pinch of salt.

      Tensions between Persia and Israel are more than skin deep and it is entirely Israel's directive to protect its people from a nuclear threat as Obama has made clear on several occasions when meeting Mr Netanyahu in the US. There is clear support from the American people to back its ally (Israel) from a strike and whilst the US is keen to stay out of any more boots-on-the-ground conflict, there is a need and duty for them to help if things go south. You can't exactly let a country build nukes when it is clearly operating terrorist attacks around the earth, especially not while Iran is so close to the Jewish state.

      @ The past 7 days alone @

      In the past seven days alone the ayatollah of Iran has stated that we should expect war within weeks. Israel has supposedly announced a strike within months not years and we can clearly see things heating up already. the past seven days then have really been a cooking pot, Iran saying one thing, Israel is responding. Go on YouTube and search for "Iran War" you will find many news reporters videos particularly from Russia Today all about the looming WW3 with Iran and many personal opinions about how this could play out. A couple videos from a search i did today were less than a week old and many others were within the past 6 months.

      For those that know of the doomsday clock you will probably be wondering why on earth its not closer to midnight? I've no idea, i personally would have moved it way up to a 11:57 or more. For those that don't know the doomsday clock is a measure of how close the world is to nuclear war and recently (start of 2012) moved forward by 1 minute yet made no notes towards a specific nuclear threat and gave a more general global scale. It reads "Lack of global political action to address nuclear weapons stockpiles, the potential for regional nuclear conflict, nuclear power safety, and global climate change."

      @ Stuxnet and indirect attempts to destroy Iran's equipment @

      Shelling iranian nuclear facilities is one option but indirect attempts to destroy their facilities are more effective and subtle. Iran fortifies its nuclear sites and builds up lots of re enforced concrete around them so shelling can be shrugged off. little viruses that hinder the efforts of building nuclear technology will prove very effective and wont start a war. If you send fighter jets over Iran, they have the international authority to protect themselves and shoot it down. The most recent event like this was when Syria shot down a Jordanian jet which was not armed and simply carrying out safety and flight tests. This sort of thing does happen from time to time, and the west is fully aware of that...

      Iran responds to this with further indirect attacks, like the attack on Israeli nationals in Thailand and on a bus... Terrorism if you will. Then iran captured a US drone flying low above afghanistan, thats indirect and just asserts their dominance over the US. That's up to you to decide your opinion on, quite frankly i think the US wont miss a drone but it's still a huge kick in the teeth politically, the hardware is irrelevant.

      Stuxnet was one of these highly thought out events which is believed to have originated from America or Israel (or even both) and cause widespread damage to the Siemens equipment at one of Iran's nuclear facilities, jamming it and taking it out completely. Iran simply shrugged off the damage and of course, people cant physically go and see a nuclear site without permission from Iran so any evidence of destruction would be kept secret from the IAEA and the global community.

      Indirect attacks will go on because they aren't war triggers (yet) and are not covered by UN regulations to immediately go and blast someone's country. if Israel bombs Iran it can retaliate but jamming something with a virus isn't a cause for war seen by international community especially if you didn't know where it came from.

      Stuxnet also has a seriously sophisticated coding pattern and spread like wildfire. It is believed to be the most highly complex and viral virus ever made since the Iloveu virus, according to Anti Virus software websites.

      Another indirect attack recently was the financial strangling of iran's oil. As of July 1st people from europe have stopped buying Iranian oil and this puts strain on the Islamic Republic.

      Iran has threatened to close the straight of hormuz clearly showing off that they don't need western money, and that they are only making a bad situation for themselves by not getting the oil they need.

      @ Iran wont drop bombs first, Israel will @

      People i have spoken to seem to have the idea that a war would be started because Iran drops nukes on another country, possibly israel. This is too far into the future, a war would start way before Iran even gets nuclear weapons. We have seen that Israel wants to attack nuclear sites and protect its people from the threat of a nuclear iran. It's unlikely Iran will walk easy into obtaining weapons and then use them (if they ever do) but Israel does not want to take that chance.

      @ THE START OF WAR: How a strike will unfold @

      After Israel bombs a nuclear site, there will be cause for retaliation from Iran. I don't know what they are capable of, maybe no one but themselves know what they can do but we do know this: Iran can't possibly strike any further than it's back yard basically so it could drop bombs on Israel or US sites based in Turkey, and that gets Turkey involved. Then you have a war.

      Iran is furious that the Jewish state has bombed its land, killed people and destroyed its nuclear efforts, wanting revenge, sparking further conflict on an unprecedented scale. Iran is not like the US army but they have the ability to fight a battle.

      It would be a classic East vs West style stand off in some ways because you have China buying Iranian oil, russia on their side and Pakistan is only a friend to the US for show, not deep down. Meanwhile you have the British trying to help the allied US forces, with Israel and European communities on our side. I doubt they'll get dragged into war but the point is they aren't allies with Iran, and they are western nations. France is a good friend of ours, and may get involved depending on the scale of the conflict.

      What happens after that i don't know. it may not be WW3, it may just be small scuffle, who knows? What we know for certain is that Israel will do anything to stop Iran's nuclear attempts and Iran will strike back in revenge if a bomb is dropped on them, which is likely to start a war which the US gets dragged into.

      Thanks for reading this lengthy review, i hope it was interesting to read. Keep the petrol tanks filled and hope for the best.

      Keep calm and write reviews.


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        04.06.2012 16:15
        Very helpful



        Three weeks of girls wanting to go shopping

        They say the European Championship is harder to win than the World Cup, every group game tough and so knockout rounds even tougher, yet throws up unlikely winners over the years as the big beast take each other out in the quarter-finals, Denmark and Greece memorable (or rather unmemorable) quirky winners. Denmark surprisingly beat France, Germany and Holland to glory in 1992 whilst Greece took the trophy with five set-piece goals in 2004 playing truly dreadful football. They were nearly as boring as England in the last few years. England won't be winning it.

        We know Germany are probably going to win it, their record in this competition unrivaled, three wins and six finals since 1972, reunification no doubt costing them more finals. Their World Cup record is even better. But 12 different European countries have made the final over the years and so why not a new one this year?

        The hosts have made the semi-finals or better in ten of the thirteen European Championships held, Euro 2008 in Austria/Switzerland the first time a host didn't make it out of the group stages. Hosts often get an easy ride with referee decisions to keep the grounds busy in the later stages, the only way Poland and the Ukraine will progress this year, hosting, if we are honest, the only way they could even make the finals they are that average. But we have seen the racist undertones out there and that will be intimidating to the 20% of black players in the tournament and, sadly, that could be key to a small team making the final, the threat of hooliganism also in the mix, very much like English football in the 1970s. Let's also not forget that 75% of games investigated for match-fixing germinated in that same Eastern Europe. We can not discount that anomaly playing a part in the championships. Indeed, Italy, somewhat ironically, missed out on hosting this year due to another match-fixing scandal and won the World Cup in 2006 coming off a referee bribe scandal.

        It was outrageous that Poland and the Ukraine got this championship as it was that Russia and Qatar got the next two World Cups in 2018 and 2022, which is why I'm backing Russia to be the dark horses and make the semi finals, with or without shocking decisions and controversy. As the last championships in Austria & Switzerland was fabulous viewing these are going to be a nightmare. We know oil and mob money probably helped to win them the World Cup in 2018 and they are all but a superpower once again because of that hidden muscle, a high oil price dictating their economy growth under their beloved leader Putin. They have the arrogant and non moral mentality of their economy and business ethics to repeat that on the pitch to do what they need to go deep in the tournament this month.

        But corruption aside Russia had a good record in the championships in the communist years and made the semi-finals last time out and so improving, only halted by the all-conquering Spanish side, which also beat them in the group stages. They have the easiest group to sneak through and some decent players and well organized under Coach Dick Advocat. Only three of their squad players work outside of Russia and they have regular international get-togethers, five teams based in Moscow alone, very much a set piece unit like Greece when needed. Seven of their all-time top ten capped players are still in the team today and not that old. Arsharvin and Pavlyuchenko are very good up front together and the team zips it around at pace as they know each others games through familiarity in training camps and playing each other every week, which will cut teams apart that hold the ball. Four of their top six goalscorers of all time are also still in the team. We saw in the Alps last time just how effective and tough they are going through the rounds and stuffed a good Holland side in the Q/F in 2008. And they are fit and tuned as they play the big international tournaments during their domestic season that runs through the summer.

        Advocat is a method manager who inflicts his style on teams, 'Total Football', the Dutch way, perfect for Russia. I think his three year experiment is ready to mature. Sadly the same that can't be said of the Russian legend Oleg Blokhin, the now coach of the Ukraine, who when asked about African players in the Russia Premier League ranted -

        'Let them learn from Andriy Shevchenko or Blokhin, and not some Zumba-Bumba whom they took off a tree, gave him two bananas and now he plays in the Ukrainian League".

        Sadly that is what coming guys!


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