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Motor racing - Formula 1

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    4 Reviews
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      01.11.2011 11:58
      Very helpful



      20 races?

      How ironic is it that F1 choose to hold the pinnacle of motor racing skills in a place like India, comfortably the worse drivers on the planet, 150,000 road deaths a year at the last count. Anyone who is watching the new series of Ice Truckers (you have to see it guys!), where the drivers are away from the cold and doing a 'special' on the Sub Continents treacherous roads, will know all about that. But India got race 18 for the Grand Prix season and to be fair it isn't too bad a facility. Its ashame the race didn't match up to it.

      After the Indians clearly bungled the Commonwealth Games would there be any more embarrassments here, collapsing bridges, floaters in the pool and rampant infrastructure fraud to name but three stinkers from Delhi2010. They have built a brand new bespoke track up in the north of the country in just two years and probably the most money spent in that region by the looks. Bernie Ecclestone has a multi-million dollar divorce to pay for and keep an equally feckless daughter in the limelight and so has to make yet more money for his dwindling bank balance with more races, India a great place to go to build new business relationships to do just that. Next season he is planning 22 races, beginning to match both the World tennis and gold circuits for longevity. Greed knows no bounds.

      Health wise India is not the place to be, many a senior English cricketer choosing this tour to have a rest. I read somewhere that 10% of the dust that produces that famous Indian haze every evening is made up from old skin and human excretion particles, such is the pure volume of people in poverty here, bringing a new meaning to reincarnation out there. The next time you're in India don't breathe in the air for too long if you can help it guys!

      So would there be stray dogs and rickshaws on the straights and beggars on every corner for the race or the model of professionalism? Well of course if was fine and went off with few hitches, just the odd power cut and one stray dog reaching the track during Friday practice. There were also protruding secondary curbs just off the tarmac that gave the suspension an almighty whack if you went over them too high, Massa's front wheel wrecked in practice by one, and so a fix required there. It looked a decent race track too with some exciting curves and one big huge corner that catches the eye. With a 200mph 1000m straight and excellent viewing there did seem to be some good overtaking places and stands and grass verges to see the action. The crowd was around 100,000 for Sunday and 50,000 on Saturday, the cheapest tickets on the circuit so far this year, £35 the average. India has a big enough middle-class to afford those prices and they did seem happy with their new sport, all the big celebrities there to support it, Sachin Tendulker a big race fan and on the grid.

      The BBC coverage was extensive over the weekend with Eddie Jordan wearing what can only be described as a dress. He will have to lose the crocodile shoes and beard if he wants to be a tranny proper. I'm still not convinced with Jake Humphries as he is so tall and gauche for walking with the mic style of presenting and always looms over his fellow commentators and interviewees. Martin Brundell and David Coulthard works well on the race commentary though, two intelligent men avoiding the loveable but shouty Murray Walker approach. I do enjoy the technical side of things and best to hear it from guys who have done it and with Coulthard, a driver who has commented with at least half the current grid.

      The race itself would be win number eleven this season for the all-conquering Sebastian Vettell. After beating his hero's pole setting record in a season last race he would pass Nigel Mansell's most lead laps through a race season here in India, two more races than Mansell had in 1992. This could is good but his car is exceptional, just one breakdown in 22 races. Bernie will have to clip their wings for next season or we will have another Ferrari domination on our hands. Red Bulls exhaust system is clearly helping them win too easy like the Braun GP diffuser did in 2009 and the playing field needs to be leveled.

      The boyishly handsome German led from the first corner in a race lacking any real exciment now all the championships are resolved and never looked back. A rather flat drive from Mark Webber suggested his days at Red Bull are numbered as he trundled home in fourth with only Jensen Button impressing with another podium, likely to finish second in the championship and in great form. He has signed a new five year deal and number one in the team in front of Lewis for me and that is seriously narking Hamilton. Hamilton's publicity loving Pussycat girlfriend cruelly dumped him the moment his celebrity credit rating was downgraded to AAA- now that he can't win the championship and he looks lost and irritable. For the umpteenth time this year he clashed with Massa on the track as carbon fiber flew and although this time Massa was hauled up in front of the stewards it shows Hamilton has become accustomed to racing on part of the track he is not comfortable with, befitting his current form, the bit of the track the winners have long since dumped their rubber marbles on. Hamilton is heading back down the grid and he is likely to seriously injure someone the way its going. It either that or Hamilton was doing one of those 'crash for cash' scams to claim on insurance that British Indians are over represented with here in England. I'm fully expecting Lewis to leave McLaren and maybe Alonso to take his seat, the Ferrari not looking like it will deliver a drivers championship any season soon. Lewis would be much more suited to the Ferrari lifestyle.

      A creditable fifth for Michael Schumacher suggest the Mercedes GP team is starting to get their act together and the home team also performed well on their patch with Adrian Sutil earning Force India ninth place. Alguersuari in the Toro Rosso for tenth suggest we have a real talented racer here and the Spaniard one to watch.

      ---Indian GP Top 10 Finishers---

      (25points) 1 (Germany) Sebastian --- Vettel 1 Red Bull-Renault
      (18 points) 2 (Great Britain) Jenson Button --- 4 McLaren-Mercedes
      (15 points) 3 (Spain) Fernando Alonso --- 5 Ferrari

      (12 points) 4 (Australia) Mark Webber 2 --- Red Bull-Renault
      (10 points) 5 (Germany) Michael Schumacher 7 --- Mercedes GP
      (08 points) 6 (Germany) Nico Rosberg ---- 8 Mercedes GP

      (06 points) 7 (Great Britain) Lewis Hamilton 3--- McLaren-Mercedes
      (04 points) 8 (Spain) Jaime Alguersuari 19 --- Toro Rosso-Ferrari
      (02 points) 9 (Germany) Adrian Sutil 14 --- Force India-Mercedes
      (01 points) 10 (Mexico) Sergio Perez 17 --- Sauber

      --- 2011Championship Standings---

      1 Ger S Vettel --- 374 pts (Champion!)
      2 GB J Button --- 240 pts
      3 Spa F Alonso --- 227 pts

      4 Aus M Webber --- 221 pts
      5 GB L Hamilton --- 202 pts
      6 Brz F Massa --- 98 pts
      7 Ger N Rosberg --- 75 pts
      8 Ger M Schumacher ---70 pts
      9 Rus V Petrov --- 36 pts
      10 Ger N Heidfeld -- 34 pts

      ---Team Championship---

      Team ----- Points

      1 Red Bull 595 pts (Champions)
      2 McLaren 442 pts
      3 Ferrari 325 pts

      4 Mercedes 145 pts
      5 Renault 72 pts

      6 Force India 51 pts
      7 Sauber 41pts
      8 Toro Rosso 41pts
      9 Williams 5pts
      10 Lotus 0pts


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        17.10.2009 19:07
        Very helpful



        Needs to be made more racing less a technical test

        Formula one is the top car racing series fought out between the top drivers, top cars, engineers, and fought over 16-18 tracks all around the world. The series has created legends such as Stirling Moss, Niki Lauda, Senna, Mansell, Schumacher, Jim Clarke and Lewis Hamilton along with legendary car manufacturers such as Ferarri, McLaren, Willians, Lotus and Renault.

        However, this review is more of a lament of a fan of long ago about the lack of excitement currently on show in the modern formula one racing. The cars are too fast, they never overtake and a particular bug bear of mine is the fuel stop strategies which for me has taken the fun away from watching a race because you never know how much fuel each car is carrying. This for me takes away the pleasure of watching two drivers dicing with each other knowing that they have equivalent car conditions. There for me seems a lack of real racing, it feels more like a technical sport rather than an edge of the seat kind of race. I almost feel at the moment that formula one has become something to watch in a scientific or technical way rather than a racing way.

        Finally you know your in trouble when the most exciting part of the whole weekend is watching the rather complicated pole positon programme. Pole is determined by twenty cars trying to set as fast a time as possible, then the slowest five are dropped and the times are scrubbed and the pole is started again, then the next five until the last ten make the last fifteen minutes and the fastest in that session is on pole. Confused? Yes and that for me is the best part of the weekend, in fact I've almost stopped watching the grand prixs because little or nothing of exciting happens.

        Formula one for me at the moment is perfect for a ten minute synopsis of the grand prix because not enough happens to make the whole grand prix worth watching.


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          25.10.2004 15:56
          Very helpful



          The Formula 1 Grand Prix Championship is over for yet another season. Both, Michael Schumacher and Ferrari clearly read their scripts at the start of the season, to produce the predicted result by the end of it. Their domination was plain to see, Schumacher winning 13 races and Ferrari 15 in total, out of a total of 18 races. Ferarri beat their nearest rivals BAR in the constructors championship by achieving more than double their points. Jenson Button came home in third in the Championship, but was unable to record his maiden Grand Prix victory. Jenson's continued emergence does look very positive for British motor racing and he does have the makings of a world champion. I just wonder whether being held back by BAR for another season will hinder his progress.

          Many people, including myself, do agree that Formula 1 is dominated by Ferarri and has become boring. It is also obvious that Ferarri have huge amounts of money to pump into their grand prix team. This means that they can produce the best and most reliable cars. The team only had two retirements between both drivers this season, far less than all of the other teams. This reliability difference is probably the equivalent of around 30 points per driver. If the other teams had more efficient cars then things would be a lot closer and more exciting.

          The number of changes made to the way that Formula 1 works, don't seem to have had an effect on the level of competition and excitement for viewers. The races do still follow a predictable sequence, where if one or two cars get ahead at the start they often win the race. The competition for the lower positions has got a little better, with some of the lesser teams achieving very good results. There are a few more changes that are being introduced in the next few seasons but they will not all be fully in place until at least 2007/08.

          I am personally at the stage where I will not go out of my way to watch a Grand Prix because it is simply not worth the effort. If there is a race on and I am not doing anything I will certainly watch. I often find myself turning over when it is clear that Schumacher is going to win the race. This is probably the feeling of most of the fans, the numbers of which are probably dwindling race by race. Something needs to be done soon to rejuvinate the fans' interest in the sport and attract new punters.

          I am only 17 years old, but I do think that Formula 1 severely lacks the characters that it once had. The likes of Ayrton Senna, Nigel Mansell and even Damon Hill are the sort of drivers and characters that the sport needs to see more of. The rivalry of Hill and Schumacher and also when Jaques Villneuve was on the scene as well were very entertaining. The only real character in the sport today is Rubens Barichello. He is a very nice and a funny guy. It seems that everyone gets on with him and he doesn't take things too seriously.

          There does seem to be a wealth of young talent in Formula 1 at the moment. There looks as though a number of serious rivalries may emerge in the coming years, once the likes of Michael Schumacher and Barichello have left the sport. The likes of Button, Massa, Alonso and Raikkonen are very talented and very determined to reach the top in the sport. Ralf Shumacher and Montoya will also be in there fighting hard but I don't think either of them have the talent or the desire to achieve what Michael Shumacher and those before him have.

          I do hope that next season sees an improvement in the quality of the races and that they are hugely exciting. However, we may have to wait a couple more seasons to see the full results of the rule changes. The British Grand Prix at Silverstone is still in doubt but I think that everything will be done to ensure that the race does go ahead. The Jaguar racing team has ended its brief re-involvement with Formula 1 after a sorry few years which will want to quickly forgotten. So lets look forward to next season and keep our fingers crossed for some quality entertainment.


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          18.12.2001 18:21



          Formula One Sponsorship is an excellent vehicle to promote your organisation on a global scale for example Brother has been involved with Formula One sponsorship since 1998. By using the Formula One promotion slogan"HIGH SPEED SOLUTION," which expresses the spirit of Brother's products, Brother has been successful in raising its brand awareness over the world, especially in Europe. With this new sponsorship, Brother will continue to strengthen its sales promotions through the year 2000 Formula One season and work to increase our global market share. Jordan Grand Prix Ltd. founded in 1990 by Eddie Jordan entered Formula One in 1991. Located in Silverstone, across the road from Britain's famous motor racing circuit Jordan competes in the World Championship under the official team name 'Benson and Hedges Jordan Mugen-Honda'. In spite of being based in the UK, it is registered as an Irish team, competing under a license issued by the Royal Irish Automobile Club. In 1999 the team ranked 3rd in World Championships for Drivers and Constructors and their drivers for 2000 are Heinz-Harald Frentzen and Jarno Trulli. Seiichi Hirata, Managing Director of Brother International Europe Ltd. said, " We have been successful in encouraging Brother's "HIGH SPEED SOLUTION" image through Formula One sponsorship. Jordan is one of the strongest contenders in Formula One, and their Mugen-Honda engine is one of the most powerful in the field. The partnership of Brother and Jordan offers both a chance to enhance their image worldwide." On announcing the deal, Mr. Eddie Jordan, Founder and Chairman of Jordan Grand Prix Ltd. said, "Brother is famous world-wide, and its reputation for making market-leading, high performance, high technology products is legendary. We are very pleased to have a new and exciting partnership with Brother." This is a glowing endorsement as to the effectiveness of Formu
          la One Sponsorship and is something I think Egg should get involved with


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