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Panasonic Wet/Dry Ladies Shaver ES204V

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2 Reviews

A cordless wet/dry shaver with a double blade system and a pop-up bikini trimmer for longer or stray hairs

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    2 Reviews
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      06.12.2008 14:13
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      A compact ladies shaver that is easy to handle

      This Panasonic ladies shaver is an excellent and inexpensive way of removing unwanted body hair.
      The model looks neat in a little lilac case and measures just 4 inches high and slightly over 2 inches wide. Ideal for popping into your holiday wash bag.
      Using throw away razors is fine, but you don't get the same smooth, close shave as you do using a lady shaver.

      This Panasonic shaver has fairly small double blades and it fits comfortably into your hand.
      I have only ever had any waxing done once and I have to admit that I didn't feel very comfortable, I much prefer to use a shaver in the comfort of my own bathroom.

      The Panasonic shaver is battery operated, it takes 2 AAA batteries which last for a good number of shaves.
      You can use the model on dry or wet skin, I always use mine on wet skin before I shower, then I can shower away the hair afterwards.

      I use a bath sponge and apply some soap and lather it a bit first before using the shaver. When you put it to your skin you don't actually `feel` anything, just the gentle buzz of the machine.
      When you are doing your underarm hair you need to angle the shaver right inside of the underarm hollow, its quite easy to do that because of the shape of the shaver head.
      My legs I do in the same way, just smoothly running the tip of the shaver over the skin.
      I only do my bikini line if im going on holiday really, but whereas I might not want to go to a beauty salon and have my bikini line done its good to be able to trim my own!
      Towards the blade end of the shaver you will see a push-up button, this lets the blade pop up and that soon takes care of any unwanted longer hairs.

      The shaver can be fully immersed in warm water after use and you can give it a really good clean.
      I personally find that the shaver works far better on wet skin, I have used it on dry skin but it seems to drag a little.
      It is far better than using the disposable razors, I always seem to `nick` my skin , usually on my legs where the cut tends to bleed more.
      After I have used the shaver I always moisturise my skin with Nivea lotion, it just makes my skin feel nice and pampered.
      I bought mine from EBay and paid £12 for it.


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        12.10.2000 03:33



        This is the best form of shaving my legs ever. I don't find it at all effective when used dry but I use it in the bath. I simply lather my legs up with soap or showergel or bubblebath or whatever, and then shave away. I find it removes every little hair, even those tiny fine fair ones you can hardly see. It also has a bit that comes up for longer hairs so it is great that the bikini line too. I have never had so much as a nick with it. I have used several forms of shaving from other electric shavers to those ones that pluck ther hairs out, waxes, hair removing creams, razors, etc but the panasonic wet and dry is simply the best I have ever used.


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