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Wellingtons in general

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    2 Reviews
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      29.04.2008 16:32
      Very helpful
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      Stylish.... i'm told ?

      Cheetah Wellingtons.

      My wife recently decided that we would start walking our 2 dogs on West Kirby beach.

      So we looked in Next, Brantano, Matalan and a few other shops but finally it was in Argos she found exactly what she wanted, a pair of Cheetah print Wellington boots.

      For the price of £16.19, this is for sizes 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8, you also get a large Cheetah print bag (which has a sturdy draw string), and the bag is big enough to fit 2 pairs of Wellingtons and is handy for keeping the boot of your car clean.

      They are comfortable with large chunky soles and are very noticeable, too loud for me. My daughter claims they are all the rage at Glastonbury.

      A bargain and well worth the price.

      A pity I can't put a picture of them on Dooyoo.

      Appologies for the shortness of the review but did you really want me wittering on for 500 words about wellies?



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        26.11.2006 10:56
        Very helpful



        A good priced, comfortable, colourful pair of wellies.

        For this review about Wellingtons in General I am going to evaluate a pair of Tesco Butterfly Wellington Boots.

        My Grey Dunlop Wellies died this year after a productive eleven years of hard labour, they did me a great service which is why I am mentioning them; they were used mainly for beachcombing, picking winkles (Whelks/Sea fish) and for long muddy walks with children.

        So now it was time to find a new pair. As my new Wellingtons will be used for much lighter work like pressure washing the patio, washing the car, and simple walks in the rain and snow. I decided I should just get a cheap pair.

        It didn’t take long to find a suitable pair. In fact (like most things I buy) I found them along with my weekly food shop at Tesco Extra.

        These wellies are from the “Cherokee” range, to give them their proper title they are the “Tesco Kids Butterfly Wellington Boots”.

        I’m lucky enough to have small enough feet to buy V.A.T free Wellies from the kiddies department!

        My new Wellingtons are black with a delightful little heel (perfect for Scottish Mud Dancing), a buckle detail on the side and a substantial enough (for light use) Textured sole. They have a black background with blue, purple, pink and yellow butterflies.

        At this point I am going to digress to a VERY short history of the Wellington Boot:-

        The Original Wellington Boot was reputedly made or named after Arthur Wellesley the 1st Duke of Wellington.

        The first Wellingtons/Gum Boots were based on Hessian boots that were worn by a northern German Tribe. The 1st Duke of Wellington had his boots made for him by a Shoemaker called Holby of St James Street in London.

        These boots caught on quickly and were popular through the 1840’s. In fact the Duke had his designed to be suitable for both the battlefield and the dining room. So Quit telling your kids off for wearing their Wellies in the house, posh people used to do it all the time.

        In the beginning Wellingtons were made of Leather and then Rubber (this was outlawed in the 20th century due to fetishism) LOL, just checking you were reading. At this stage people saw sense and in 1856 an American moved his company to Edinburgh, Scotland. (Presumably he saw the potential for mass sales due to the inclement weather).

        Newer Wellingtons are made of Neoprene (CR-Foam) used in the cushioning and leg. Neoprene is a light, but super dense, flexible material which is waterproof and warm. It’s also used to make Maritime Survival suits, to which end my Oil Worker husband is very grateful, especially when he has to don one for underwater helicopter evacuation exercises.

        Sadly my humble Tesco Wellies are made from man made fibres, the contents of which I am unable to determine from the symbols on the label which indicate only that the Wellies are made from textiles.

        Because the Wellington Boot has such an auspicious history, I decided to test my new “cheapie” Wellies to the limit for you Sgathach style.

        I decided that I would don my Wellies at the first sign of rain and test the boots out.
        I bought my Wellies on the 15th of September 2006 and it was very sunny dry weather.

        Bath Test.

        A week later, lying in the bath, it came to me. I would put on my new Wellies in the bath thus being able to test for waterproof-ness. I duly ran from the bathroom, put on afore-mentioned Wellies and climbed in (Shame Dooyoo don’t allow pictures) otherwise you would have been subjected to a photo of my bare legs and the Wellies!

        Conclusion: Warm, Dry and Definitely Waterproof.

        Mud Test.

        I ran out to the back garden, well in Truth, I put on some clothes first. Then I stomped about in one of the flowerbeds. Thank goodness the neighbours couldn’t see me, I’ve had enough grief since I dressed up at Halloween and went round the houses doing my ditties and little dance!

        Conclusion: These Wellies had a good grip and I didn’t slip once. It was chilly outside and with thin socks on, my feet were still normal temperature after twenty minutes. The soles were also thick enough for me not to feel small stones through them.

        Wellington Boots have lots of uses; an unusual one I discovered whilst researching this review is that they can be used for cleaning your shower. NO! I don’t mean fill them up and splosh your shower doors with them; I mean put them on when you are inside scrubbing your shower. That way you can give your shower a really good clean and keep your feet warm and toasty and dry. (The things I do for Research)

        I bought my lovely new Wellies from my local Tesco Extra; they are not available to buy online.

        The cost was £8.00 when I bought in September 2006, but now in November 2006 they have been reduced to £6.40. . Not like me to miss out on a bargain.

        I am looking forward to trying them out in the snow, which I know will arriving shortly, as I can see snow on the Mountains here already.

        Overall Conclusion: A good priced, comfortable, colourful pair of Wellies any child or Sgathach would love. Thumbs up from me!

        Welly Cautionary Notes- Please Take Heed.

        1) Ensure you remove the elastic band that secures the Wellies together when new. Otherwise you will only be able to make short steps and walk very slowly.

        2) Black Soled Wellingtons like these can, if used with hot water, leave marks you may have to scrub off your ceramic shower tray!!!!!!

        3) ALWAYS remember to re-instate clothing to body after testing Wellies in bath and before leaving premises for outside tests.

        4) At pain of death, do not put Wellie clad feet on my cream suite.

        5) Remember Billy Connollys’ wise words which I quote herewith:-

        “If it wisnae fur yer Wellies
        Whar wud ya Bee?
        Yu’d bee in the Hospital
        Or in the ‘Firmary.

        Yu wud hae a dose o’ the Flu
        Or even ‘Flurosee
        If it wisnae
        Fur yer feet in yer Weeeeellllllies”

        And last but not least, try and wear straight legged trousers or jeans tucked inside Wellington boots as larger flared trousers folded around your legs may result in loss of circulation in your feet and further-more make you look like a bad variation of “Puss-in-Boots”.

        Consider yourselves well and truly Wellied.

        Sheena 2006.


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