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    1 Review
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      03.02.2001 05:42



      What is wrong with advertisers that they can get banners just so so wrong! The urbia banners are pretty much the prime example of exactly what NOT to do. Now, I'm no advertising guru but I do know exactly what gets my own and other people's backs up about banner ads...and I belive that urbia's banners cover most of them... Firstly they are garishly coloured. OK, not the most annoying thing in the world, but lets be honest, who is going to be attracted to disgusting colours when there are more pleasant colour schemes out there? What impression does this give of the site? Yes, it may catch the eye...no, it does not encourage us to click upon it. Couple this with the fact that some of them commit the ultimate sin of FLASHING(grrr) at you incessantly when you are trying to concentrate on the page - the actual reason you surfed by in the first place. Then, take one big mixing pot and throw in some 'misleading information' tricks. You know the thing I mean, the banners which look like error messages with the big red 'X' and a warning message compelling you to click, or the obscured message whcih requests that you scroll down to read more...both of which actions direct you to the website. Is urbia.co.uk so bad that they must trick us into visiting their site? Well, I really have no intention of finding out having seen their banner displays. Sort it out people, employ someone with an ounce of advertising knowledge and do us and yourselves a favour. p.s. STIGGY


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