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Amil in General

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  • voice like turds in a blender
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    1 Review
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      29.11.2001 17:53
      Very helpful



      • "voice like turds in a blender"

      When Jay-Z came out in 96, he created his own record label, Rocafella, because he couldn't get a suitable deal anywhere else. With the amazing skills of Jay and the managerial ability of Dame Dash, it looked set to produce some quality artists. This has been a dissapointment like no other. Memphis Bleek's verse on Reasonable Doubt (Jay-Z, 1996) was pretty good, and at least memorable. Beanie Sigel is more dull than a job at a paper bag factory, Remedy was only signed because his Jewish dad was Jay's accountant (that was a joke) and the rest of the R.O.C. family don't seem to do much at all, and if they did I wouldn't remember it. That leaves Amil, the token female rapper in any crew. Usually rappers are selected on grounds of lyrical skill, flows, and, in the somewhat fickle world of mainstream hip hop, appearance and sexual appeal. This is the case with Foxy Brown, who has survived for a few years on her more than impressive breasts (and has recently managed to salvage her talent, which I can only assume was lost in her cleavage). Amil however somehow managed to overcome her lack of appeal and got signed to Rocafella. Here are the facts on Amil: 1) She cannot rap. Her flows are disjointed and off beat regularly. Her voice is very much like the sound a Dot Matrix printer makes when you pour hot fudge into its vital mechanisms (take my word for that). 2) She has bad lyrics. I don't know if she writes them or not but they are bad. I tried to find a quote to show this but I couldn't. This was because every rhyme is recycled or uninteresting, rather than bad. Rhyming with simple structures and not making any good points ever just doesn't make a good or even bareable lyricist. 3)She is ugly. Does anyone remember that 'hilarious' sitcom called ALF? With the humourous one liners coming out of a wierd alien puppet or something like that? Well she looks like Alf. After tain
      ting Jay-Z's well respected name, she has left Rocafella in a cloud of media attention.... oh wait.... Nobody cares! There was an idle rumor that she was pregnant with Jigga's baby, but I doubt it. Jay-Z didn't pay her a single mention on Blueprint and I think she is signing to the rubbish bin of the rap game, Cash Money records, alongside Mack 10 and Juvenile.


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